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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages!

If you are interested in any of our rescues please email Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbclobal.net for an Adoption Application. All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for temporary fostering.

Please help us find missing animals on our
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Please Please help! Donations Needed Desperately!! 
Your donations are what keep us saving lives ... donations pay for spay/neutering, medical costs, food, transportation, fees to pull dogs from shelters, etc... please click and help us out

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 Dogs for Adoption 
Urgent! Tme is running out for this girl! Coeur De'Alene, ID  - Shadow is a gorgeous 10-yr-old Husky whose owner has suddenly lost his home and must find his precious girl a home before August 15.  Shadow also has cataracts and does not have much vision other than shadows. However since it has been a relatively gradual decline she doesn't seem too bothered by it and still loves to go on her daily walks which she gets every morning. Shadow is very loving toward all people and is a very mellow, easy going girl, very calm and quiet. Other than not being able to see much, Shadow is in excellent health and would make an awesome companion who would be happy as an only dog. She likes other dogs just fine but just doesn't have much interest in them since she can't play with them, but an older male canine companion would be nice. Please contact Kim at kimkahl@dukewarner.com or send a text to 541-480/1662. Shadow is urgent since August 15 is not very far off. Transportation help is available to get this girl to you!

Klamath Falls, Oregon - Chewy is an awesome 3-yr-old boy with absolutely no faults ... he has never known anything but love and is a very well behaved boy in the house. He loves other dogs and loves to play so will only be placed where he will have a nice large-breed playmate ... he gets along equally well with males and females.  Chewy is very obedient, is leash trained, crate trained and loves to go in the car. Chewy lost his home where he had been since he was only 7 weeks old because his mom has a life-threatening illness and could no longer take care of him, especially after she went in for surgery. So Chewy had to go to a foster to await his forever new home and that is where he is now. No cats or small children please 
... kids over 10 yrs of age are fine though but must be responsible and the home disciplined. Chewy is shy upon initially meeting someone but warms up quickly. Please send an email to kimkahl@dukewarner.com if interested in adopting beautiful Chewy. 




Los Angeles, CA - This is beautiful Riley. She is a 3-year-old female Malamute/mix. Her previous owner said she was spayed but there are no vet records available. She will be given shots prior to adoption. Riley is not good with small dogs or cats but has lived successfully with large dogs and young children. She has a very sweet temperament, is very calm and not bothered by much. She is not a high energy girl and would be great with someone retired that will take her on nice walks. She walks very well on a leash but does get a little car sick. Riley was rescued by Delaney’s Dog Rescue and was evaluated by Sarah Varley. Riley is now in foster care and according to Sarah “Words honestly can't explain how sweet, patient, and cuddly she is. All she wants is to be petted and loved.” Riley weighs approx. 70 lbs and may gain a bit of weight with proper diet. She looks bigger than she is because she is all floof! If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a forever home, please utilize the application found at this link: http://www.delaneysdog.com/ Adoption-Application.html  People may also contact Maureen Delaney at delaneysdog@gmail.com  or ( 818)602-2212. Time is of the essence and we want to get this girl into a loving home soon! Transportation help is available.

