Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

Successful Adoptions 2020

  These animals have been placed by LTWR 
or our networking partners. Most of the dogs are now in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts! 
Adopted! Shown here with new companion - Winchester, CA - Nukka is a big gorgeous spayed 2 y/o girl. She is already up to date on vaccinations and good with other big dogs (has never been around small dogs). Not good around cats - likes to chase. She hates her crate and will break out but is not destructive in the home once she gets out of her crate. The crate was only because owner had cats. She is fine with 6' fencing but has no real training. Nukka is fine with the children she lives with and likes to ride in the car. She likes men! She has never shown any aggression to strangers, she can be shy with people she doesn't know. Nukka pulls when on a leash walk so will need some training in this area too. This girl is very sweet and adoptable and just needs someone that can teach her a few things and get her out for daily exercise. Someone around a lot is always great for these rescues to help them settle into a new environment. Owner can no longer keep sweet Nukka as they are moving to Japan soon. Transport help is available. Help us find this sweet girl a new, forever home! Contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or 
Adopted by Apex Protection Project sanctuary - Sedona, AZ - This magnificent black-phase pup, Anubis, is only two years old, is neutered and up to date with
vaccinations. His owner is no longer able to keep him. Anubis is a healthy and beautiful high-content wolf dog. He is shy with new people but gets along very well with his owner and family. He is leash trained and knows some basic commands. Anubis likes other big dogs both male and female. When he initially meets a new dog he is submissive and then playful. He should not be with small dogs, cats or children. Anubis would thrive in a Sanctuary where he has constant companionship. He can be handled by humans once he gets to know them. He really likes the people he knows well. He is a digger and a climber, so it is essential that he has an 8 foot fence with lean ins, as well as dig guards. He has been able to use the corners of an enclosure and climb right up and over so lean ins must be secure. Anubis needs a wolfdog-experienced home, canine companionship and lots of attention and fun. He is young and goofy and will be a delightful companion to someone who is active. He would be an escape risk if he got loose so secure containment is required. 
Adopted! - South Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV -   APACHE - is 6.5 years old and is a sweet and spunky boy. He has a lot of energy and likes to go for long hikes. He is well behaved indoors, and will be neutered before adoption.  Apache is strong and is still learning leash manners. He is doing much better and responds well to a prong collar in combination with a harness. Apache can be grabby with tasty food and we are working on that as well. He does not have separation anxiety when left at home with his companions, but does have severe Separation Anxiety if he is left alone. He also will counter surf if not monitored and needs some more training and boundaries. He has jumped a 6' fence and escaped regularly in his previous home so 6' fencing with lean ins required, or higher fencing. Apache has no food aggression with adults or children. Apache has been in foster since February and in that time has been fully vetted and neutered. Apache did get away from his first adopter in July 4th after just having him a few hours. She had him in a strange, stressful situation without restraints of any type, and he ran away. He was hit by a car at that time and has been healing since then, with no apparent significant damage. Apache can be hand shy with strangers and we feel he has had some abuse, but good with people in general once he warms up to you. A gentle and patient handler would be great for this sweetie. He will ride in the car wth his head out the window or else he will get car sick. Apache will need someone who is around a lot to give him some attention and daily exercise. He does not like to be left alone and can be destructive. A secure escape-proof enclosure is required for those times when you can't be with him. Apache is a really sweet guy. We avoid placing our rescues into homes with small dogs, cats or children as gates and doors can be inadvertantly left open with these escape-risk dogs. Visiting kids are ok as Apache was brought up with children and is gentle with them. Someone who is around a lot would be perfect for Apache [i.e. retired, works at home, etc.] If you are interested in this beautiful pup, please click on our link WANT TO ADOPT?  then send your answers to Jana at  
Owner took off grid - we hope he is safe
LaGrande, OR - Kenai lives up in the mountains with a young man who acquired him at a yard sale. He does not have fencing and really needs to find Kenai an awesome home where he can be loved and cared for. Kenai is only a year old but is already a very big boy at 110 lbs. He is up to date on his vaccinations and will be neutered before adoption. Kenai is a mellow loving boy with a winning sweet personality. He loves to play and when taken to the dog park just loves the time he has there playing with other dogs. We really want Kenai to be placed in a home where there is a large breed young female he can play with ... he is just a happy sweet dog who will make such a fun and loyal companion. Kenai will not be placed where there are small children because he is so exuberant and would knock them down. We don't think it is a good idea for him to be placed where there are kitties either as he can play too rough. He currently has a
ferret he is ok with but little animals can get hurt easily, and his prey instincts may change as he matures. We know he would be much happier having a large dog friend to play with. Kenai is a shepherd/malamute mix and could get even larger than he already is once he fills out. His best match would be with active outdoor people who have a big fenced yard for when he is outside. He will need a minimum of a 6' foot fence to keep him safe and someone around a lot (retired, works at home permanently).   If interested in giving this boy a loving home, please click on the link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Kim Kahl at  for more information and an Adoption Application.
Ashland, OR - Owner may keep -
Greybear is only 4 1/2 years old and will be neutered before adoption. He is a very sweet boy and weighs about 89 lbs. He has beautiful gold eyes but you can't see them here in the photo because he is smiling. Greybear is good with other dogs big and small and even ok with cats - but we won't place him in a home with cats or little dogs as sometimes they can get hurt when playing. He walks on leash but pulls sometimes when excited, but he is well behaved indoors and is housetrained. He would need 6' fencing and lean ins are recommended for new dogs that might try to escape at first. Greybear has no training and would love a home with someone that would spend time with him giving him daily exercise and training. He is good with kids and likes to ride in the car. No history of abuse or neglect, this boy needs a good home ASAP. Someone around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.).
Greybear is currently living with his friend, a 6 month old male Catahoula pup and it would be nice if they could go together. They both need new homes. Owner travels a lot and living out of van. Both cuties!
If interested in giving Greybear or these two a loving home, please click on the link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact  Kim Kahl at 
Transportation help is available!
Adopted - Walnut Creek, CA - Owner cannot keep her any longer - Tundra is the big white Shepherd/Malamute girl shown here on the left. Tundra is 4 years young and spayed. She's a big girl, weighs in at 85 lbs. and is in good shape. She was running 3 miles with previous foster every night. She was very comfortable with her male Malamute companion, but has not adjusted to the other male [Rottweiler] at the home who is more high energy. Tundra would do best in an only-dog household as she loves to have cuddles and attention and is very affectionate. Tundra still does not trust new dogs when out on a walk. She gets very stressed when on leash walks as she lives in a busy area with many dog walkers. Tundra was rescued from a wolfdog breeder where she was frequently attacked - many dogs were living living in one big yard - so she is only comfortable with calm and well-balanced male dogs. Tundra is playful so daily exercise is great for her. Since she currently can't be walked much in their neighborhood, she is not getting the calming exercise she loves and is stuck again in yet another yard. Owners love her very much but are now working away from home. She will always need to be introduced slowly to any new dog or human as she is still a bit shy but she took to her new Dad right away [pic below the first day they met]. She never had any previous personal attention, training, socializing or affection since she had lived outdoors in a dirty yard all her life at the breeder's property. Tundra now enjoys lying on the couch with her humans and getting belly rubs! Tundra is better with women that are calm assertive, but she really likes her Dad as he is very patient and gentle. Although she was brought up with and loves children, we prefer homes without toddlers [visiting kids she would enjoy], little dogs or cats. A calm environment, lots of attention, daily exercise and continued training would be great for this girl. For the first time in her life, last summer she experienced water and loves splashing away in a kiddie pool! She is very loving once she trusts you, and just needs a chance at a real life. A home as an only dog would be great for this sweetheart, as well as a more rural and quiet environment. 

