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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings, so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Check all pages to see all dogs. Note: New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages as they change frequently!

If you are interested in any of our rescues [Pamela Jo], please fill out an Adoption Application and fax or mail back. All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for fostering.

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Palomino Valley, Reno NV - Trevor - This beautiful 10-year-old Keeshond/mix needs a home right a way. His owner died recently and all the animals at the ranch need new homes. Trevor was one of LTWR's rescues many years ago and was so happy in his new home on the ranch. He was well taken care of and much loved. He weighs about 60 lbs, is neutered, up-to-date on shots, walks on leash but mostly accustomed to freedom on the fenced-in ranch. Trevor is very well behaved indoors and loves his cats! He lived with 5 horses, 4 cats and lived with an 8 y/o female German Shepherd, Bailey. Trevor knows some commands and gets along really well with other dogs both big and small. He is protective of his owner and will bark to alert but has never bitten. Trevor has very long coat and will need regular grooming and a cool climate. He would love to get out of the heat of the desert. Trevor is great with kids and will treat them as precious things and will protect. He likes sleeping outside at night when it's hot and loves to come with you for rides in the car. The other animals have been adopted and Trevor is getting lonely. He will try to escape initially as he will be frightened so secure containment (he's a digger not a jumper) is required. If you are interested in this beautiful sweetheart, please email PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  as soon as possible! Owner has to leave town.
VERY URGENT! DUMPED/LOOSE DOGS IN EL DORADO COUNTY, CA - this dog, Star, and others have been dumped in the forest off the Mormon Imigrant Trail. There is also a White Husky and a sweet BLack Lab and they are all starving. They are vulnerable to predators, as well as dehydration due to lack of water (drought) and are very thin and emaciated. Please call Teena at (530) 919-8789 or email her at  tuppetupp@gmail.com immediately if you see any of these dogs.
Very Urgent - Bakersfield, CA - Elektra is a beautiful 2-year-old spayed female. She is Husky/German Shepherd and needs a home within two weeks! Owner can no longer keep her and is gong to bring her to the shelter where we know she will not survive. Elektra weighs approx. 65 lbs and is current on vaccinations. She is good with all dogs, and is ok with some cats if they are calm and not playful, but supervision advised. ELektra walks very nicely on leash and has great recall. She is housetrained but has an accident if left too long. She can climb a fence so 6' fencing is required. She knows basic commands - Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Go to Kennel, Go to Bed. Elektra has no food aggression but we always recommend not to free feed, and to feed all canines separately so they can eat calmly. She has a senstive stomach like many of this breed, so a real-meat diet is advised. Elektra loves the dog park and has had no issues but will react if strongly challenged. She's submissive with humans and good with children. Like many rescues Elektra does have separation anxiety and should not be left home unattended. She needs good daily exercise and a secure yard for those times when you are not around and would love a nice male canine companion. Elektra is calm and mellow and jus likes to be with you. She has a lot of patience with small or young dogs and is mostly a woman's dog - does not listen to men so much unless they are calm, patient and good handlers. She will howl if lonely or try to dig out if she is anxious so an owner that is around a lot - retired, works at home, etc. would be perfect for this sweetheart. Owners have had her for 2 years and just don't have the experience or time necessary for this breed. Please contact PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
PLEASE HELP SADIE - SHE NEEEDS HOME! Sadie is a beautiful creamy-white 8-year-old, spayed female Husky/wolfdog. Sadie is a mid content but very wolfy in nature. She is not very big, about 45 lbs. now but at her perfect weight she is 55lbs. Her coat is luxurious and soft, she is curious and when she is happy and comfortable she is beautifully housetrained. At Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue she played with her male canine companion, Muraco, and loved being with him. Sadie is very shy with certain men so we are looking for a single woman who is calm, patient and understands sweet Sadie. Once she gets to know you she will allow you to pet her and put a harness on her and soon she will want cuddles, brushing and lots of affection. A woman who is self employed, works at home or retired would be perfect for this beautygirl. If you have an older male companion for her to hang with