Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

Successful Adoptions 2018

  These animals have been placed by LTWR 
and/or our networking partners. They dogs are now in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts! 
Adopted! - Palo Alto, CA - Sweet and gorgeous 10-month-old Shilo needs a permanent home now. His Fosters were able to rescue him from a home who were not able to care for him properly. Shilo was underweight and very shy when Fosters got him. They have spent some time training Shilo and now he needs a good forever home. The photo on the right was when he was about 6 months old, and photo below is current. Shilo weighs about 40-50 lbs and growing! He is current on vaccinations, grew up with a cat (but we prefer a home without cats or little dogs) and does have a prey drive for squirrles and such. Shilo is very well behaved in the house and walks good on leash with a handler that knows what they are doing. Fosters currently work full time and do not have the time to give this
sweet boy what he needs and deserves. Shilo stays home without destruction but he is getting frustrated at being alone all day. Shilo will need 6' fencing and maybe extensions in the future. He has no food aggression with people or other dogs, and loves to play with dogs his size. He is in good health, currently on a raw-food diet and is a bit sensitive with grains. This boy would be best in a wolfdog-experienced home with proper containment, someone home a lot (retired, works at home) and continued training. He likes other dogs so another companion would be nice too. Northern breeds like lots of exercise but pups this age do best with frequent shorter hikes [45 min] then one really long one until fully grown and matured around 3 years of age. If you are interested in adopting this beautyboy please email Pamela Jo at  Transportation help available.
Truckee, CA - Timber is a sturdy, handsome 1-1/2 year-old Husky/GSD (German Shepherd Dog). He is currently with Tahoe Husky Rescue for over a month and is slowly starting to trust people. Timber came into Rescue from Tonopah (thanks to friends at Res-Que) where he was running loose with a pack of dogs for a while who may have been abandoned. Timber hadn't socialized with humans in quite some time. Timber is doing good and coming along nicely and we got our first kisses from him on day 6. We will continue to work with him and update his progress. If you have evern rehabbed a dog before the transformations they make can be truly amazing! Anyone who is interested in Timber must know that gaining his trust will take TIME and PATIENCE. It can be a lengthy process and your commitment is crucial to his success. More to come on this sweet soul so stay tuned for updates and new photos. As with all our rescues, Timber is neutered, UTD onshots, microchipped, and his adoption fee is $200. Please, no small children or cats, and secure fenced yard is a must. If you have experience with rehabilitation, love and patience, please contact Brad at 
San Diego, CA - ADOPTED  This is beautiful Laika. Her owner was forced to move for his job, and he was unable to keep her in his new home. She escaped and was surrendered to the Oceanside Humane in San Diego. This is a typical scenario and why so many dogs wind up in shelters or Rescue.We got her out and  Laika is now in a very temporary Foster Home. She is spayed, approx. 5-6 years old and up to date on shots. She is shy at first around people but does not show any aggression, and warms up quickily once she knows you. As with most northern breeds Laika is not good with cats, and we usually do not place our rescues with small dogs or small kids anyway. She does well with other large dogs outside of her home, and with older kids. She is ok with other females on neutral territory (out on walks, etc.) but does not want to live with other females so a home with a nice male canine companion would be great. She would also be a good "only dog" but again, northern breeds like and need regular daily exercise. She is a beautiful, healthy girl and is very loving. Laika has separation anxiety so a home with someone around a lot and lots of outdoor exercise would be great for her. She can jump a six foot fence so 7' or lean ins are required, and someone that is around a lot - retired, works at home or can take with. She just loves to be with you. He is able to transport her as far as Las Vegas. You can also contact Pamela Jo at    Transportation help is available through our network. 

Adopted! Riudoso, NM - This 6 year od sweetie - Chafha (pronounced Sha FA) - is having to look for a new home. Her owner who loves her dearly is having severe [terminal] health problems and cannot keep her any longer. He's had her since a pup and wants her to have a loving home. He is willing to help with transport. Chafha will be spayed before adoption. She weighs about 60-65 lbs, is up to date with vaccinations, has one blue eye and is microchipped. She gets along with most male dogs but a bit dominant with females. She is fine out playing but we would not place her with another dominant female. Chafha is housetrained and walks nicely on leash. She even heels with her owner in his wheelchair! She has good recall in her yard but has never been off leash outside her yard. Chafha is very well behaved indoors and can be left home alone, even better if she has another canine companion. She will let you know when she wants to go out, has some basic training - Sit, Lie Down, Fetch, etc. - and no food aggression with humans or dogs. Chafha has a high prey drive and will jump up trees to catch squirrels, cats, critters so no little dogs or cats please. Chafha is friendly with everyone - kids come over to visit and play with her but she gets excited and wants to play, and jumps up sometimes so best in a home without small children. She's in great health and submissive with all humans. She loves to ride in the car and has no history of neglect or abuse. Well loved. Transportation help is available and we would like to see her go to a cool climate where she will get her lovely Husky coat back in. Please call Pamela at (775) 833-2066 [best] or email  Transportation help available. Time is of the essence.

  ADOPTED!!! was in shelter Delleker/Portola CA - Sweet Yukon is only 4 years old and recently his owner's wife died and he is losing his home. Owner had him since a pup but now owner dumped him at the shelter. Husband spent the last few years taking care of his wife while she was sick and Yukon did not get as much attention as he used to. Yukon needs some leash and basic training but is a love once he gets to know you. He is a little shy with new people but loves to go on hikes in the forest with you. Yukie needs a human that is active and can give him the exercise and fun he truly deserves. He is good in a 6' fenced yard and loves to be outdoors. He was fine when first brought to the shelter and everyone was loving on him over the weekend, but  he became very anxious as he knows now it's not just a visit. He is having a difficult time, so please help us find a good home for Yukie. Time is of the essence.  The Shelter is High Sierra Animal Rescue, Contact Susanne. She would be happy to talk to you and have you meet Yukie. You can contact her at 530-832-4727.