Very Urgent - Muncie, Indiana - Elegant Luna needs a home fast. Her owner can't keep her any longer and may have to surrender her to a shelter if a home is not found soon. Owner rescued Luna when previous owner was going to take her to a shelter. Luna is only a pup at 2-1/2 years old, is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is not good with small dogs or cats. She just needs someone that is experienced with northern breeds so she can feel calm and trust her handler. Poor Luna has been through 3 homes already and we would like to find a permanent, forever home for this sweet girl. Luna pulls a little on leash at the beginning when she is first going out, then walks nicely. She just needs a little more training in this area. She has not been trained to have recall off leash. She can jump 6' so we recommend lean ins, lattice or higher fence. She digs a little too. Luna has had some training and can Sit, Shake, and Lie Down. She has no food aggression with people but should be fed separately from other dogs. She's a little shy with new people but warms up if you are calm and patient. Luna is in good health, is submissive with humans and good with kids but we don't usually adopt rescues into a home with small children as a matter of policy. There may be some exceptions if home is quiet and disciplined. Owner has other dogs and Luna is not good living with other females, so we would like to find a home with a nice male canine companion, or she could be an only dog. Owner is willing to help with transport up to 4 hours. If you are interested in helping Luna find a good home, please contact Sue at SoloWolf_93@yahoo.com   ( please note there is an underscore after Wolf as in SoloWolf_93  )
New Mexico - This stunning 4 y/o mid-content wolfdog, Freya (on the left) is in a sanctuary waiting for her forever home. History: She was rescued from a shelter hours before euthanization; was fostered for weeks by a wonderful couple who had the perfect containment and lifestyle for her. Freya was well behaved indoors with them and liked sleeping in the bedroom. Freya likes to be queen and kept bugging the other dogs and so we placed her into a new home where Freyja had a nice male whom she liked. We had advised lean ins which they didn't do and she soon escaped their 8' fencing. Animal Control wanted to confiscate Freya so now poor Freya will have to stay at a sanctuary until we can find her a new home. Freya is sweet and warms up to women quicker but now a little shy of some men. Freya will require 6', 7' or 8' fencing but must have lean ins as she can literally jump/climb an 8' fence. There should be dig guard as well. We are looking for a wolfdog-experienced person with time to spend with this sweet girl, and one nice male canine companion for Freya. Freya may also be fine as an only dog if you are around a lot to spend time with her. Freya is well behaved indoors, is housetrained, and likes sleeping next to your bed - and she really enjoys being outdoors on daily hikes to lakes and mountains on a long leash. Overall she is friendly with other dogs if they don't live with her as she likes to establish a hierarchy. Transportation is available so help us get beautiful Freya into a forever, loving home. She is really a sweet girl and just needs to find the right place. Contact Pamela Jo by calling her at (775) 833-2066 or email her at
Apache Junction, Arizona (outside Phoenix) - This beautiful White Shepherd mix is named Phoenix and is about 6 years old. He is 95 lbs, neutered and microchipped. This pup was rescued from a shelter but now his owner is soon moving to a small apartment in Las Vegas (very hot!) and she wants a better life for Phoenix. She loves her boy and is waiting for Phoenix to find a new home before she moves. Phoenix needs a nice yard, lots of exercise and hikes in the woods. He is good around other large dogs at the dog park and will be submissive if the other dog is dominant. He lives with a smaller 9 y/o Shepherd female. Phoenix is ok with the small dogs at the dog park but we usually do not not adopt large dogs with little dogs, cats or small children. He walks pretty well on leash, and does very well on off-leash hikes in the woods and stays close. He just needs to be leashed up before getting to the trailhead as he may play come-catch-me. Phoenix is housetrained and well behaved while someone is around, but does have some separation anxiety if left home alone all day. He does much better when left out in the yard, and always better with another dog for company.
Phoenix will let you know when he has to go out for potty, he sleeps in owner's bedroom, and likes to sleep outside when weather is nice. Phoenix can Sit, Lay, Shake, and Rollover. He has no food aggression with people or other dogs, is submissive with humans, and rides well in the car. He is fearful to be in crate and will try to chew out hurting his teeth and gums. He's a little shy with new people but warms up quickly. He is great at the groomers, loves attention and will make someone a wonderful companion. He's very adotable! Let's help Phoenix find a nice home - it would be nice if we could place him in the Sierra where it is cool and he can run in the forests with you. Transportation help is available. Contact Pamela Jo by calling her at (775) 833-2066 or email her at
Urgent - Hopedale, Illinois - This very pretty girl, Remy, is only 18 months old and needs a home right away. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and likes to be around other dogs. She has never been around small dogs so we prefer to place her into a home with another large male or two. Remy is quite energetic and will need someone that likes to hike and be active outdoors. Someone around a lot would be great for her as she howls when she is left home alone. She is presently in a wolfdog-illegal state so transportation is available to get her into a legal county as soon as possible. This girl is absolutely beautiful and has no food aggression with people. She's a bit protective of her snacks with other dogs so should be fed separately. Remy likes to jump up and greet you or play so she needs training and boundaries in this area. Remy is too energetic for children so we would like a home with adults only and 6' or 7' fencing. Remy was rescued from the back of a truck along with 8 other pups in a tiny kennel so she may have some bad memories of travelling and would do well to learn to ride in a car and enjoy it. Please help this girl as she may wind up in a shelter if we don't get her out of Illinois. She is presently with her brother Sarge, listed here as well. We have many other photos of her on our Facebook so if you can give this girl a good home please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Urgent - Hopedale, Illinois - Sarge is with Remy (above) and has to find a new home outside of IL right away or may wind up at a shelter. He is also 18 months old and was rescued from a tiny kennel in the back of a pickup along with 7 other puppies. He is really very handsome but like Remy we don't have good photos of him. You can see more on our Facebook but he has a beautiful coat and tall prick ears. Sarge is not neutered and will have to be neutered for adoption. He is better with female dogs of his own size, walks good on a leash and a very calm and sweet boy. He's not quite so energetic as Remy but loves his walks and hikes. He does well at home but is kept outside most of the time with Remy and their other dog. Sarge needs some basic training and is a bit protective of his food, so best to feed separately. He is a bit shy and likes to get to know you first before strangers pet him. He is submissive with people but warms up quickly. He is calm with kids but we prefer to adopt our rescues into homes with adults that are around a lot and have secure containment. If you can give this sweet boy a good home please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Surprise, AZ - Chinook - This beautiful 10-mo-old neutered male was found running loose in January when he was about 5 months old, and started living a pampered new life with a family, dogs and kids. He did fine until recently when he started showing dominance towards woman and the kids. He was then placed with a gentleman and his son who he did great with them until a woman was around. He may have been abused or treated harsly by a woman as he is not comfortable around most women. Unfortunately they did not work with a trainer to help him. He seems to be fine with the first Mom but with 4 children and 4 dogs she has her hands full. Chinook is fully vaccinated, neutered and chippped. He is mostly White German Shepherd/Husky and very sweet. He is now about 10 months old. He has an unusual scar around his ankle like a rope burn but has no problems with that foot. The first family has taken Chinook back because they don't want him to go to the shelter, but can't keep him much longer so he needs a home right away. Someone that is home a lot and can give Chinook some socializing, exercise and training would be great for this young pup. He has his whole life ahead of him and we don't want him to wind up in a shelter so please help us find a great home for him. Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  Time is always critical for these rescue babies as fosters can't keep them very long.
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