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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings, so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Check all pages to see all dogs. Note: New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages as they change frequently!

If you are interested in any of our rescues please fill out an Adoption Application and scan and email to Jennifer at jenniferreitman@gmail.com . All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for temporary fostering.

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ESCAPED! Janesville, Susanville area, CA - Camo is a very beautiful 1-1/2 y/o neutered male that needed a home right away. IF YOU SEE HIS BOY PLEASE CONTACT Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 
He was given as a gift to a young man who does not have adequate fencing to contain him properly. He jumps a 6' fence easily and his landlord wants to shoot him for killing his livestock. And now he has escaped again! Owner only had to hold him two days as we have a good home for him - escape proof!  Last seen Thursday May 19 in Janesville. He looks like a coyote from a distance and we are afraid he will be shot - it's a farming/ranching community. If found Camo will be adopted in an area where there is no livestock, and with someone that has escape-proof containment. Someone who is around a lot - i.e. retired, works at home and active - will be great for this young boy. Camo is about 88 lbs. and has vaccinations. He is good with other dogs and likes to play. He walks on leash but pulls a little, and hikes off leash in the woods with decent recall once he learns to trust and obey his handler. Currently he sleeps outdoors in his secure kennel as he chews furniture when left unattended indoors. Although he is housetrained he should not be left home alone for this reason. Sweet Camo knows some commands - Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Roll Over, and Shake. He is good with people and being young gets a little excited and anxious to meet you. He is high energy and needs someone that can give him proper daily exercise, along with some boundaries and training. We are looking for a person that has northern-breed experience. Camo can be protective on leash and will bark at strangers, but once introduced he is fine. He likes to ride in the car but will chew out of wire kennels if contained in a small area. Camo is not shy and likes to meet new people. IF YOU SEE HIS BOY PLEASE CONTACT Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net   
Very Urgent! Las Vegas, NV - two beautiful wolfdogs need homes ASAP. Owner has moved and the dogs are still at the old residence.... the two are a bonded pair and we are trying to find a home for them together. Wolfdog experience and containment necessary! We would love to get them into a cool climate.
Cochise - is a 9-year-old Malamute/mix male at about 120 lbs. He will be neutered before adoption. The photos are not not that great and do not show his full conformation, and he is blowing his coat for the summer. Cochise is up to date on vaccinations and is good with other friendly large northern-breed dogs if introduced slowly and properly. He is not good with cats and will not be adopted into a home with small dogs or prey-type animals. He is not very good on the leash (pulls - probably can't wait to get out of the yard for some exercise) and will need some work in that department. These two have lived outdoors as a breeding couple and are not house trained. Cochise is not a climber or a digger, but secure escape-proof containment is needed to prevent any attempts. He has no food aggression with people or dogs, but will protect his bones. We always recommend feeding dogs separately. Cochise is submissie with humans and is a big sweet baby. He is not great in the car unless you let him drive. He has no separation anxiety if left with his female and he is not fearful or shy. Transportation costs will be paid to get him and Chiricahua to an experienced home.
Chiricahua - is a high wolfdog that is 8 years old. She is not spayed and has had 3 litters, one recently. She is still
intact. Normally we do not like to spay them at this age but she seems quite capable of throwing litters so she will be spayed before adoption. She is ok with other large northern breeds if introduced slowly and properly, but we recommend that these two beauties are adopted and kept in separate containment from other dogs. Neither are house trained or walk well on leash. Chiricahua is a climber and likes to dig, so wolf escape-proof enclosure is required (see Adoption/fencing Requirements ). She does protect her food so feeding her separately from other dogs is advised. She has no resource guarding with people. Chiri gets anxious if separated from her boy, Cochise, and is a bit shy with humans until she gets to know you. She's an all-around gentle, good girl and would love to have someone that will take good care of her and give her and Cochise a forever home. Transportation costs will be paid to get him and Chiricahua to an experienced home. Adoption Application and Home Check required for all adoptions.
If you are interested in these two, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net


URGENT Midlothian, TX - Found home, now needs 1 week FosterNight Ranger is a beautiful 5 1/2 y/o Malamute mix who is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. His owner rescued him after he lived - severely neglected and skin and bones - on a chain for 4 years. He was attacked by other dogs and taunted by kids. She has been fostering him for about 1 1/2 years. Foster Mom spent a lot of time rehabbing this pretty boy as he was terribly fearful and scared of everything. He is still very shy but warms up once he knows and trusts you. We a home for Night because his foster mom can no longer keep him due to hip surgery that she is having this week. He is a big boy but will run and hide under the bed from kids as they still terrify him. He absolutely will only be adopted into a home that has no kids, cats or small prey-like animals. He pulls a lot on leash as he is so fearful of everything and wants to bolt, but with a patient and experienced handler he should soon be having more confidence and trust. This poor boy suffered from all those years of isolation on the chain, and who knows what people did to him. Night needs an escape-proof fenced yard. He presently has 8' and does not even try to escape. He likes to dig dens in the yard but not for escaping. He will come when called, especially if you have some treats! He is submissive with people and depends completely on his current canine companion for security. He will have separation anxiety if his buddy is taken away but he is fine when left alone with his doggie friend. Night loves to ride in the car as that's how he can view the outside world without being challenged. Once or twice he got loose but jumped right into the car when found (may not be as easy with a new owner, so prevention is the best bet!). Transportation is arranged but will not be picked up until Saturday. We need a Foster Home for about 4 days. If you fit the requirements and are interested in meeting Night Ranger, please contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net   Time is of the essence!
Meet most beautiful Bella - up for adoption!
Ms Bella is about 3 1/2 years old, UTD on vaccinations and spayed. She was a stray intake in shelter. She is a VERY sweet, quiet girl. Bella is a little  shy with strangers but once she warms up she wants you to hold her paw or will rest her paws on your lap. She is happy to go to her crate for security or lie quietly by your side. She has a beautiful coat, gorgeous eyes, and is about 65lbs. She does well with other large dogs (including females) but prefers not to engage in play or antics, content to watch from the sidelines. Bella is not good with small dogs or cats so she will not be adopted into a home with small animals. Bella will do best in a calm, quiet adult home. An active, busy household with small children is not a good fit for her. She is content with nice, slow leisurely walks and doesn’t need a particularly active (running, hiking) lifestyle. Bella can be a bit skittish and jumpy and will need to always be on secure collar/harness. Secure, esacpe-proof fencing, home check and application apply. Bella will only be adopted out to a home on the West Coast, preferably California or Nevada (Sierra). Oregon and Washington will be considered for the right family. For an application or more information contact jenniferreitman@gmail.com 
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