Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

Successful Adoptions 2017

  These animals have been placed by LTWR  
or our networking partners. They are now in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts! 
Owner keeping for now ... Citrus Heights, CAShanteki - or Teki - is a beautiful 5-1/2 year old, spayed female. She loves people, good with other dogs especially if the dogs are submissive. A little pushy with dominant female dogs but not aggressive but best with a male companion. She's very sweet and is better when left home alone with another dog for short periods of time. She loves to play with other dogs but play rough so we would not place with little doggies. No cats please! She walks nicely on leash, is housetrained and well behaved indoors. Secure 7' fencing [or 6' Fence with lean ins even better] is needed. Teki - along with her male companion - was confiscated because they escaped owner's yard through a broken board. Aimal Control will not allow the dogs to go back to owner. Secure fencing is required and someone who is around a lot - retired, works at home - is best for northern breeds, and someone active daily would be awesome for Shanteki. She loves her hikes and runs! If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl please email Pamela Jo at  or Robin Snow   as soon as possible. Transportation help available. Time is of the essence! We also have a nice video of Teki so just ask to see it.
ADOPTED! - Yuba City, CA - Big fluffy Malamute girl, Teya needed a home right away. She was extremely underweight and had a choke chain worn into her skin. She was sold on Craig's List and wound up in the wrong home. She is not good with other females and now they have to keep them separated - but loves her boyfriends! We would like to place her in a home with a male companion or as an only dog. She is ok with younger females when out playing but she can get jealous if her owner is paying too much attention to another dog. Teya weighs about 80 lbs, is spayed, and up to date on vaccinations. She has not been around small dogs much but she stayed a few days with a friend who had a Chihuahua and she was fine with him. We will not place her in a home with small dogs though. Teya does not like to be left home alone so best in a home with someone around most of the time - i.e retired, works at home ... Teya has some basic training and is very sweet. She likes to ride in the car but not left alone in the car. Teya can jump a 6' fence so lean ins are necessary or higher fencing. She likes to get her way and is best with an experienced owner use to Malamutes and northern breeds who can be strong headed. Her first owner kept her as a backyard dog and she did not get much socializing. Her second owner took her to work so she spent many hours in the car with him. This girl needs a dog's life! Lots of exercise, fun and discipline training. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl please email Pamela Jo at   as soon as possible. This new owner has to keep her separated from her other female and we don't want this girl to wind up in a shelter.
UPDATE - RESCUED! We learned that this Poor boy was severly neglected which is abuse. When Apache was picked up by a wonderful sanctuary he was rushed to the vet. It was discovered that his teeth were very rotten and he had an abscess. He was in a lot of pain and that's one of the reasons he was very aggressive and didn't want to be touched. Now he is like a puppydog and loves his belly rubs and affection. He is safe now and will have great love and care at Lockwood Animal Rescue in CA.
 Palmdale, CA - This gorgeous high-content wolfdog - Apache -needs a very experienced home in a sanctuary as soon as posssible. Apache is 8 years old, weighs over 100 lbs, is intact and needs to be neutered before adoption. Apache is up to date on his vaccinations. He was bought from a breeder at 3 months old but he has lived his life in his containment, not socialized at all - meaning nobody took him on walks, groomed him, spent time with him. He is very aggressive and doesn't like anyone near him or his tiny concrete kennel. His female owner is the only one who can pet, feed and handle him but he has never been walked or taken out. Apache has not really been introduced toother dogs but he loves puppies through the bars of his cell. Apache likes to rip stuff up because he is frustrated at not getting out to run and burn off energy. He can be very possessive about his food and bones. Apache has 10' wrought-iron fencing, and a small enclosure. This boy needs a very wolfdog-experienced sanctuary. Please call Pamela if you can give this boy what he needs. (775) 833-2066 [best] or email her at  ASAP PLEASE Transportation help available.
VERY Urgent! currently in boarding and owner cannot afford to to this much longer.
Update: Owner placed them both with a person nearby and they tried to escape to come home. Skoda got caught on the deer fencing and tore his side pretty bad. He is now being cared for at a boarding kennel. They need to be separated so if you are interested in one of these pups please contact Pamela Jo.
Citrus Heights, CA (near Sacramento)  -  Two beautiful Huskies/Malamutes Skoda and Teki need homes ASAP!  They have to be separated so if you are interested in either of them please contact Pamela Jo. We can send you more photos too.
4 1/2-year-old Skoda is the lighter-colored male [above] is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is very needy and likes to be with someone around all the time - we are lookingfor an adopter who is retired, works at home, etc. He can get anxious/destructive if left home alone, but he's such a very loving and affectionate boy. He may be able to be crate/kennel trained for very short periods of time but that will take patience and trust.
   I just got word that poor Skoda was placed in a temporary foster home an dhe tried to escape over deer fencing. He got caught and ripped his side open. He is now convalescing but needs a loving home with escape-proof containment and someone around to keep him company.
Adopted- Capay, CA - (near Chico) Presently in a Foster home, meet this beautiful 4 y/o White German Shepherd/mix female named Tasha. She needs a forever home with other dogs and someone who has time to give her the attention she loves. She's really great if she has other dogs for companionship and is very relaxed and well behaved. Tasha is about 70 lbs, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is submissive with other dogs and is even good with little dogs if they are friendly and not yappy or bothersome. She ignores the barn cats but is not good with chickens or any small livestock (goats, sheep, etc.). Beautiful Tasha walks nicely on leash, has good recall off leash but does not like to be left home in the house alone. She has separation anxiety and can be destructive if left indoors alone and that is why her owner had to give her up. Now in a temporary Foster home with other dogs Tasha can be left home and is great in the yard with the other dogs. Tash is in good health, shy with new people and is always submissive. She loves kids and is very good with them but we feel she should have a calm household without the chaos of children running around. Visiting grandkids she would love! She was adopted from the Humane Society at 3 months old. Unfortunately the last owner (who had her for 4 years) had a farm with goats and sheep and now that Tasha has matured she has a strong prey drive. Sadly they had to give her up. Owners gave her to a friend but now she is in foster with her mother-in-law because that friend had to work a full time job and had to leave Tasha home alone. Three homes later this sweet girl needs a permanent home! Fosters can't keep her much longer as they already have two other dogs and are not looking to adopt more. We are looking for someone who is around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.) and that has other dogs for companionship. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR HER, and we don't want to bounce her around. Tasha needs a real home once and for all! If you can give this girl a FOREVER home, please call Pamela at (775) 833-2066 [best] or email  ASAP PLEASE Transportation help may be available.
Adopted - Surprise, AZ - Chinook - This beautiful 1-year-old neutered male was found running loose in January when he was about 5 months old, and started living a pampered new life with a family, dogs and kids. He did fine until recently when he started showing dominance towards woman and the kids. He was then placed with a gentleman and his son who he did great with them until a woman was around. He may have been abused or treated harsly by a woman as he is not comfortable around most women. Unfortunately they did not work with a trainer to help him. He seems to be fine with the first Mom but with 4 children and 4 dogs she has her hands full. Chinook is fully vaccinated, neutered and chippped. He is mostly White German Shepherd/Husky and very sweet. He is now about 10 months old. He has an unusual scar around his ankle like a rope burn but has no problems with that foot. The first family has taken Chinook back because they don't want him to go to the shelter, but can't keep him much longer so he needs a home right away. Someone that is home a lot and can give Chinook some socializing, exercise and training would be great for this young pup. He has his whole life ahead of him and we don't want him to wind up in a shelter so please help us find a great home for him. Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  Time is always critical for these rescue babies as fosters can't keep them very long.