Rescued and Adopted! - Columbus, OHIO - This is a female wolfdog pup who was found by the side of the road by Franklin Co. Ohio Animal Control. We don’t have much information about her except that she appears to have been hit by a car and shot in the neck. When she was found by AC, amazingly she was quiet, alert and responsive. She was able to stand up but she was very vocal when her leg was touched. She is now receiving Vet care and fighting for her life. It appears that she has a broken leg and an abscess on her neck that is believed to be a through/through gunshot wound. If this little girl can pull through, we need to get her to a safe place to recuperate and spend the rest of her days. It would be a tragedy to have her make it through this ordeal, only to be euthanized by the shelter who will not be able to keep her. The Shelter can keep her safe only until Sept. 5. We have a foster that can take her for 2 – 3 additional days until she is well enough to travel. But that is not enough. She needs a home that is wolfdog experienced, has secure escape-proof containment, and who can be around a lot to help her rehabilitate and get some training. 


We don't know anything about her personality but it would ben nice if this pup could find a home that has another companion, preferably a male. An experienced Foster Home would also be considered.  

Owner dumped at the Sac ASPCA without notice 
Carlotta, CA (near Eureka) - Ashier - pronounced Ah-sheer - is a gorgeous 3 1/2-y/o neutered male. His owner obtained Ashier at 4 months but now can no longer keep him - property is sold and she has to move now, and has been waiting as long as she could to find a new home.
  Ashier weighs about 85 lbs, and is up to date on vaccinations. Ashier has one blue eye and one gold eye! Ashier knows how to walk on leash, is very well behaved and has good recall off leash with owner in woods (not in populated neighborhoods). He is a good boy indoors and gives cues when he wants to go out and relieve himself.  Ashier would be great with another canine friend as long is it is big and can return rough play, or as an only dog where he can get some one-on-one attention and daily hikes. Secure containment - 5' with lean ins or 6' - would be best for this boy. He currently does fine when left in a large 10' x 35' outdoor kennel with other dogs nearby for company. The kennel is his safe den. Ashier was raised with a pony and the Collie. Ashier is a bit shy with strangers [especially men] but he has been fine with men that allow him to approach them so Ashier can get to know them slowly. We would like to keep Ashier in a calm adult environment
preferably with women, and daily exercise for this pup. Ashier has good recall, loves to hike in the woods, and rides great in the car. Has no health issues. 
Adopted - Ventura, CA - this poor sweet Daisy has been through a lot and was in a shelter for quite some time. She was part of a criminal abuse case where animals on the property were punched in the face and teeth were knocked out. They often did not have enough food, and Daisy has been bred six times. We think she is between 5-8 years old and she is a bit underweight. She escaped from her yard and got into a fight with another dog. The individual who tried to break up the fight was bitten by Daisy and that is the only record of any bites. Daisy is shy with people and will initially run away, but if it is a female person, she will warm up quite quickly. She is very afraid of men (no doubt from the years of abuse she suffered) but she will warm up if the fellow is patient and gentle. It just takes her longer to trust. Daisy has not tried to climb or jump a 6-foot fence in the shelter play yard and has not done any digging but we require 6' fencing with lean ins. She walks well on a leash when she knows the handler. She will pull when she is walked by someone she doesn’t know but she settles down. She has never tried to bite through the leash. She takes her eye medication easily when she knows the person (her vision appears to be fine). She has not shown any aggression. Daisy loves to play once she trusts you. This girl has lived a life of abuse and neglect, and now she deserves to be in a safe place where she can be loved and cared for.  Daisy has been in the shelter since early March and needs wolfdog-experienced placement. She must be pulled by a 501( c) (3) Rescue organization. If you are able to help Daisy find the life she deserves c lick on our website link WANT TO ADOPT?  and follow the directions. She needs to be rehomed out of California.
Adopted - Sparks, NV  - this silvery boy Milo is only 2 years old and needs a home ASAP. He has beautiful brownish/green eyes and weighs about 50 lbs. He will be neutered before adoption. Milo is good with other dogs both big and small, and with puppies. He does not walk good on leash and needs some training with this (he tries to chew the leash). Milo can be left home alone in a large kennel and he does fine for short periods of time (we don't recommend leaving any dog in a kennel for more than 3 hours). Milo gets bored because he is not getting any exercise and will chew things in the yard and wood fence to make a hole to get out. He jumps and digs and is energetic - well he is just a pup! He does not like humans to touch his food or bowl when he is eating so he needs some traniing in this area too. He just has not had any training and needs a northern-breed-experienced person to give him daily exercise and lots of attention. He can be shy at times so a patient owner would be best to teach him how to trust and have some fun. Milo was owned by a young man who does not have the time for him anymore and gave him to his parents a year ago - we are told Milo is in good health. This is a typical scenario of young people who fall in love with a cute, fluffy puppy but do not have the time or resources to give them a good home. If you are interested in this beautiful pup,  please click on our link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo at  
Transportation help is available.
Adopted! Cupertino, CA - This handsome senior Malamute, Diego, just lost his owner who died recently. Diego is 11 years old, is very lonely and depressed. We want to find this sweetie a loving home with someone that can give him attention to help him through this difficult time. Diego weighs in about 110 lbs and is intact. We will not neuter him due to his age and hope that nobody will try to breed this old boy. We would like to place him into a home with a spayed female for companionship. Diego is good with submissive and friendly large dogs, not very good with little dogs. He is ok with cats, pulls a little on leash, but has good recall off leash once he bonds with you. Diego is also housetrained, and very well behaved when 
you are around. He does not like to be left alone, so someone who is around a lot would be perfect for Diego [retired, works at home, can take with]. He has basic training and loves to ride in the car and go places with you. If you are interested in adopting Diego, just click on our link WANT TO ADOPT? or contact Pamela Jo at to help beautiful
Adodpted! - Ben Lomond, CA - This pretty German Shepherd female is named Ivy and she needs a new home. Her owner loves her dearly but travels for work now and does not have adequate time for her. Ivy is 3 years old, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is in good health. She is more submissive with male dogs so best in a home with a nice friendly large male companion. Ivy is a bit fearful of small dogs as she has been attacked a few times, so no small dogs or children. She would like a nice calm household, daily exercise and lots of love and attention. She has some intermittent separation anxiety but she is doing well when left home with her male companion. Ivy would love someone that is around a lot, works at home, retired, etc. She is good with 6' fencing and does not climb or dig. Ivy is shy with new humans and would be happy to have a nice gentle woman as her best friend. Ivy has had lots of training and is a very smart girl and she loves her car rides. She is good both on and off leash and is the most loving dog. Let's find this pretty girl a good home. Transportation help is available. Click on our website link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo at 
Foster Keeping - Seattle area, Washington - This young, stunning 2-1/2 y/o beauty is Freyja. She is currently in foster care with the woman who offered to foster her when she was pregnant. Freyja gave birth, and all of the pups were adopted. The foster Mom kept one pup to whom Freyja is still bonded. At this point, it would be best to separate the two. The pup is fully integrated into the house pack, and Freyja tends to get too protective with him. Freyja does get along well with the 7 big dogs who live in the foster home. She has just started private training to learn to walk on a leash and house training. She is currently trained to puppy pads in the house, but it should be fairly easy to train her to go outside. Freyja is quite shy when she first meets new people, but she is very sweet and wants love and attention when she feels comfortable. She is high-escape risk right now if she should get loose. She loves to play with other dogs. No cats, little dogs or children please. Freyja would love a home with someone around a lot to spend time with her doing more socializing and some hiking! She will need escape-proof containment as well. Freyja is a strikingly beautiful girl and really needs a patient and loving home. Freyja was barely a year old when she became pregnant and was placed in foster care while she had her pups. She was a very good momma to her pups. Now she is ready for her forever home that is calmer than her current situation and she can be given the love and the life that she deserves.
Please email Kim Kahl at  Transportation help is available. 


Very Urgent!  Waverly, Iowa - This is Nova – a 2 year old female in Waverly, Iowa. Nova is not spayed but will be upon adoption. Her owners feel that they must immediately rehome her because Nova recently nipped a visitor in the home.  The family feels they have no alternative but euthanasia if they cannot find a safe place for Nova. Nova is very shy and timid with any strangers. She is good with her family, but when she is around strangers she will come up behind them and butt nip – a common wolf dog behavior! If they turn around and see her, she will run and hide. Nova is good when meeting other dogs. She will let them eat and drink near her and she will often clean them and allow them to be close to her. Nova is good on a leash. She is a bit of a digger but it’s not known if she is a fence jumper since she is always on a leash outside. This young wolf dog does not deserve to die simply because she is timid and will engage in typical wolf dog behaviors. This is what people need to expect when  they obtain a wolfdog! Experienced home with escape-proof containment, someone that is around a lot to teach this girl to trust and be more secure. A patient woman handler would be best for Nova, and some doggie companions would be fun too. If you are interested in adopting Nova, please go to our link WANT TO ADOPT? and follow the directions for the questionnaire. Send your answers to Susan at  Transport help is available.


