Rescue Stories

Sagebrush - early September, and later in December 2003.   
Sagebrush - January 2004 on his way to new home. 
Sage was found in the desert outside Reno in early September, barely able to walk. He was skin and bones and very dehydrated. The vet said he wouldn't have made it another day. He had a fungal skin infection and had lost most of his hair on his belly and legs, and his skin had turned black. He also had severe eye and ear infections. After putting Sage on a raw-meat diet with veggies, vitamins and special herbs, Pamela Jo started him on a gentle exercise program, and began socializing the extremely shy Sage with people. Five months later he is a beautiful and healthy Wolfboy and adopted into a loving, wolf-experienced home. He's featured on our website header! 

        Skye - May 2008, with severe demodectic Mange and malnourished.

 Skye - January 2009 - on his way  to a beautiful new coat and great health! 

Skye was a very neglected pup tied to a tree in southern Oregon. Pamela Jo pulled him from the shelter and had him transported here to Glenshire, Ca to a very caring and loving Foster Mom, Julie P. Pamela and Julie worked together to create a holistic program to bring Skye's health back. Slathering him with anti-parasitic herbal oils from head to toe, giving him vitamins and herbs, and cooking wonderful and tantalizing dinners, Julie slowly and patiently brought Skye back to good health. A picky eater, Skye has gained weight and his coat is coming in nicely. He looks beautiful now, has lots of energy, and loves playing with his canine friends.
Koda - being picked up at the shelter for the 2nd time! 
Kienna and Koda on a backpacking trip in Wilderness. 
Koda with Pamela's grandchildren... outstanding in his field! 
Poor Koda. Pamela Jo first rescued him from the Reno shelter in October 2004. Koda went to a Foster Home that soon decided to adopt him. The updates were good for three months. Then Pamela got a call from the shelter - Koda was back! And with no warning from the new owners. They said that Koda was not good with kids. Koda now was extremely thin, and had a bad case of Tapeworm. No wonder he may have been irritable, he probably felt awful. Pamela found a wonderful new home for Koda with Kathy T. in Truckee, who put Koda on a holistic diet and treated him for the parasites. Koda is now healthy and beautiful, and LOVES kids!
Mysty after surgery in early 2008, then recuperating.