Was given away by owner - Yakima, WA -Cena Beautiful Cena is 8 years young, weighs 82lbs, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Cena is shy, reserved and has a few nice doggie friends. She is ok with small dogs but we don't usually adopt our rescues into homes with small dogs as they can be injured when playing. Cena is good with her kitty as well. She has 6 basic commands and has good recall off leash when hiking offleash in the woods. Cena is very well behaved indoors, housetrained but is left at home for 9-11 hours while owners work. We would like to get Cena into a home where someone is around more and can pay some nice attention to this sweet girl, getting her out for walks twice a day. Currently she has 5' fencing with electric wire at 4' but would probably be ok with 6' fencing and/or lean ins.  Cna has no food aggression and takes food gently. She went to Obedience School when she was 2 but is still a bit shy. She would do really well with someone that is used to shy dogs and understands their nature. She is fearful around loud noises - fireworks, guns, thunder. Owner cleans her teeth and she is in perfect health. Cena is submissive with humans and playful with their 5 grandchildren ages 5-17. She likes to ride in the car and eats a healthy diet of real food. She loves the snow! Owner will have her put down if we don't find a good home for her soon. He is willing to transport Cena to your home. Please call Pamela if you can give this sweetheart a good home. (775) 833-2066 or
Adopted! - Deming, Washington [state] - Wicket is a charming Malamute boy that was born 9/10/11. He is 6 years old and a real sweetheart. His owner recenty passed away and Wicket is being cared for by family. They already have dogs and sadly cannot keep Wicket. They will bring him to a shelter if we don't find a home right away. Wicket is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is best in a home as an only boy. He is uncomfortable around other dogs but a real lovebug with people. He is ok with cats - just ignores them. He walks well on leash and good recall off leash in the hills or woods. He prefers to be outside where it's cool but Wicket is very well behaved indoors and likes to hang with you. Wicket does not ride well in the car and will need some training with this. Family is willing to help with transportation. We would love to find a wonderful home for Wicket as he is SO sweet. He will miss his Dad but he is young and will adjust with a new family that is active outdoors. Wicket is overweight and some activity and attention is just what he needs! He could also use some brushing and good loving as he has been a bit ignored lately since the family had to pay attention to his owner. He would thrive in a cool climate as he has a heavy coat and does not like the heat. Please call Pamela if you can give this sweetheart a good home. (775) 833-2066 or
Was given away by foster. Grass Valley, CA - this beautiful young boy needs a forever home. John Snow is about 1-1/2 years old, about 70 lbs and will be neutered before or upon adoption. He has only been in a foster home for the past 2 days. John Snow loves other dogs and so far is stayed in 6' fencing with the dogs in his foster home, but at his new home he has already escaped. We had recommended lean ins or higher fencing just to be sure. He's quite lanky and can surely jump a 6' fence easily but is also a digger. He was fine with the foster's cat but we won't place him with cats unless we know for sure. John Snow does pull when walking and will need some leash training. He seems to be housetrained and has not had an accident in the house for the past two days. He is good with humans and has not shown any resource protection. He is somewhat submissive with humans and knows a few commands. He was also good with young child but again we will not place with small children.  Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or 
Owner's keeping! worked with his issues and he's a great boy now!  Westminister, CO - Blu is a pretty 2 y/o neutered male. He is microchipped and good with most other dogs. He is presently living with little dogs and he wants them to play but they don't want to (smart doggies!). He walks nicely on leash after some work by husband but has no recall off leash yet. Grandparents have taken him in because grandson does not want him anymore but Blu is too much for them. They also have 4 little dogs and an old boxer to care for. Blu is very playful and well behaved in the house with boundaries but he needs a young playmate and some real exercise out of the yard. He does not like to be crated. Poor Blu has not had a lot of attention with previous owner - left home a lot in the yard but currently he is loving his new grandparents for the past two weeks. He just can not stay. Blu is learning some commands like Sit, Speak, whisper, Shake, Give me 5, Leave it, etc. and he obeys with the little dogs, squirrels and bunnies in the yard. He's a good boy and smart - he can open gate if it has a handle. Blu has no food aggression but a little with some bigger, male dogs. He is great with his humans and loves kids but he could play rough with little ones so we like to adopt into home with adults. Blue rides well in the car. Grandparents love him but felt sorry for this boy and only took him in to give Blu a chance to have a new life with a loving family. If you are interested in adopting beautiful and sweet Blu, please email Pamela Jo at  Grandparents can't keep their granddog much longer!
Prairie, MN - handsome Denali is a 1-year-old male who needs a home by November. His owner loves him so much but has to give him up do to a divorce and moving to small apartment. She will help with transport. He's a big boy and weighs about 90 lbs, and is good with other dogs his size. He likes smaller dogs but he will sit on them, so not recommended. He sits on the cat too so cats not recommended either! Denali does well on leash walks if the handler is knowledgeable and assertive, otherwise he will pulll. He is well behaved in doors but may counter surf if not supervised and taught this is not acceptable. Denali is houstrained and not destructive but does not like it when left home alone for long periods of time, so we would like to place him in a home where someone is around alot to keep him company - i.e. retired, works at home, or can take with. This boy is very intelligent and can open gates and latches, but if he gets good, daily exercise this pup will be a calm player. We recommend 6' fencing with lean ins. Otherwise he would need 7-8 fencing as he is a wonderful jumper. Denali has never shown any food aggression and is a sweetheart. He loves people albeit a bit shy at first, then likes to rub all over them and lick their faces. This pup will make a wonderful companion to someone who is active outdoors and can give him lots of daily exercise and stimulation. Denali likes to ride in the car and has been with his owner since a puppy. He is ready now for neutering and will be before adoption. If we don't find a good home for Denali he will be brought to a shelter. So please call Pamela Jo if you are intersted in adopting this wonderful young boy.  or call (775) 833-2066. Transportation help is available to get him to you!
Adopted! Washoe VAlley, NV - Owners divorced/sold home. Lulu  is a beautiful 6-year old 75 lb. Malamute/Husky that is friendly and sweet. Beautiful blue eyes! She is good with kids, dogs, cats, everyone - a real sweetheart. Lulu is current on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped. She does not dig, rarely barks, loves her walks and very affectionate once she settles in and learns to trust you. She walks well on leash around neighborhood and good recall off leash at the lakes and hiking which
she loves. Lulu got loose at her foster home while on a walk and headed straight home - she's a bit insecure in strange places. She is good with 5' fencing (not a jumper), likes car rides. She is a bit protective of her food so should be fed separately from other dogs.