Mountain Center, CA - This is sweet, high-content Tala who needs a full-fledged, committed adoption situation. Tala is 13 years old but still very puppy-like in her behavior, and is very sweet once she warms up to new people. She's ingood shape, shows no weakness or arthritis, and trots around the yard like she owns it. She sings a lot and has a very melodic voice. Tala likes to be brushed, can be handled and loves her belly rubs. UTD on vaccines and recently given a clean bill of health by the vet. Tala lived with a male companion all of her life until he passed a few months ago.  Now she must find a safe place where she can live out her life. She does best with a male companion. Must have prior wolfdog experience, escape-proof containment, and patience as she adjusts to a new environment.  Transport can be arranged. This is a sad situation of good owners falling on hard times and needing assistance from the community to do what’s best for Tala. She is safe right now so we want to make sure it's a good match before rushing into a new home. Meet and greets if possible. Sanctuary or private home. 
Adopted -   Near Fresno, CA  - Timber is a sweet 8-year-old neutered male that needs a new home. He is a White Husky/White German Shepherd mix and very pretty! He is a mellow dog, gets along with other mellow dogs of all sizes. Good with mellow cats although we prefer not to place our rescues with cats or little dogs if possible. Timber walks nicely on leash but needs work with recall when off leash. He is very well behaved indoors, is housetrained and no separation anxiety when left home alone for short periods of time - maybe for longer times he will be ok with doggie door and a companion. He would be fine with 6'' fencing and good daily exercise. Timber is very much loved by his owner but living in an area on acreage he gets a lot of foxtails. When he is in pain he will not allow anyone to get these foxtails out. This is not uncommon for many dogs and they often have to be sedated at a vet's office to remove the foxtails. This should not be a reason to kill a dog but owner had no other options. He needed vet care immediately and we got him t a vet right away. He is currently in a loving Foster Home waiting for permanent adoption. Timber is a sweetie and very adoptable - likes to sleep outside in summer and indoors in winter (in warm climates), and loves to be with people. Transportation help is available.

Owner refused to hae him neutered so he is no longer available through our network.  Sacramento, CA - Thor is a very pretty and sweet 1-y/o male pup. He appears to be mostly White German Shepherd/Husky and needs a home ASAP. His owner has realized she does not have the time to spend with this energetic pup as she is working full time. Thor weighs about 72 lbs and is up to date on vaccinations, but he has to be neutered. We will require a Neuter Deposit of $200 that will be reimbursed to the veterinarian at the time of the procedure. Thor is playful with other dogs but a little rough with the smaller dogs. He is not good with cats so we will not place him in a home with small dogs, cats or children. Thor walks pretty good on leash with some corrections, and would benefit from some more training. He is housetrained if he can go out every few hours (he's still a pup!). Thor has a little Separation Anxiety and whill whine or howl for about 10 minutes or so when you leave him home alone. We like to place our rescues in home with those that work at home, retired or can take with. Leaving a dog home alone all day only encourages unwanted behaviors. Thor has a slight fear of men so a home with a woman or gentle patient man would be best. Thor is very playful and loves to be outdoors on hikes in the woods on a long leash. Transportation help is availble. 

East Tennessee - This stunning boy, Atlas is about 2-1/2 years old, is neutered and loves dogs. He is very submissive and curious, acts like a silly puppy and is socially awkward and shy - but once he gets to know the dog he will relax and play. No little dogs, cats or small children please. Atlas will walk on leash and is comfortable in harness. He does spook very easily and takes time to adjust to new surroundings. He is an escape risk and if he gets loose would be hard to catch. Atlas is not comfortable in the house and will jump on furniture, eat drywall, vomit, urinate and defecate and just be a nervous wreck - like a baby deer running through your house. He does like calming music and loves being outside in a large escape-proof enclosure. He loves nesting with blankies and toys. Since she does not have escape-proof containment, Foster Mom has to crate him while she is gone so Atlas is crated about 6 hours while she works. Their Border Collie is also crated next to Atlas to keep him company. He gets very upset when the Collie goes out without him. Foster has designated a whole room for this boy with toys and things to entertain him so he stays calm. If he is loose in the yard he will dart away from humans and loud sounds and try to escape. We would like to place Atlas into a sanctuary or home that has large escape-proof enclosures, 8' chain link fencing [9 gauge] with dig guard. A double-gated entry would be a plus. Atlas would literally break a leg to escape an uncomfortable situation so wolfdog experience necessary for this beautiful boy. He is a real sweetheart and would enjoy the companionship of another dog or two. No food aggression with the female Border Collie. Atlas has some training and is submissive, loves his belly rubs but appears to have abuse in his history as he does not like men at all. Although Atlas loves his Foster Mom, he is very unsettled in their home. Landlord has given a deadline to have him out or they will be evicted. Please help us find this boy the perfect place for him to thrive. Contact Jennifer at  Time is of the essence! you can also go to our link WANT TO ADOPT?  follow the directions, and email the questionnaire to Jennifer.
Adopted! Stockton, CA - Lobo aka Good Boy - was a bit underweight but very pretty and sweet. He was pulled from a shelter [was a stray] and is being fostered by a very kind fellow, but Foster can't keep him very long. Lobo is just a pup and is quite submissive. He rides well in the car, good with other dogs, good off leash but needs more work on recall, and would love a nice home. A secure fenced yard is required, 6' fencing and dig guard [anything to prevent digging out].
If you are interested in this pretty pup, just Click on our website link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo at 
Adopted! Wonderful!  Olive Branch, Miss - This pretty girl, Mila, has been posted since last February and her Mom is still looking for a safe home for this sweet older girl. Mila is a loving companion and likes to be around people. She really needs a new home without young children. Mila is an older female wolf dog. She was born in November, 2012. She has been spayed and has hip dysplasia in both hips. She is on a pain-medication regimen for her hips. Her family is giving her up because they now have small children and don’t feel they can't give her the life she deserves. Mila has always been a social animal who enjoys meeting people and going places with her family – to pet stores, the vet, etc. However, she is very sensitive to touch on her back end because of her hips so it is difficult to keep her safe with small children who do not understand when they cannot pet her or lean against her. Mila loves to be with people and to be loved. She is very eager to please. This is a tragic situation for this girl who has so much love to give. Unfortunately she has now been relegated to the backyard most of the time because of the kids. She does not get the attention she needs and deserves. This older girl would make a wonderful companion for retired couple or a single woman who works at home. No children please or energetic dogs.  
Adopted! - Overgaard, AZ - Taho’s owner has major health issues and will require surgery with at least a 4 – 6 month recovery.  She also has another condition that seriously affects her health and she is no longer able to care for Taho. She must rehome him immediately. Taho (also called Tata) is an adorable 3-year-old male boy who was born in January 2017. He is neutered and is due for his rabies shot. He is a friendly boy who weighs about 60 lbs. Taho is loves to run and be outside. He also loves to swim. He is very good on a leash and loves his walks. He does sleep inside at night and is housetrained. He is an inside/outside animal and great companion. Taho enjoys a lot of attention and love. He is shy at first and really warms up to women. He is a bit shyer with men. He’s good with other dogs.  NO cats. He loves children but we usually don't place oure rescues with children, cats or little dogs. He needs a large secure yard with dig guards and lean ins. If you are interested in adopting Taho, please go to our link WANT TO ADOPT? and follow the directions for the questionnaire. Send your answers to Susan at  Please help Mila find a nice home. Transport help is available.
Owners keeping - Beautiful Delilah is located in Hayward CA and needs a very special home. This beautiful girl is only a year and half old - just a pup! is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Her owner loves her very much but works and is gone all day. Delilah has severe Separation Anxiety and needs someone around all the time [retired, works at home, can take with, etc.] or she can be destructive. Delilah is very sweet, loves other dogs and people, and is well behaved when someone is there with her. Unfortunately she is on sedation medications to keep her from being destructive while they are gone, which is not good for health. They put her in Doggie Day Care and she does great there as she has a lot of dogs and people to play with, but they cannot afford to do this every day - forever. Delilah walks nicely on leash and loves her walks. She does not like to be crated! 6' fencing should be fine. The only reason they are giving up this sweetheart is due to her intense Separation Anxiety. They are heartbroken and love her  very much. 
Foster Keeping! Gig Harbor, WA - Needed Experienced home or sanctuary placement  - Sweet Girl is a wolf dog who was found as a stray. The local shelter would not take her. She was taken to a vet who determined that she was not spayed. She will be spayed before adoption. Sweet Girl ended up at the home of a woman who is experienced with animal rehab and who lives on a farm so Sweet Girl is in a very temporary foster. She weighs approx 75/80 lbs, is shy and sweet but she longs to run and play with her own kind. She is very eager to invite play, though initially shy. She is approximately a year old and does pull on leash walk. She is currently in an 8' fenced enclosure and will nose between secure wire and fasteners to test. It is unknown if she has had any shots but new adopter can obtain a Titer test. Sweet Girl girl needs a very wolfdog-experienced home or sanctuary placement where she will be safe and able to have another animal as her companion and playmate. She currently is well behaved indoors with you but should not be left alone, she sleeps in a large kennel. Sweet Girl is not food aggressive but will growl to warn you off. She is a little nervous riding in car so best in a large kennel. This amazing beauty is very friendly, witty & wise, a bit of a jokester with a engaging heart! Easily responds to gentle persuasion and consistency. If you are able to provide this girl an experienced home with escape-proof containment or a sanctuary home, please contact Pamela Jo for an Application and to set up a Home Visit. 

