Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue Links

  • We network with Linda Jo in NM. She helps wolfdogs to find new homes by fostering, educating and networking. She also posts wolfdogs and forclosure pets on Facebook.
  • WRR is a 501c3 organization of wolfdog owners, former owners, and rescuers, and LTWR is a member of their organization. WRR is active in networking and transportation of rescues.
  • Wolfdogs available for adoption; nationwide networking. LTWR networks with Karen on many rescues.
  • Wolfdogs available for adoption, nationwide networking. We network with Kim on many rescues.
  • A rescued dog will learn the song in your heart only to sing it back to you when you have forgotten it.
  • Wolf and Wolfdog rescue in New Mexico
  • Wolf-Hybrid Adoption & Rescue. Our primary mission at WHAR is to expose people to the postive side of captive wolves and wolf hybrids through well thought education, materials, animals tours, and personal delivery of docile animals to schools and clubs in California. Our secondary mission is to continue to move for a ban on the breeding and exploitation of wolf hybrids and captive born full blood wolves.
  • Full Moon Farm, Inc. is a sanctuary for wolfdogs and captive-bred wolves. Our site offers wolfdog and wolf pictures, stories, and educational materials.
  • Wolf Educational Facility and Sanctuary located in Bakersville, North Carolina
  • W.O.L.F. (Wolves Offered Life & Friendship)
    is a rescue/shelter/sanctuary for unwanted captive-bred wolves & wolf-dogs. Located in Northern Colorado, USA. WOLF offers educational programs, wolf-related merchandise and the experiences of all of the wolves at the sanctuary through their stories.
  • A Wolf Adventure is a Licensed Canadian Wolf Outreach Facility. Experience a Wolf Adventure and learn a wild wisdom.
  • The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is dedicated to educating the public about wolves, wolf hybrids, and native colorado wildlife. We advocate wolves in the wild, not the backyard. Through education we teach people how wrong it is to cage something intended to be free.
  • Tundra Shepherd Rescue is an non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted and homeless wolves and wolf hybrids. Adoptions available.
  • This is a Sacnctuary and wolfdog rescue organization in Oaklahoma. We network with them a lot to find homes for their wolfdogs for adoption.
  • (WSWS) is an animal sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico dedicated to rescuing and providing sanctuary for captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs.
  • We are a nonprofit registered charity in Montgomery Texas, run by volunteers, created to provide a permanent home where wild and captive born wolves and wolf-dogs may live out the rest of their natural lives safely and comfortably with loving care and attention.
  • Wolf Dog Coalition - bringing together all pet owners and organizations working towards rabies vaccine approval for wolves and wolf-dog crosses.
  • For Anaflora flower essences and holistic formulas. Telepathic animal communication offering diagnostic insight, inspiration and guidance by Sharon Callahan.
  • Natural and organic holistic products for people, pets, plants, and animals. Extensive information on treating Heartworm.
  • Our practice philosophy includes not only the finest pet care but
    the finest pet care education services to our clients and community.