Now in a foster home we have found out that Lulu is a scared pup. Evidently she has been a backyard dog for a while now (maybe since divorce 2 years ago) and very insecure. She was introduced to foster's male Husky who is very social but a bit forward and it took a while for her to trust him. She kept hiding behind our legs and was scared of him. Soon they were romping and playing. Lulu needs a handler that is experienced and can help her become a confident and once-again social butterfly. She can be stubborn when it comes to her couch. bed or food, so a new owner will want to teach Lulu her boundaries. Foster is working on this already. She's really a sweetie, affectionate and loves to be pettted. Unfortunately she has not been brushed in a while and she will go to a groomer and vet for check up this week. It's evident she has not had much attention in a while. Contact Pamela if you can help get Lulu into a permanent home.  (775) 833-2066 or 
Klamath Falls, Oregon - Chewy is an awesome 3-yr-old boy with absolutely no faults ... he has never known anything but love and is a very well behaved boy in the house. He loves other dogs and loves to play so will only be placed where he will have a nice large-breed playmate ... he gets along equally well with males and females.  Chewy is very obedient, is leash trained, crate trained and loves to go in the car. Chewy lost his home where he had been since he was only 7 weeks old because his mom has a life-threatening illness and could no longer take care of him, especially after she went in for surgery. So Chewy had to go to a foster to await his forever new home and that is where he is now. No cats or small children please 
... kids over 10 yrs of age are fine though but must be responsible and the home disciplined. Chewy is shy upon initially meeting someone but warms up quickly. Please send an email to if interested in adopting beautiful Chewy. 


Adopted! Susanville, CA - Lulu is a very pretty Malamute/GSD girl whose owner died recently. This sweet girl is about 4-5 years old and is a real sweetheart. She does a play bow with the little dogs and wants to have some fun! Lulu needs a home right away or may wind up at a shelter. Lulu is dog friendly and people friendly and we would really love to find a foster or a permanent home soon in oreder to save her life. She is blowing her winter coat and looks a bit scraggly in this photo, but she is a real beauty in both her coats! This girl really likes people and we are hoping that someone will step up and get her out of this situatiion. Transportatiion help is available to get Lulu to her new home. If you can foster or adopt this girl please contact Jacintha
Susanville, CA - Dakota did not survive as she had cancer. She is a very sweet, sociable Malamute that needs a home right away. Her owner died recently and she may wind up at a shelter if we don't find a foster or permanent home for her very soon. We don't know a whole lot about her yet, but she is dog friendly and people friendly and a real sweetheart. Just look at that beautiful face! Transportation help is available. If you can foster or adopt this girl please contact Jacintha 
Owner never responded. May have been surrendered.  - Muncie, Indiana - Elegant Luna needs a home fast. Her owner can't keep her any longer and may have to surrender her to a shelter if a home is not found soon. Owner rescued Luna when previous owner was going to take her to a shelter. Luna is only a pup at 2-1/2 years old, is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is not good with small dogs or cats. She just needs someone that is experienced with northern breeds so she can feel calm and trust her handler. Poor Luna has been through 3 homes already and we would like to find a permanent, forever home for this sweet girl. Luna pulls a little on leash at the beginning when she is first going out, then walks nicely. She just needs a little more training in this area. She has not been trained to have recall off leash. She can jump 6' so we recommend lean ins, lattice or higher fence. She digs a little too. Luna has had some training and can Sit, Shake, and Lie Down. She has no food aggression with people but should be fed separately from other dogs. She's a little shy with new people but warms up if you are calm and patient. Luna is in good health, is submissive with humans and good with kids but we don't usually adopt rescues into a home with small children as a matter of policy. There may be some exceptions if home is quiet and disciplined. Owner has other dogs and Luna is not good living with other females, so we would like to find a home with a nice male canine companion, or she could be an only dog. Owner is willing to help with transport up to 4 hours. If you are interested in helping Luna find a good home, please contact Sue at   ( please note there is an underscore after Wolf as in SoloWolf_93  )
Adopted! Kanab, UT - Sasha was adopted into a nice home recently but they didn't give her enough time to adjust. They let her off leash on their huge property. She did great for a while but one day on a walk Sasha got too close to a street, panicked, a horse scared her, and it took a long time to win her trust to catch her. The family gave up immediately and returned this sweet girl. Now Sasha is back with her original rescuer and again needs a good home with responsible family. She is a beautiful, fluffy black Malamute/German Shepherd Dog [GSD] mix. She is mostly Malamute but acts quite  
wolfy and would be best in a home with a wolfdog-experienced handler as well as secure, escape-proof containment. Sasha is currently in foster at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary with her handler, Sherry. This 4 1/2-year-old beauty is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and weighs about 72 lbs. She was terribly matted when she came into Rescue as she was in a home that was quite neglectful in many ways. Evidently they allowed her to be around cats, much to their detriment (killed cats that jumped into her yard). Sasha is very shy and meets new people by approaching, sniffing and sometimes a lick, but she has to be given time to approach on her own time (about 10 minutes). Any quick movements or wrong body language and she will shy away. She really likes to be with people and is quite playful once she gets to know and trust you. She has no food aggression with people, but she does with dogs. She is not good with small dogs or cats AT ALL, and with bigger dogs that she does not know she is a bit fearful and reactive. She tries to ignore them but if they get too close will air snap and warn them away. Sasha sometimes likes another male dog of similar size but would be fine as an only dog. She would be best in a home with lots of love and attention.  
Someone that is retired or works at home would be great. She could probably learn to trust new dogs if she has an experienced handler and a calm, submissive dog ambassador as she is comfortable with dogs she is familiar with. Here is a cute shot of Sasha with a new friend - she's learning! Sasha does not like being alone and may to escape so escape-proof containment is required, i.e. 9-gauge chain-link, 6' fencing with lean ins and dig guard. She rides well in car and walks nicely on leash. We hope to find a great home for this sweet girl as she really deserves a good home. If you think you have the time and the right environment to give this beauty a home, please contact Sherry at     




Foster keeping! Los Angeles, CA - This is beautiful Riley. She is a 3-year-old female Malamute/mix. Her previous owner said she was spayed but there are no vet records available. She will be given shots prior to adoption. Riley is not good with small dogs or cats but has lived successfully with large dogs and young children. She has a very sweet temperament, is very calm and not bothered by much. She is not a high energy girl and would be great with someone retired that will take her on nice walks. She walks very well on a leash but does get a little car sick. Riley was rescued by Delaney’s Dog Rescue and was evaluated by Sarah Varley. Riley is now in foster care and according to Sarah “Words honestly can't explain how sweet, patient, and cuddly she is. All she wants is to be petted and loved.” Riley weighs approx. 70 lbs and may gain a bit of weight with proper diet. She looks bigger than she is because she is all floof! If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a forever home, please utilize the application found at this link: Adoption-Application.html  People may also contact Maureen Delaney at  or ( 818)602-2212. Time is of the essence and we want to get this girl into a loving home soon! Transportation help is available.

Friend helping this girl ... Coeur De'Alene, ID  - Shadow is a gorgeous 10-yr-old Husky whose owner has suddenly lost his home and must find his precious girl a home before August 15.  Shadow also has cataracts and does not have much vision other than shadows. However since it has been a relatively gradual decline she doesn't seem too bothered by it and still loves to go on her daily walks which she gets every morning. Shadow is very loving toward all people and is a very mellow, easy going girl, very calm and quiet. Other than not being able to see much, Shadow is in excellent health and would make an awesome companion who would be happy as an only dog. She likes other dogs just fine but just doesn't have much interest in them since she can't play with them, but an older male canine companion would be nice. Please contact Kim at or send a text to 541-480/1662.