Owner keeping - Sausalito, CA - This gorgeous boy, Yarrow, is about 4 1/2 years old, brown eyes, 80 lbs and neutered. He is current on vaccinations and playful with other dogs - even the little ones! He has been ok with some cats but he likes to chase if they run or play. Yarrow is ok with larger livestock as he has been around horses, cows, goats and chickens and has never shown predatory behavior towards them. He walks nicely on leash and can Heel, and has decent recall off leash in the woods once he bonds with you - unless he sees a squirrel! Yarrow has been living in an apartment so we don't know if he is an escape artist in a fenced yard. We always recommend a minimum of 6' fencing with lean ins to prevent any escape [or higher fencing]. He has no food aggression and has some training as well. He has been around a lot of children with no issues. Yarrow can be skittish with new people, and strangers who try to pet him without allowing Yarrow to get to know them slowly. He has nipped people in the past in an effort to ask them to leave him alone and give him space (no real bites). He is basically submissive when outdoors, but can be very protective of his owners and his home when indoors. He will not allow a stranger into the house if owner is not there and will stll be reactive if owner is there as well. He needs more training in this aspect. In neutral territory [indoors or out] he is very sweet and well behaved. Yarrow likes to get to know you slowly, so a patient, experienced handler would be the best for this sweet boy. Owner was traveling a lot and could not give this boy the time he really needs but there is no rush for the time being. We just want to find a great home for this beautiful boy. Although Yarrow is ok with kids, no children please [visiting kids ok]. Contact Pamela at 

Adoptd!  Osawatomie, Kansas - Inyan (Gray M) and Heyaka (Black F) need to be rehomed immediately.  They are currently in a rescue facility in Kansas but they cannot continue to stay there much longer. They escaped from their enclosure and  killed a neighbor’s dog. The neighbor is now threatening to kill them.  The threat is real enough that the owners are terrified to bring the two wolf dogs home. Inyan is a one-year-old male. He is not neutered but is up-to-date on shots and will be neutered upon adoption. Heyaka is 2 ½ years old, spayed and up to date on shots. Both animals are sweet and social with people. They enjoy being inside and outside animals. They have never escaped before this incident.  Inyan is shy at first when he meets new people but warms up. Heyaka is more outgoing. They walk well on leash.  Their content is believed to be in the 50% range, Inyan appears to be a bit higher content that Heyaka. These two animals are very bonded and it would be good to keep them together if possible, but we will separate them if needed. New owners would have to make sure they can't escape and repeat this incident. Both animals have a prey drive so they should not be with cats or small dogs. They currently live in a home with kids and are good with them. However we do not place our rescues with children. They have not been diggers or jumpers in the past. They found a hole in their fence and escaped through it only one time.   


