Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue


    Recommended Reading




Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats (Be sure the author is

Pitcairn  as there are a few other books out there with similar names. Be sure to get the latest edition.)


Wolfdogs A to Z – Nicole Wilde

Living With Wolfdogs– Nicole Wilde

The books by Nicole will give you good, in-depth information of problems, issues and what behaviors to

expect  from your wolfdog. Excellent for understanding canine behavior, and includes training methods which

are applicableto domestic dogs as well as wolfdogs.


The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat  – Juliette de Bairacli Levy

The new edition thoroughly covers Natural Rearing, herbal medicine and disease prevention.


Prescription for Herbal Healing – Dr. Balch Great herbal remedies for treating illness – written for humans

yet very applicable and beneficial for treating animals. Comprehensive and easy to read, a great resource to

have on hand in case of emergency.


Prescription for Nutritional Healing – Dr. Balch  This book encompasses understanding and treating illness

using diet, herbs, and other alternative methods. Written for humans yet beneficial for animals.


Outsmart Your Cancer - Tanya Pierce  Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Really Work. Find out what

causes cancer, and how we can help our bodies' natural defense to fight it. It applies to both humans and animals.


The New Encyclopedia of the Dog  – Bruce Fogle – A fun coffee-table book to have. Beautiful color

photos showing many breeds of domestic dogs, even AKC-recognized wolfdog breeds, and some breeds

that LOOK like wolfdogs!


Cesar’s Way – Cesar Millan The natural, everyday guide to understanding and correcting common dog

behaviors and problems.


A Member of the Family  Cesar Millan  Cesar helps you select the proper breed for your family and

lifestyle; what to look for in a veterinarian; proper nutrition; travel and boarding; and introducing your dog

to a new significant other or baby.


Be the Pack Leader – Cesar Millan  Use Cesar's Way to transform your dog and your life with exercise

discipline and affection.


See also Cesar’s many DVDs   Seeing is believing.  When you watch Cesar interacting with canines,

it will be easy to understand how you too can correct behavior problems with simple, dominant body

language, a gentle but firm approach, and consistency. Check out his Season's Episodes too.