Adoption! Odessa, TX - Tamaska is a 5-year-old neutered male that needs a home soon. Owners would love to keep him but they live in a small home with a small yard and have other [small] dogs. Tamaska plays too rough so they have to keep the dogs separate. Owner is not able to walk poor Tamaska due to health issues, so this baby needs a new home with someone active that likes the outdoors. Tamaska is good with other dogs and walks great on leash. He does not like small spaces or being cornered and will avoid these things. He does not like to be indoors too much and loves being outside and going for hikes. Tamaska may howl when left home alone but is not destructive, and is very good if he has a doggie companion. He is good in the yard with 6' fencing. Lean-ins are always recommended in case a dog gets frightened for some reason [4th of July, etc.] as they are able to jump 6' easily. He knows Sit, Shake and Down, has no food aggression with dogs or people. This boy is very timid, especially with strangers. He can take a while to warm up to someone, but once he does, he's a big teddy bear. He hates small spaces so getting in a car or going through a door or anything is very scary for him. Once he is in the car he is fine but even doing things like brushing him, putting on or taking off a collar, etc, can take a little time for him to understand that it's nothing scary. He's a big baby and sweet as can be. Owner has toddler and Tamaska plays a little rough, so we recommend a home without children. He needs someone who has a good amount of time to devote to him with plenty of space, lots of exercise and a lot of patience. If you can help give this beautiful boy a good home, please contact Pamela at
Adopted Big Bear, CA -  This beautiful agouti-colored 10-month-old female, Moursa, is in desperate need for a new home. She is presently in foster and is not doing well - they need to have her out of there asap. Foster has an elderly mother which Moursa is fine with, but being a pup she chewed thru her oxygen tube!! It could have been a disaster but they had a back up tube. These caring fosters rescued her from being dumped at a shelter. Moursa is spayed and good with other dogs and cats. She does not appear to have a prey drive [yet], does not stalk the little dog or cats. Her foster is finding that she plays hard - his Shepherd and Husky are tired of her constant puppy attention and now snarling at her. She jumps the 4' fence daily even with the other dogs there with her and comes back in a few hours ... but this is not acceptable and she could get hit by a car or shot. Because of her shyness Moursa is near impossible to catch - she lets you get close then bolts and plays Come Catch Me. An experienced owner will be required as she is an escape risk. Her previous owners had a 6 ft fence which she jumped daily even though she had another dog to be with, so a 6' fence (or higher) with lean ins is required). Moursa is really sweet and she walks good on a leash. She is very shy and will not allow you to touch her if you approach or walk up to her ...  
she has to come to you and get to know you in her own time. But she warms up to you quickly. This is typical of dogs that have not been properly socialized or have had some rough treatment and we just need to have the time and patience to teach them to trust. Moursa being the pup that she is can be destructive when not watched so she cannot be left home alone unattended. Secure containment will help this too. This is a typical example of people adopting dogs they don't have the time or experience for. Someone who is around a lot - retired, works at home - would be great for this girl and wolfdog experience would be a plus. Moursa must leave her current foster situation before an accident with the senior woman happens. If you are interested in adopting [or fostering] this sweet sable girl, please contact Danna at as soon as possible. An Adoption Application and a Home Visit are required. Please help this sweet pup. 
Owner keeping! things worked out ... Laveen, AZ - this handsome 10 y/o neutered male, Lopez, needs a new home. His owner is moving and traveling a lot and there is nobody to spend time with Lopez to give him the love and attention he needs. He is very lonely and owner has to find people to come feed him. Lopez weighs about 65 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations, and is good with other dogs. He is timid and submissive at first. Lopez is pretty good with little dogs and wants to play but often ignores them. Lopez is not good on leash as he is very frightened and bolts at the slightest noise, but we often find that in a quite meadow or forest [i.e. a natural environment] with no people or activity he might be just fine. Lopez is well behaved indoors unless he gets really bored (like he is now) and will pull things
off the counter to entertain himself. He is housetrained and can be left home alone for short period of time (after exercise is always best). With people Lopez is shy and will approach after he feels comfortable with that person. He is in excellent health, rides well in the car, and would love someone with a big secure yard and maybe a nice female for company. We would like to put Lopez into a home that has lots of wolfdog experience and that understands his needs and behaviors. Although he is very shy and neophobic, he is such a sweet boy once he trusts you and is very snugly and playful.  In play, he is nippy so you have to be careful or at least understand that he is playing, not biting. A sanctuary setting might also be acceptable if he gets out of his enclosure often and has lots of attention, exercise and companions to play with. If you are interested in beautiful Lopez, please contact Pamela Jo at  Transportation help is available.
Adopted - Sacramento, CA - Lovely Daisy  This very beautiful and fluffy Malamute girl is about 4 1/2 years old. She is a tall girl but just wants to be a lap dog! She is playful and submissive with other dogs, but not good with cats. She needs a bit of leash training which her Foster Dad is helping with, and is well behaved indoors. She may do a bit of counter surfing if not given her boundaries or if you are not paying attention but Foster Dad is also working on this. He is getting Daisy comfortable in a crate - she now goes there and falls asleep with the door open. Daisy can be left home alone for a few hours and is fine but she is especially good if she has a doggie door and a male canine companion. This girl can go easily over a 6' fence but previous owners added lattice at the top and she was fine with that. Daisy has no food aggression and is a bit shy but warms up to new people eventually if they are patient and gentle. Great with women, this sweetie is healthy and likes to go for hikes in the hills and loves to snuggle. Daisy is in a VERY temporary Foster home and needs a permanent home as soon as possible. She is living with 4 other dogs presently but best with one nice, large male companion. Daisy could also be an only dog with someone who is around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.). Daisy has been recently spayed and now she is ready to go to her new home! If you have northern-breed experience, are retired, work at home or can take her with you - you would be perfect for her! please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  Time is always critical for these rescue babies as fosters can't keep them very long and it's already 95 degrees where she is now. A home in the cool Sierra would be lovely for Daisy. Transportation help is available.
Sent to Majestic Kennels in MI  Newington, Connecticut -  This beautiful Native American Indian Dog, Milo, was adopted into a home with children but he played too rough so he is back at the shelter. He needs a home right away! He was already there three months before he was adopted and returned, and poor pup is getting stir crazy ... he is such a sweet boy and really needs a home of his own. Milo is only about 3-4 years old and is a real sweetheart. He loves people, is full of energy and is very friendly. Milo has separation anxiety and is the first dog they have had that breaks into the shelter to be with them instead of out. He can be destructive if left home alone indoors but with the right containment, attention and lots of nice hikes and exercise he will be much calmer and happier. His previous owner had children and he was good with them but he's best in a calm and disciplined household. He was introduced to a cat and he sniffed and walked away (but the cat didn't run either). Milo recently went to the vet and got vaccinated, neutered, and tested for heartworm. He is microchipped as well. He weighs about 85 lbs. This sweet boy just needs a home with an active owner who is around a lot - works at home, retired, or can take with. He just wants to be with you and would love a companion that can take him on long hikes. Secure fencing is required for those times you when you would have to leave him home and if you have a nice female companion he would be so happy! If you think you can give this boy a forever home, please contact Kitty at the CT. Humane Society who is helping Milo. She can be reached at or call 860-594-4500 ext. 6115. Check out this cute video of Milo... he's a real sweetie! 