- San Francisco, CA - Freya is a beautiful Czech Wolfdog. She is 15 months old and weighs 55 lbs. She will be spayed before adoption but has all her shots and is microchipped. Freya is really good with other dogs and currently will submit to dominant/older dogs. She loves to play and has never shown aggressive behaviors unless provoked by another dog. She is just a pup and so she will need an experienced handler to help prevent any dominant issues as she matures. Best in a home with a large friendly male or two as she tends to play rough with smaller dogs. So far she is ok with neighbor's cats but we will not place her in a home with small children, cats or small dogs. She has some recall off leash but needs more training. Freya is well behaved indoors unless left alone for long periods, and she can get destructive if bored chewing up objects, remote controllers, and anything that is leather. She is housetrained. Currently in 8' fencing. Freya is not shy with people and only gets into altercations with other dogs if provoked. She rides well in car with or without crate. Owner has had her since 2 months old and loves her very much but his job demands more travel now. Freya is fed human-grade turkey, beef, pork from The Farmers Dog. She gets lots of daily exercise so her destruction is mainly because she craves human companionship. She would be best with someone around a lot to give her that one-on-one attention [i.e. retired, works at home, can take with, etc.]. Having a nice well-balanced pack - either to live with or hike with friends - would be great for Freya. Please contact Pamela Jo for an Application if you are interested in Freya.