that would be ok too. In September 2013 Sadie tore both her ACLs and is healing nicely, but she cannot roughhouse with a young and playful canine companion. She is fine if left alone in the yard or deck for a few hours once she bonds with you. Sadie is a little shy with new people while out walking but will go up for a sniff and greet. Indoors she is curious and will sometimes come up to visitors and hang out close by and if you are lucky, she will allow newcomers to pet her. She walks nicely on a leash/harness and loves to go for hikes in the woods and creeks where she is most comfortable, relaxed and happy. She loves our picnics and she often takes a nap after a nice hike. With a patient and calm handler she responds very well. It would take about 3 weeks for Sadie to settle in at a new home with real adjustment in a few months. With a regular routine she becomes more and more comfortable every day and is very well behaved albeit a bit nervous with loud noises, shouting, and quick movements. Sadie is fine with kids that are calm and allow her to approach them, and she is loves our 11-year-old grandson. She lets him brush her as well as leash and walk her... but we will adopt Sadie into a home without small children, small dogs or cats - i.e. a calm and quite environment. She is much more comfortable with women, but ok with calm, gentle men (she has a male dogsitter!). She is be good with other dogs when introduced properly on a walk. We need to find a home for Sadie right away as her Foster Mom has left for Europe. It would be nice for her to have a home with another woman who loves her like her Foster Mom does. Sadie loves to come inside and be with you especially in the evenings to watch TV and likes to have someone around a lot. Sadie LOVES to watch wolves on TV! Presently she sleeps in the bedroom all night and is allowed to come and go to a deck through a slider. Sadie needs a secure fenced yard and the option to sleep in or outdoors, and would love a doggie door! A patient and gentle owner would make milestones with this sweetie. Sadie is submissive with humans and is not aggressive at all and will run away from you when anxious or scared so she is an escape risk for the first few months until she settles in. She loved to play with her boyfriend and is very energetic for a 9 year old, but with her weakened knees she will not be allowed to play rough ever again. She can have an older male companion who is calm and could just keep her company. SADIE NEEDS A PERMANENT HOME NOW! If you are interested in meeting Sadie at Lake Tahoe, give Pamela Jo a call at (775) 833-2066 or email her at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net    
    Here is a short video ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjEC0Nu_owQ   lying in grass getting belly rubs from Foster Mom. Here is another video showing how anxious Sadie is when the husband is in the house  ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIjZSG9mH6E&feature=em-upload_owner&noredirect=1
South Lake Tahoe Shelter, CA - Griffin - This pretty young boy, about 1 year old, looks to be mostly White German Shepherd (definitely not a wolfdog). He's a sweet boy, a little shy and plays "keep away" but once he trusts you he likes to cuddle. Griffin would probably be best with dogs his size (not under 40 lbs) as he likes to play rough. Griffin just needs a good handler, someone that can take him out for hikes and give him some training - it looks like he hasn't had much. There is a trainer, Guy Yaeman - in South Lake Tahoe that offers training for the life of the dog with his course. If you think you can give this pup a loving and forever home, please contact Susan at the shelter at mips1970@yahoo.com  Time if of the essence. Griffin is ready for adoption!
Richmond, CA - Nika is a silent gentle soul. She will melt onto you if you touch her, she can be playful but mostly likes to sleep if it's too hot outside. She is not the typical high energy husky and she does not talk or bark like a husky or shepard. She is a mellow Shepard/Husky mix that will have everyone asking you "Is that a wolf?" She is not, though occasionally a siren will set her howling. She likes to be either with you every moment of the day or requires a brother/sister dog to keep her from getting separation anxiety. You can not leave food out on counters with Nika so needs some more training with this. She will get into trouble if you do not pay her attention. If you are looking for a companion in a gentle sometimes skittish dog Nika is your girl. She sheds a lot but loves to be brushed.  She does not fetch or chase balls or sticks. She is an unusual character. When I got her she had been rescued from Shasta County and has damage to her ears. To help with her anxiety I got her a companion dog which she raised as hers. She and Apache [who look similar] have been inseparable and if you want to keep them together that would be great. Read more about Apache in below. If you are interested in Nika or Apache, please contact Camille at Camille Seaman camseam@gmail.com An Adoption Application and Home Visit will be required.