Adopted! Qatar (Middle East) - Beautiful Blue is only a year old … still just a puppy … and really wants to have a home where there is snow and cooler weather than where he lives in the Middle East. We would like to get him out of this war-torn country where he can live a happy life. Blue is house trained, walks nicely on leash, is great with all people including children and loves all kinds of dogs … even lives with and loves kitties. Blue is a small Husky only around 40 lbs and was recently neutered. He is all up to date on his vaccines and is ready to fly!!! All he needs is a promised home so his travel arrangements can be made and a travel companion found. All of his expenses to get to the U.S. are covered. Please send an email to if you can give Blue a special and loving home where he can live a happy life as a Husky. Time is of the essence for Blue. He will fly into L.A. or San Francisco and be transported by car from there to his new home … please do consider helping him.
Owner keeping Nevada City, CA - Gorgeous, fluffy 4 y/o Malamute/mix Cosmo needs a new home. His owner works every day and he is very lonely. Nine-ten hours is too much for a dog to spend alone. An energetic dog like this really needs a big back yard that is escape proof and secure, OR someone around a lot that can take him on hikes daily . . .  a nice female canine companion to play with would be even better! Owner loves her boy but understands he needs more than she can give him right now. Cosmo would do well in a home that is active with daily romps and hikes in the hills. An owner that is around a lot - i.e. retired, works at home or can take with - would be wonderful for this boy so he can get lots of attention and regular training. Cosmo is only 4 years old and weighs about 48 lbs. His vaccinations are up to date but he is not microchipped or neutered. He is required to be neutered before adoption. Cosmo loves playing and being a part of dog packs and has never been aggressive towards other dogs. He has never been around small dogs, and will chase cats so no cats or small dogs please. He pulls initially when excited but also walks nicely on leash at times if handled properly. He is well behaved, housetrained and not destructive indoors but will take unattended food or counter surf. He is not an escape artist but will sneak out the door if given the opportunity. Cosmo calmly Sits and will Wait until given permission to eat his food. He has no food aggression with people or other dogs. He likes to jump up and nip playfully at your hair or hat and recently knocked down a child in his exuberance so he will not be adopted into a home with small children. He is submissive with his family but likes to dominate and claim areas when guests stay over. This boy just needs an experienced handler to show him how to trust and know his boundaries. Cosmo rides pretty well in the car but sometimes will howl or whine. He does well in his crate but sometimes he will cry or whine when left alone too long - Cosmo is very social and wants to be with you. He is not shy or fearful and loves attention and playtime. If you feel you have a great home for this beautiful boy, please contact Pamela Jo for an Adoption Application at 
Adopted! Citrus Heights, CA - Still waiting for her forever home - Sweet Ducky needs a new home as soon as possible. She is about 6 1/2 years old, spayed, current on vaccinations and microchipped. She was rescued years ago by her current owner and loves being around other dogs. She's a little hesitant at first with new dogs but warms up quickly and wants to play. She appears to be mostly German Shepherd Dog with some Husky as she has that wonderful Husky undercoat. Ducky is blowing her coat now so she looks a bit scraggly in the pics. Ducky plays nicely with her 65lb alpha female and her 120 lb. Akita boyfriend. We will not place Ducky into a home with small dogs or cats as it is unknown how she will act. She walks nicely on leash, is housetrained and owner says "absolute angel at times." Presently Ducky is left in her kennel for long hours while owner works and Ducky is not happy with this. She is perfectly happy if owner is around and doesn't leave her for long hours in a kennel. Ducky would love to have a new home where people can give her love, attention and nice walks. She does not climb, dig or try to escape especially if she is happy, and fencing at least 6' is fine for her. Ducky is a bit shy and submissive, so someone with patience and a calm and disciplined husehold would be best for Ducky. She is pretty mellow and low maintenance but loves her hikes. OK in car but prefers short rides. Ducky is used to getting a high-quality diet of real meat and is in great health! Transportation help is available. Please help this sweet girl find another wonderful home. Please contact Pamela Jo at  or call her at (775)833-2066.
Adopted! Turlock, CA - Lakota - is a stunning 8-y/o Malamute/GSD that needs a new home. Her owners have young children and a new one on the way. They just don't have the time for this beautiful girl and she needs daily exercise and attention - like they all do! This is the reason many of these dogs are given up - they are just not getting the exercise or attention a northern breed needs. Lakota is being kept outside on a runner for years now and that can be very frustrating for her. Lakota is about 60-70 lbs, is up to date on her vaccinations and is spayed. She gets along with most dogs and her best friend is a Chihuahua. Lakota has a lot of energy but is calm and mellow after she runs or plays with her little friends. She is very friendly with most people and loves attention. Lakota pulls a bit on leash since she is not getting the exercise or training she needs, but this is an easy fix. She's been living outdoors since she was two years old and we think she would like to come in and be a part of a family once again. She does not have separation anxiety in her yard but would be best with someone around a lot that works at home or retired until she settles in. We don't like to place these babies into homes where owners go off to work and are gone for 8-9 hours. It's just not fair to the dogs. Lakota can be destructive in the house if not supervised but we think that is a lot of frustration on her part not getting any exercise. She would need 6' fencing with lean ins - or higher fencing without lean ins. This girl really needs a family that can give her the loves and affection she craves as she likes to be the center of attention. She is very friendly, has a good nature and very beautiful coloring. She looks a bit scruffy in the photo on the left as she is blowing her coat. Transportation help is available. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in giving Lakota a forever home. (775) 833-2066 or 
Omaha, Nebraska - beautiful 18-week-old puppy Timber needed a new home. Owner surrender, Timber looks to be Malamute/GSD. Top photo is Timber at 13 weeks of age, bottom photo is when he was 17 weeks old - just before he went to his new home. Timber was very nervous at the shelter and was not doing well. Timber had a rough start with kids and people that were not experienced with the shy nature of northern-breed pups. He was a bit anxious with the children because they were not calm and scared him so he started biting and snapping with those little needle teeth and trying to hide. Northern breeds should not be adopted into homes with children, small dogs or cats but instead a calm and disciplined household is essential. Timber was also shy with men - may have been disciplined harshly when he nipped at the children. He was nervous, frightened, chewed everything and got stressed out easily. According to the owner Timber is frightened of loud voices, yelling, men, strangers, car rides, sudden movements, streets, kennels ... (why not? this is scary stuff!).
After many hoops to jump through and the Humane Society making it very difficult for us to pull  him (since they had him listed as a "wolfdog," we have placed Timber in a wonderful home where someone is around a lot [retired] so he can be gently socialized and learn to trust again. He now has two other dogs as ambassadors and he is already very happy, calm and well behaved.   