Adopted! Murietta, CA - This absolutely beautiful and amazing GSD/Husky mix, Mackenzie, was loose on the streets for 7 months! She was finally trapped - went right in - and presently Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary has her in a foster home getting some rehab. These photos are of her now - happy, clean and becoming more secure. Mackenzie is 2 years old, brown eyes, and about 55 lbs. She is spayed, has vaccinations and is now microchipped. She was not interested in other dogs at first but now she loves all of the dogs and puppies at her foster home. Mackenzie walks nicely on leash but could be an escape risk if she gets loose since she is a still bit insecure right now and still very shy. Currently she is fine with foster Mom, her husband and one of her sons - but still a little shy with newcomers and most men. Escape-proof secure yard is required for Mackenzie as she is an escape risk until she learns to trust completely. She is quite gentle with her new humans and is submissive. She rode well in the car too. Mackenzie may have had some neglect in her previous home. Wolfdog or feral-dog experience would be helpful as she needs a patient and understanding handler, secure escape-proof containment and good daily exercise to help her stay calm. She would love other canine companions! 
Adopted! Washintgon State - in foster with WAMAL [WA Malamute Rescue] This stunning Malamute boy Ryder is about 9 years old and very sweet! Owner moving. He was in one of our foster homes while we worked with WAMAL to take Ryder into their Rescue facility once they had space. He weighed about 70 lbs on intake - 20 lbs underweight! Ryder is doing better now, has brown eyes and is neutered. He is good with other big dogs that are friendly, and ok with some smaller dogs if they are not yappy or barking at him. He will not be placed with children, small dogs or cats. He pulls a bit on leash and so he is getting some training. Ryder is well behaved indoors but can be a food thief if you are not watching. He is housetrained. He does not like to be left alone and can be destructive if left unattended. Ryder was good with 5' fencing at his home but should have 6' fencing in a new home. He likes to dig but we don't know if he is a digger to escape -some kind of dig guard recommended. Ryder is a bit shy with new people but once he warms up he loves people and is very affectionate - especially with women - and men that are patient and calm. He is in good health and submissive with adults and kids. He should be crated or tethered on a harness while in a car so he can feel more comfortable and safe - he is a little nervous if left to pace. Please contact Hal Negin of WAMAL at if you are interested in adoption.
 Adopted! SCRAPPY - This cute Corgi/mix weighs about 35-40 lbs, walks decently on leash, is well behaved indoors, housetrained and crate trained. Scrappy has no separation anxiety if left home with his companion Apache, so a friendly companion would be needed for this boy. He is very cute and outgoing, fun to be with and eager to please. He is submissive with humans and is good with larger dogs. Time is of the essence - Let's get them out of the boarding kennel! They already spent 3 weeks at the shelter and are getting kennel stressed at the kennel now. Click on the link WANT TO ADOPT?  or contact Pamela Jo at  ... also for more information on these two, contact Jana at or call her at 530-307-0347
- Minden, NV Gorgeous Spirit is 9 years old, spayed, weighs about 60 lbs, and needs a good home ASAP. She's young enough to run and hike and have fun with you, but at the age where she is calm and likes to hang out with you at home as well. Medium maintenance Spirit loves to hike. Spirit is up to date on vaccinations. She was rehomed in 2019 and was doing well with her little pack, but recently decided she wanted to be the dominant one in the hierarchy. We think she would be best in a home as an only dog as she gets along well with other dogs when not living with them. She is currently living with a St Bernard, a German Shepherd, an old Wolfdog, and a 5 month pup. She is housetrained, and [large] kennel trained for short periods of time. Spirit is a bit shy with strangers and may take time acclimating to a new home, so a calm environment [no kids] with lots of love and exercise would be best. Spirit is submissive with humans and is more shy than anything with strangers and may bolt if she gets loose. Children that move quickly and are loud cause her to stay away but she is not nippy. Spirit loves to ride in the car and go places with you. Spirit is a very sweet girl. Spirit would love to have a home where she can run and play and hike the mountains and swim in a lake. We would love to place her in the Sierra where it is cool. She is very affectionate and likes to be petted and brushed and to play in water. Please help us find a good home for this sweet girl. time is of the essence!   Click on the link WANT TO ADOPT? or contact Pamela Jo at
Adopted - Peoria, AZ - Willow is a pretty Husky girl that needs a new home. She is only 2-1/2 years old and weighs about 65 lbs. She is spayed and microchipped. She is pretty good with other dogs once she gets to know them. Initially she may bark or howl at them but then gets down to play. We normally do not place our rescues into homes with cats, little dogs or children but Willow is good with all of these so visiting children and little dogs are ok. She does chase cats so no cats please. She could use training for leash walks as she likes to pull (well Huskies do that!). She is crate trained for short periods of time in a large kennel. She can be left home alone but owner crates her so she does not lie on the couch or get on furniture. Willow is full of puppy energy, always wants to play, loves her toys, good with other animals even bunnies. Overall she is a great dog and just needs a home where she can get lots of exercise, play with companions and have some discipline and training.
San Antonio, TX - This pretty girl is much in need of a home that is very wolfdog experienced - and right away!
Nymeria is a 5-year-old spayed female. She is up to date on her vaccinations. She was adopted last summer by a family who feels that they cannot provide her with the home that she deserves.
