Want to Adopt?

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Thank you for wanting to adopt one of our precious rescues! Many have been through tough times and will need time and patience to help them acclimate in a new home. Please copy and paste the following questions in an email, fill in the answers ON THE SAME LINE, and email to whomever is the Contact for that particular dog (it will be noted at the end of his Bio listing). This will help make a good match for you.

1. Where exactly are you located? (City and state please)
2. Is it rural where you live or city?
3. Do you own or rent your home?
4. Please describe your fencing - i.e. what kind (wood or chain link); ________ height at lowest point _____  and if you are willing to reinforce if needed _____
5. Please list all animals on property with breeds, ages and genders
6. Are any not spayed or neutered?
7. Doggie door?
8. Do you work away from home?
9. How many hours would the dog be left home alone? (for whatever reason - work, shopping, movies, vacation etc.) ______
10. Where would the dog be left while you are gone?
11. Others in your household? relationship, ages and genders 
12. Are you normally very active outdoors daily [i.e. hiking in the woods] or just like to walk around neighborhood and/or go to dog parks?
13. Are you looking to adopt a wolfdog? ____ or a northern-breed dog? ____
14. What experience do you have with these breeds and what negative behaviors have you personally worked with? Please give detail ...
15. If you have or have had a wolfdog, please attach a photo or two
16. Are you able to help with transport?
     If yes, what kind of vehicle would you use and where would the dog ride in the vehicle?
17. How old are you? 
18. Your full name 
19. Your phone number
Thank you! This saves us all a lot of time and we will get back to you promptly. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours please contact us again to make sure your email did not go to SPAM. All potential adopters are required to have a Home Visit to ensure that the fencing and environment is suitable for the animal.
Please note, there is usually a $175 Adoption Fee/Donation unless waived prior to adoption. We look forward to hearing from you!