 Rescued! - currently in Wisconsin Animal Control shelter - beautiful 1-year-old male wolfdog. County Animal Control picked him up as a stray and he needs to be placed ASAP. Very young, very shy but is sweet and I believe he would come around quickly with the right placement. Someone experienced, lots of time and has proper containment would be great to give this boy a new chance to live in a loving home. ACO can not hold him for over a few days. He will be

vet checked, quills removed and current on rabies, but he is still intact and would need to be neutered at a later date by Rescue if someone commits to adoption and we can get him out. There is help with transport. This boy will spend some time in Rescue to be evaluated but hopefully he will soon be up for adoption. Please contact Jayne at thegreywolf@tds.nett  

May have been PTS - unavailable now West Portsmouth, OH - WE don't know if she was adopted or PTS. This pretty Husky/Malamute girl was friendly, good with dogs and needed a foster or permanent home right away! She is at a shelter and will be euthanized on Tuesday.  
Owner keeping Chalfant Valley, CA (near Bishop) - this pretty 6-year-old spayed female needs a new home. Luka is a little shy around strangers but warms up quickly if you give her time to get to know you. She loves to go to the dog park and likes being indoors with you most of the time. She does best if she has a canine companion or someone around a lot (retired, works at home, or can take with). Luka loves to go on hikes and is well behaved, but does a little counter surfing if not given boundaries. Luka can be with a cat be we like to adopt to those without cats or small children whenever possible. Luka likes a calm environment and does not like it when children play rough with her or yell and run around. She cannot be around chickens or small livstock like goats, but has done ok with horses so far. Luka is up to date on vaccinations but is a bit on the thin side. She eats Acana kibble now but would do really well with some real meat too. Owner is having to move and cannot take her. Luka may wind up at a sheler if we don't find her a home quickly. If you are interested in fostering or adopting beautiful and sweet Luka, please call or email Pamela Jo by calling her at (775) 833-2066 or email her at
All adopted! Southern CA, Los Angelesarea - Sweet Puppies!  These pups are about 9 weeks old. Potential adopters should have proper fencing and be around a lot to give them the love and training they need to mature into sweet and well-balanced dogs. We seek people that work at home, retired or can take with. If you can give a puppy a good home please contact Kim at  Transportation help is available
Adopted! SHONEE - This pretty Husky/White German Shepherd is in a very temporary foster home with a personal trainer and now she has to leave! We had a good home for her lined up but they adopted a young pup instead. Unfortunaely the older dogs don't get many chances at a new home even though Shonee is very frisky, playful and thinks she is a pup! Shonee needs a permanent home right away. We would love to place Shonee into a home in the cool Sierra and transportation help is available to get her here, but a good home is our priority anywhere from Colorado west. Her elderly owner died suddenly and family can't take her. Shonee is a real sweetheart and loves people - she is good with babies and calm kids, but ignores rambunctious and noisy children. Shonee will be placed into a home with no cats. She is presently meeting small dogs at the dog park with no issues. Shonee weighs about 72 lbs and is about 8 years young - she thinks she is a puppy and loves to play! She is spayed and current on all shots as well as microchipped. It would be nice if she had a friendly [medium or large] male canine companion but she would be absolutely fine as an only dog too, loving all that attention. This energetic and well-behaved dog needs daily exercise - a home with someone that hikes or walks daily would be great for her ... but she also loves to just hang around with you in the house and get snuggles. Shonee knows Sit, Down and Stay and was just groomed. Look at her ... she looks beautiful! She even posed for this photo! She is fine in her yard with 6' fencing, and presently getting some professional training and trips to the dog park. Shonee is not shy and loves people, loves to ride in the car, and has never been ill treated. She eats a quality diet with meat and supplements and is in good health. Her Foster Dad can't keep her any longer. He gave her a chance to find a nice family that will love and care for this sweet girl while giving some basic training and socializing, but now she has to go. She gave him kisses the first time she met him and she will be a great dog for somebody that deserves her love and loyalty.  Transportation help is available. Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  ASAP.  Check out this cute video of Shonee!!!
Rescuer keeping her! Redmond, Oregon - Hi, my name is Nikita. I am a 9-10 year old female husky, on the small sid. I weigh maybe 35 pounds. I have a sad story to tell - I had a lifelong bonded mate. We were both dumped at a high-kill California shelter. He was adopted, but I was left behind. I was out of time until Friends of Danali Sanctuary in Bend, OR rescued me! I love people, and live with 8 other rescued senior dogs. It takes me a little time to warm up to other dogs, but if you give me a chance, I am OK with both male and female dogs if they are calm and older. Like most huskies, I am not good with cats. I love going for walks and am learning good leash manners. Sadly I lived outside my whole life, but I love being inside with people so I am working hard on becoming housetrained. I'm almost there! I am spayed, current on all shots, and was given a clean bill of health. I do appreciate a supplement for my old bones, but nothing fancy. Although I am glad to be at the Sanctuary with the other seniors, I would love a home of my own for my later years with a soft bed to sleep on and someone to cozy up with. Would you consider giving me a forever home? Thank woo!!   
Please contact Kim at or call/text 541-480-1662 
Foster keeping! Klamath Falls, Oregon - This gorgeous 2 1/2-year-old Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute Koda is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is very loving to people - both women an men - and is great with kids. 
Koda is a fun-loving playful boy who loves dogs. He is respectful with cats as long as they are inside the house but since he has a high prey drive outdoors would probably be best not to be placed where there are cats or any small animals - especially no chickens!! Koda must have a minimum of a 6-foot fence to keep him safely enclosed. He will run if off leash and doesn't have great recall so must always be on a long leash when outside his yard until he gets more training. Koda was rescued from a life on a chain and a very neglectful situation. Since being rescued, Koda's foster mom has been working with him a lot ... when she first got him he was not housetrained but is awesome in the house now and walks on leash nicely. True to northern breeds Koda needs a lot of exercise as well as continued training to make up for the neglect he endured for his whole young life. Koda loves being with a family and is hoping that his special home will come for him soon. He is also hoping it might be in a place where there is snow! Transportaion help is available. Please contact Kim at for an application ormcall 541-480-1662 for an Adoption Application and more info about Koda.
Adopted!  Heber, UT - Tikaani is a gorgeous Malamute/mix girl who is just about 1 yr old ... she is spayed, up to date on all of her vaccines and weighs approximately 60 lbs. She is a very special girl who is well socialized and loves everyone ... she also plays well with other dogs. She is still needing some work on her training but walks nicely on a leash. Her family just doesn't have the time she needs to be happy and want her life to be fulfilled and joyful. Because they love Tikaani so much and want a better life for her than they have time to provide, they made a very hard decision to rehome her. They would love for her to be adopted by someone who is very active and outdoorsy who will take her hiking and on many outdoor adventures. Tika's beautiful house - which she loves - also comes with her if her new family would like to have it. Please contact me for more information & an Adoption Application at or text 541-480-1662.
Adopted - Denver, CO - This sweet 2 y/o spayed female Aiko needs a home as soon as possible. She is Husky/Malamute and sweet as can be. Aiko weighs about 50 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, rabies, etc. Aiko is good with dogs about the same size but can be a little forward during initial meeting. She is not good with small dogs so best in a home with another large, male canine companion. No cats. She walks well on leash and is currently being walked by some elderly volunteers. She has no recall off leash so needs training in that area. Aiko is crate trained for when you have to leave her home alone for short periods of time or she will chew - typical pup! We recommend 6' fencing with lean ins (or higher fence). Aiko knows a few commands like Sit and Down, has no food aggression with people but should be fed separately from other dogs. She is a bit shy when first meeting new people but warms up fast and is super sweet. She just needs someone calm and patient but who can give her boundaries and some training. Aiko is a bit underweight - most likely because she was not getting fed properly in her previous home. Aiko does best on a real-meat diet with supplements, much like most northern breeds. She is quite submissive with children and adults alike. This sweetheart needs to be out by April 15. 