Nymeria is very shy and frightens easily. She is terrified of children but is good with other dogs. Her owner says that she is also gentle around all small animals. She is not food aggressive and has not dug under or jumped over the fence. We would recommend a minimum of 6' fencing. Nymeria would do best in a quiet, calm home with experienced owners and no children. Having another canine companion who can live mostly outdoors with her would be beneficial to her, since she enjoys the company of other dogs. She needs a stable, calm environment without a lot of activity or visitors. Somone who is around alot that can teach her to trust again [i.e. works at home, retired, etc.] would be fabulous for Nymeria. We will help with raising money for transport. If you can help this sweet, frightened girl get to her forever home, please contact Keith at  right away. Time is of the essence!
 Modesto area - Sweet 1-1/2 year-old male pup, Duke - needs a forever home! Duke is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. He is ready to go to his new home! What a sweet and beautiful boy he is! He loves all dogs and people - not a fan of cats. He would love a home with someone that can get him out on daily hikes and who has a nice fenced back yard. He loves to play fetch and knows what to do. Very smart and trainable. Duke is currently in a foster home and staying in an apartment. He needs some space to run and have fun with other dogs. Please email Pamela Jo at  or go to the link on our website WANT TO ADOPT? and follow the directions. It will make the process go quicker ... and we have a video you can watch.
from Bend OR - Sweet and loves to give kisses! - Lilah is only 4 1/2 years old, is spayed and up to date on shots. Her family had a baby and want to rehome this pretty pup. Lilah loves to be indoors with you, is housetrained and generally submissive when meeting large dogs. She lives with another dog. Lilah will not be placed in a home with small dogs, cats or small children. She is shy at first when meeting humans but generally good natured. She is not a fence climber or digger and has been in 5' fencing, but we always recommend 6' fencing if possible. She is not crate trained, and does not like to be left in a crate or will urinate in the crate. She would be great in a home that has another friendly male, or she would be fine as an only dog. Someone that does not work away from home and has time to give this pretty Husky daily exercise and attention would be so great for Lilah. She's such a good girl! If you are interested in adopting Lilah, please contact Kim for an Adoption Application at
 Orangevale, CA - Sweet, beautiful and very adoptable, this 2-year-old Malamute/Husky boy Bandit needs a new home by the end of the month. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations, and weighs only 55 lbs. He is also microchipped. He is owned by someone who loves him dearly but as many of these stories go - does not have the time for him anymore. Life changes, job changes, and now Bandit is bored and escaping to chase neighborhood livestock where he can get shot. So we will place him in an area where there is no livestock! Bandit is very good with little dogs, is submissive with large dogs, and is learning to posture with medium-sized dogs. He lives with a female Chihuahua puppy and plays gently. He ignores the barn cats so far. He runs 3-8 miles [a little much for such a young pup] every other day with owner and walks very well on leash. Bandit is timid and will come to owner when off leash but will not come to anyone else. He is very shy with men especially if they are tall. He is very calm indoors, fine when left home for short periods of time, hangs out in his crate sometimes. Bandit is not a jumper but will squeeze out under or through fencing to escape. Knows some commands. Bandit has 30% cloudiness in his right eye from a congenital cataract condition that occurs in Siberian Huskies. He goes to Doggie Day care and is very submissive with kids. He needs a home right away and we would love to place him in the cool Sierra where he can play in the snow in winter and swim in the lakes during summertime. 
ADOPTED!    WAS GOIHNG TO BE EUTHANIZED  Sacramento, CA - Naomi is a special girl that needs an experienced handler and some doggie classes! She is a very pretty White German Shepherd girl. She has only a short time to find a home! Young Naomi is only 4 years old, brown eyes, spayed and knows many commands and words. She is not good with other dogs, cats, and is a bit dominant with children so this girl needs some boundaries and daily exercise. She is good with the older female dog she lives with but uncomfortable around new dogs both big and little and will attack them. Owner will have her euthanized if a new home is not found very soon. She was going to be PTS Mar 14 but we asked him to wait a little longer and give us more time to find her placement. Naomi is very well behaved indoors and is a sweet girl and eager to please, will go to her bed if asked, loves to ride in car. She has no separation anxiety if left with her female canine companion who is the dominant of the two and keeps Naomi in her place. She will be best as an only dog until she is socialized properly, and would like someone around a lot. She is submissive with adults but owner has children and they cannot keep her any longer. She just needs some real training! Obtained as a puppy, they love this girl and will help with transport. Please contact Pamela Jo for an Application. 
Adopted!  Sacramento, CA - Naomi is a special girl that needs an experienced handler and some doggie classes! She is a very pretty White German Shepherd girl. She had until Saturday to find a home but owner gave me a few more days! Naomi is only 4 years old and has been with the owner since 4 months old. She has brown eyes, is spayed and knows many commands and words. She is not good with other dogs, cats, and is a bit dominant with children so this girl needs some boundaries and daily exercise. She is good with the older female dog she lives with but uncomfortable around new dogs both big and little, and will jump them. Owner was going to have her euthanized if a new home is not found by March 14 but will wait a few more days. Naomi is very well behaved indoors and is a sweet girl and eager to please when it's just her, will go to her bed if asked, loves to ride in car, knows many commands. She has no separation anxiety if left with her female canine companion who is the dominant of the two and keeps Naomi in her place. She will be best as an only dog until she is socialized properly. Naomi would like someone around a lot to give her daily exercise and training. She is submissive with adults but owner has children and they cannot keep her any longer. She just needs some real training! Obtained as a puppy, they love this girl and will help with transport. Please contact Pamela Jo for an Application. 