Richmond, CA - Apache is actually a Tamaskan Dog, a breed made to look like a wolfdog and information about this breed is available on the internet. She is almost three years old and has real spirit! She looks similar to Nika, her buddy. Apache is well trained, affectionate but also has a strong prey drive. She needs an experienced handler and someone that can spend a lot of time training and keeping her exercised. She is not good around small fearful or submissive dogs. She is companion to Nika a five year old female husky/Shepard mix. They keep each other quite calm and mellow. Apache is neither hi or low energy. She can be playful, likes sticks(to destroy not to fetch) and has the most amazing eye contact. She is not a barker however she briefly barks/growls when an unfamiliar person enters the home or house. she loves to be touched and enjoys meeting new people. other dogs and cats may take a little work. If you are interested in Nika or Apache, please contact Camille at Camille Seaman camseam@gmail.com An Adoption Application and Home Visit will be required.
Needs home very soon! Clayton, CA (Contra Costa County, 50 miles from San Francisco) - Here is Nikki - a gorgeous 8-year-old Malamute/German Shepherd boy that needs a good home. Nikki is about 90 lbs and is neutered. He has not had much exposure to other dogs and strangers but is great with cats. Nikki is housetrained and not destructive when left alone. He does not dig or climb or try to escape and is very secure. Presently with owner, he is free roaming on their unfenced property, but we require 7' fencing for all our rescues for those times you need to leave them home alone. Nikki has some basic training, knows Sit, Come, Outside, etc. He is a bit of a counter surfer and does not like his bones taken away, but that can be addressed with proper training. Nikki is generally submissive with other dogs and people and has a sweet disposition. He likes to sit on chairs like a person; likes pack interaction with both people and dogs; likes to sleep on furniture but content to sleep in his bed and also outdoors. Nikki is very smart and can open doors, howls at the sound of ringing phone, enjoys hiking and treats, and although he likes children is better suited to a calm environment without kids. This boy has a great personality and is very bonded wit his family. He will need time to adjust to a new home. Owner has to leave town for work and Nikki needs a new home. Recently Nikki was adopted into a new home but after a week the new owner gave him back. He bonded strongly with the young woman and would not allow others near her, he got a bit snappy but we attribute it to the stress of going to a new home. Nikki will need a strong handler that is experienced with Malamutes and can start socializing him right away. Please know that all recues take a while to acclimate. Often they do get depressed losing their families (especially when they were there from young pups), but with lots of attention and daily exercise, as well as a solid connection to let the dog know he is in good hands, they do adjust to make wonderful companions. Please allow a few weeks for this transition to take place with any dog you adopt, and the bonding process will begin! We do not want Nikki bouncing from home to home. We need someone committed and that has lots of time to spend with Nikki helping him to learn to trust the new people in his life. We recommend working wth a trainer as well. Transportation help available. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in this beautyboy at   PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net   
Venice, CA - Laska is currently in a foster home but Laska really needs a home she can call her own. Laska is a beautiful white and grey, 18-month-old female Husky/GSD [pictured on the right]. About 60lbs, and at 25 inches at the shoulder she is sweet as sugar, loves belly rubs and will hook onto you with her cat like paws for more affection. She is a cuddly girl who loves being petted, and will lean on your for more ear rubs. When not playing, she is a quiet, relaxed girl content to be curled up on a couch or dog bed. Laska is not needy and is comfortable with her own space and is quite independent, but also enjoys her humans. While she is not crated in her current foster home, she will willingly go into a crate and could easily be crated for bedtime if desired. Laska does well with males and is eager to play. She does best with a large, dominant male dog as she tends to play hard if the male is submissive so we are hoping to find a home with a big boy for her to play with. She should not go to a home with another female or one with small dogs or cats or any prey animals. She has met several dogs on her walks and does well with proper introductions. Rescued from a shelter as a stray, she is learning her manners and doing really well! She walks well on a leash but likes to explore and sniff everything. She is still a puppy so chewing things is still very fun for her and a wary eye on what you leave lying out is recommended. Laska has some minor issues with food - she will counter surf if food is left out but she is doing better with that too. Behavior modification and extensive training has already begun in her foster home and she is doing so good ... continued training is recommended for this smart girl. She should be fed separately from other dogs. We think she may have been starving awhile on the streets becasue she was very thin when rescued. She is eating like a horse now and starting to look even more beautiful! Laska can only go to a home with secure containment as it is likely she is an escape artist and is very smart. She is quite lithe and athletic! Although she has never tested her fencing or tried to jump, 7' fencing is recommended unless you have an overhang on 6' fencing. She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She would be a wonderful, loving addition to any home that is experienced with wolfdogs and northern breeds. If you think you can give this lovely girl a forever home, please email PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
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