ADOPTED - Carson City, NV - Valkyrie is a very beautiful Malamute girl, about 4 1/2 years old, weighs 115 lbs and she needs a home TODAY. Her owner just contacted us saying their home was sold and their 30 days to move out are already up. They may have to bring their sweetheart to a shelter as their new home does not allow dogs. This is a typical scenario when people who do not own their homes acquire large, northern-breed dogs, since many landlords do not allow large dogs to their tenants. Valkyrie is a big girl but just wants to be a lap dog! She is playful and submissive with other dogs, but not good with cats. She needs a bit of leash training, and is well behaved indoors for the most part as long as someone is around. She may do a bit of counter surfing if not given her boundaries. Valkyrie can be left home alone but may shred some napkins or toilet paper a bit if left too long, but she is especially good if she has a doggie door and another canine companion. This girl can go easily over a 6' fence but owners added 2' lattice at the top and she was good with that. Valkyrie has no food aggression and is a bit shy, but warms up to new people eventually if they are patient. Likes women better, this sweetie is healthy and likes to go for hikes in the hills and is a great snuggler. We need a Foster home for Valkyrie right away, or permanent placement. Please help this girl to prevent her from going to a shelter. Someone who is around a lot or can take her with would be great for her, so Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or !
Owner keeping! Sacramento, CA - Beautiful Malamute/Husky girl - Dallas is only 3 years old. and her owner is now working with a trainer and will keep her! She is spayed, weighs about 60 lbs, is current on shots, and is microchipped. This beautiful girl is good with other big dogs but is uncertain about smaller dogs. In a dog park she seems to be fine with all the dogs, big and small. But Dallas has a bad habit of escaping and does not do well with some smaller dogs on the street or when she is on leash. She is friendly with cats but gets in their faces, so we will not adopt Dallas into a home with small dogs or cats. She pulls on leash and needs some training there, and does not have good recall off leash. She is well behaved indoors but needs supervision as she likes to chew. She is housetrained but not crate trained. She does not like to be left alone and has separation anxiety - she will chew through fences, climb fences and do whatever to get out. So Dallas needs a real escape-proof containment - 7-8' chain link would be best, with dig guard. She is a gorgeous dog and has no food aggression with either people or dogs. She loves people, and affectionate with children. Dallas also likes to ride in the car. Dallas needs lot of exercise to keep her calm and happy, and someone that is around a lot (works at home, retired, or can take with). She needs a home immediately or will be confiscated by Animal Control and will be euthanized since she keeps escaping. Owners will help with transport up to about 5-6 hours.
contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or   
Adopted! - Presently in OR, Precious 8 yr old Regina is a Husky/mix girl who is losing her home. She is in excellent health and is playful and loving. She is most adoptable! Regina is good with all people except small children who make her nervous (and she just avoids them) ... older kids however, would be ok. She has lived in a household with 5 dogs ... male and female and has been good with all of them. Regina would make an excellent companion for someone looking for a mellow sweet dog to enjoy life with, and at the same time she is playful and loves her hikes. Regina is the sweet looking dog in the photo here looking into the camera with that big smile ... please consider her ... she is going to be so sad to have to leave her home and will need someone with lots of love to help her feel wanted and loved ... she needs a good home right away and nobody has even inquired on her. The older dogs are the most difficult to place yet they are the easiest and have many fun years left. Please contact Kim at or call/text 541-480-1662  
Malibu, CA - Loki is safe! - We were looking for temporary foster for this beautiful boy Loki. His Mom is moving and she needs 2 months to get settled in their new home. She is willing to pay for his food and any medical needs that may arise. Loki was one of our rescues years ago and was adopted by his foster Mom who fell in love quickly and decided to keep him. Loki is about 4 years old, 100 lbs., up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. He is good with all other dogs big and small, and may be ok with cats. He is scared of most things and does not seem to have a prey drive. Loki walks nicely on leash and is well mannered indoors, but he can't be left alone unsupervised. He has a kennel for short stays when you are out. He does have one favorite thing to chew on - leather. So keep your leather shoes, purses, belts, etc. out of reach. He digs for fun but not for escaping so 6' fencing will be fine. He Sits, takes food gently and has no food aggression with people or dogs. He's still shy and timid and is very submissive with all humans no matter what age. Loki rides well in the car and will warm up and be friendly quite quickly, especially if you are a calm and patient dog lover. He would also like some doggie companions while he waits to go back to his Mom. If you can foster Loki, please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or for an application and to arrange a Home Vist.
Adopted! -  This beautiful, young Husky/mix Isabella is lovable and sweet and well behaved. Isabella is about 11 months old and is recently spayed. She is currently being boarded in a kennel and we would like to get her into a permanent, loving home. She does like to be the only dog and get all your love an dattention. Isabella loves children and small dogs. She Sits when she wants something and is completely housetrained using a doggie door. She was fine when left alone in the house as long as she has some exercise beforehand. Isabella is not destructive to furniture and happily chews on a bone to keep herself occupied. She does very well in the car and also fetches! She is fine with most men and all women. She seems very attracted to play with bully breeds and smaller dogs and is more hesitant with dogs her size or larger. Isabella is a sweet, loving, very smart girl that is more of a "people" dog and is happiest when she is with you. This is a stellar girl who - like most most of our rescues - needs a bit of training, love and attention and would be best with someone with Husky experience. She is fine with visiting dogs or meeting dogs on walks. Isabella is in good health, has pretty good recall in her yard and would love someone who is around a lot (works at home or retired). Most northern breeds should always have secure containment - 6' fencing and lean-ins are recommended - but Isabella has not challenged the 6' fencing so far. She seems content to hang out with her family but like most Huskies will bolt out the door/gate if given the opportunity and that just needs a bit more training. If you think you have a great home for this pretty girl, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 for an Adoption Application. Transportation help is available and we woud love to see her live in the cool Sierra so she can play in the woods and lakes but she would also be fine in a city environment.  Time is of the essence as she needs to move out of the boarding kennel and into her own loving home. 