ADOPTED! Danville, CA  - Shilow is a beautiful fluffy white Native American Indian Dog who needs a home as soon as possible. His last owners were seniors in their 80s and this boy was too much for them to handle. He's actually very good on leash but pulls occasionally if he sees another dog. Shilow weighs in at about 85+ lbs, is 5 1/2 years young, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. His owners loved him very much and hated to give him up but he was living as a backyard and indoor dog and had no socializing. Shilow is now in a temporary foster home where they are working with him daily but they cannot keep him any longer. Shilow is very gentle and loving with his humans. The foster home has two dogs, a male and female. Shilow is fine with them when out on leash or when taken to work and he and can go for days being very well behaved, but occassionally he will jump one or the other, mostly in the living room where he wants to claim his space. The other male is not comfortable and we don't want to stress his other dogs unnecessarily. We are looking for a permanent forever home with someone that can take sweet Shilow out for more daily exercise and training ... -training classes where he can be around dogs would be great for him. He learns fast. He is very well behaved indoors, is housetrained, kennel trained and is so sweet and loving to his family. He is a little shy around some men at first but bonded nicely with his foster Dad. He is not an escape artist so 6' fencing would be appropriate. Shilow is in good health and submissive with the grandkids. Shilow likes to go for rides in the car and even goes to work with the foster dad and was well behaved - but if the gate is open he will run out. So a very responsible home is in order. Transportation help is available for this sweet boy, and we would like to place him in a home with someone that has good northern-breed experience, secure containment, and time to spend socializing him (someone retired, works at home, etc.). Shilow just needs another chance at learning to trust being around other dogs. A home in the Sierra where it is cool would be awesome for him! Here is a little video of Shilow 

Urgent OWNER NEVER RESPONDED. He may still be up for adoption - Anaheim, CA - this beautiful Black German Shepherd/mix is a real beauty! Bullet is only 3 years old, neutered and a bit shy of new people, does ok with their own kids [we will not place our rescues into homes with children but visiting is ok]. Bullet's owner can no longer keep him and he must be rehomed very soon. He is currently living in a very temporary situation with 3 other dogs and they are not getting along. Bullet is a digger and he does destroy things, but this may be attributed to his not getting enough exercise, or anxiety about being near the other dogs. He can be nippy when being handled by strangers. Bullet is a young boy that needs an experienced owner with training and exercise. An owner that is around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.) would be best for this boy. Let's help this boy find a new home before he winds up at a shelter!  Contact Pamela at (774) 833-2066 or 
Adopted!- Encinitas, CA Gorgeous 5-1/2 y/o Jax  has been in our Foster home waiting for his forever home to come along. He is ready! 
Here's a typical situation where a puppy is sold to someone that does not have the experience or lifestyle to care for it. This sweet boy Jax was kept in a tiny 6' x 10' kennel all day - FOR 4 YEARS - never getting out. Jax was frustrated and depressed, muscles deteriorating and getting weaker by the day. Now at our wonderful Foster home he is getting the rehabilitation he needed - and already strong and healthy. He now runs around the spacious ranch with the other dogs. Jax has good recall now and doing pretty darn good. He will need a home with someone that has time to continue to spend giving Jax the daily exercise, training and attention he needs and likes. A nice female canine companion Ewould be really nice for Jax but he's great with the neutered boys too. Gentle treat taker. Very playful, kind of a silly guy once he gets to know you. He has been outside all his life so even though he likes to come inside and be with the family he needs to be housetrained. If you watch his cues you can stop him from marking but presently Jax sleeps on his patio outdoors. Jax is neutered and will need confident but gentle handler as he is very sensitive. Excellent on leash, but has good off leash recall. Has not shown any destructive tendencies but he is being kept active and exercises daily. Jax is very curious, not afraid of anything aside from being hesitant about men (even ok w/vacuum cleaners lol) and goes with Foster Mom to pet stores and around town. Still no escape behaviors exhibited with 6' fencing but there is always someone around and he likes that as he does not like to be left completely alone. Jax is very sweet and gentle and is better with women than men. Jax would make an excellent ranch dog as he likes his space but also likes to be close to his owner and he's great with the horses - respectful but not afraid and does not want to chase them even when he is off leash (which is always now). He also follows Foster Mom into cat barn and is not interested in the kitties at all. He is actually very tolerant as you can see in this photo. Jax will need secure containment at a new home. We would love to place him in a home in the Sierra where it is cool and he can play in the snow! Adoption Application and Home Check will be required to get him off to his new life. Contact Pamela Jo at   
Adopted!  SPRINGVILLE, CA - this beautiful Brown and white Husky pup with blue eyes is called SkyeHe is adorable and only about 11 months old. He is 55 lbs and neutered. Very well behaved but he's a typical pup and wants to get out and play. He is currently with a foster Mom who works and can't get him out much so this poor pup is in a kennel most of the day. Skye needs a home with someone around a lot - i.e. retired, works at home, can take with). He loves to ride in the car and can be on a harness and tethered to a seat belt for safety. He is great with other dogs, but plays too rough with small dogs, so no little dogs, cats or small children. He does look for places to escape so 6' fencing minimum, in a yard that is secure. He will Sit for a treat nicely. Let's get this sweetie into a good home!