OWNER KEEPING!- Ventura, CA - Scarlet the beautiful! She is 7 years old, in good health, spayed, up do date on all vaccinations and weighs about 100 lbs. This sweetheart is good with all dogs and cats but a bit shy with people until she gets to know them - she likes to sit and observe them first. She pulls a bit on leash and needs some more training in this area, but will sit calmly when you stop. Scarlet is housetrained and very well behaved indoors. She will whimper when left alone but not destructive. Like most of her breed she is capable of jumping/climbing and digging if she is fearful or motivated, so we recommend a minimum of 6' fencing. Scarlet loves to ride in the car with you and is submissive with people and children. She is a very intelligent girl and just wants to be by your side. She would love a home with someone around a lot - retired, works at home, or can take with. She is distressed right now because she recently lost her long-time mate to old age and would love another companion to keep her company. Transportation help is available.  Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in giving this sweetheart a good home. (775) 833-2066 or    
Adopted! Santa Cruz, CA - Ryah    This pretty girl is is only 11 months old, weighs about 56 lbs and is a sweetheart. She kept escaping and owner threatened to have her euthanized so we now have her in foster care. She will be spayed before adoption but her vaccinations are up to date [not microchipped]. She is German Shepherd/Husky mix (possibly low-content wolfdog) and is good with other big dogs (she's submissive). Ryah has never been around small dogs but is good with puppies and her new pack of many dogs at her foster home. She has never lived with cats and will not be adopted into a home with cats or small children. Ryah walks surprisingly well on leash (has had leash training with a certified trainer). She will sit/lie when off leash for treats. Has not been good at coming when called so need more training in this area with recall and needs to be kept on leash/harness. Ryah is well-behaved indoors when with people. Sometimes chews when left alone (typical puppy). Not crate trained. Not food aggressive with dogs or people and is very sweet, playful and shy. She turned 10 months old this month (1/17) and has all the playfulness and cuteness you would expect. When foster dad got Ryah she I was extremely shy, scared, and afraid of men but now she has made a total transformation into a loving, sweet, confident and happy girl. With the help of foster dad's pack, Ryah has learned to go outside and inside upon command, play with balls and toys, and potty outside. She is great with a wide variety of other dogs and is more submissive than dominant - and she loves her treats! Ryah's other favorite things are to howl - often and for any reason - to sleep on a bed cuddled against your legs, and to wake you up with arm and face licks. She is good with older kids and would much prefer to have one or more doggie friends to play with in your home. She has been leash trained with a harness and likes to go on hikes. In a new home Ryah would need to be watched for some time while outside (previously was an escape artist) at least until she is comfortable and secure in her new surroundings. 6' fencing with dig guard is required as Ryah is a digger if she is intent on getting out. So far in her foster home she has not attempted to escape - she is happy! Before adoption Ryah will be spayed and completely vetted. Ryah had some rough treatment in her previous home but if you treat her gently and with love she will happily bond to you and be a loving forever companion. Ryah rides well in cars. Her foster care is temporary and she really needs a home of her own. Transport help available. Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or    
Adopted- Reno, NV - Sansa is a beautiful Malamut/mix female. She is almost 2 years old and needs a new home. Sansa is about 50 lbs, is spayed, and up to date on vaccinations. She may be a very low-content wolfdog. She LOVES other dogs and is more prone to being with doggies than with humans. The only tims she gets upset is if the other dogs leave without her. Sansa is very submissive and shy. She needs to learn to trust humans more and so we are looking for a patient and experienced adopter that has lots of time to spend with her. Sansa is terrifed of men and will avoide at all costs. She is very well behaved indoors, and can be left outdoors alone with other dogs if she has a secure yard. She seems to be ok in 6' fencing so far, but is a digger and will dig out to be with her doggie friends. Since she presently lives in a rural area, Sansa will follow her owner on her horses off leash, but will not come to be leashed up again. She will follow her into their yard though. Sansa does not like to walk on leash and unfortunately the owner did not start early training with this. Sansa will stop and lie down and refuse to move, then walk a little, and repeat process. She loves to ride in the car but will walk up to  
the car and lie down. She then has to be picked up and placed in the car. We would like her to learn to get in the car herself without the aid of a human, so someone who understands her needs would be wonderful for Sansa. Sansa is housetrained and crate trained for short periods of time. We do not advocate leaving dogs in crates for more than 2 hours, especially large-breed dogs. Sansa was obtained from yet another disreputable breeder, High Desert Wolves. Owners describe: We went there and immediately felt terrible for the 100s of dogs/hybrids there. They were all stuck in 10x10 cages with 5-6 dogs per cage! They all had little to no human contact as there were two elderly individuals caring for these dogs with no employees to help. Sansa seemed friendly but the moment we went into her cage she quickly ran and hid from us. It took us over 20 minutes to try and get her out of her hiding spot. Little did we understand at the time that she had no human contact before us and she had never been out of that cage. This is typical of breeders who sell for profit and don't care for the welfare of the animals they sell. They do not do applications nor Home Checks to make sure the dogs are in the right hands. The dogs are in terrible condition both emotionally and physically and people wonder why "wolfdogs" are so neurotic and special needs. If you are interested in adopting this sweet Sansa, please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066    
 Vancouver WA - Hunter is a gorgeous, White German Shepherd/Malamute who is STILL looking for a home. A kind couple rescued him after he was captured from running loose on the streets but can't keep him much longer. They feel that Hunter would be PTS at a shelter so we need to find this boy a home ASAP. Hunter is estimated to be about 5 years old, is neutered and weighs about 100 lbs. He has had his Rabies vaccination but is not microchipped. He has not really been around other dogs while living at his foster home, but he seems eager to meet and greet passing dogs and shows no signs of aggression. He is pretty good on leash now but no recall off leash. Hunter is housetrained and well behaved indoors, but when he is left home he feels more comfortable in his dog run (on concrete with top). He seems to be good with 6' fencing as long as he is secure and happy. Hunter knows Paws to wipe his feet, Sit for dinner, Stay, Bed Time, Walk, etc. He is extremely gentle when fed by hand but gets protective when his dish is taken away. Hunter is very cautious and seems to like men more than women, as he tries to be dominant with women that are not assertive. We would not adopt Hunter with small dogs or children but he has never shown any aggression toward them. He does not do well in vehicles and will chew if he becomes anxious, so some training in this area as well is needed. He is very lonely and would love a large, canine companion and someone that is around alot to help him learn some new tricks. Fosters live near congested intersection and are worried for his safety should he get loose. They only have a few more weeks to keep him. WE would like to see Hunter in a permanent home, rather than be bounced around in Foster Homes. A home with someone around a lot (retired, works at home, etc) and active outdoors would be great for this beautiful boy. Please call Pamela (775) 833-2066 or  An Adoption Application and Home Visit are required. Transportation help is available for the west-coast states.
Adopted - Red Bluff, CA - Ths gorgous Husky/Malamute boy Kazan was picked up as a stray. He is about 3 years old, very thin, and needs a real home. He is currently in a shelter and is not doing very well with all the barking and chaos. He only weighs about 50 lbs so needs some fattening up with lotsa love and good food. He has had his vaccinations and will be neutered before adoption. Kazan is fabulous with other big dogs, loves to play, even in large groups or around other intact animals. He has a few good friends already. He is fine with smaller dogs too but normally we do not adopt into homes with little dogs or cats. This would have to be discussed. When Kazanwas introduced to cats in the shelter he was timid, and when the cat swatted him he was fearful and attempted to leave the area. He is nervous in the shelter and tries to bolt when overwhelmed with all the noise and commotion, but once he knows you and calms down he is great on the leash. He has good recall even when in play groups. He is well behaved indoors and is probably housetrained (or needs some reminders). He has not challenged the 6' chain-link fencing even when unattended but we encourage adopters to put lean ins on their fencing or reinforce somehow to prevent future escape. He doesn't seem to have any training but he responds well and likes to please. Kazan is very gentle with treats, but is a bit protective of his food when in his kennel and dogs approach his fencing. This boy is so shy and sweet he would be great in a home with someone kind, patient and time to spend with him .  . . a nice large female to play with would be a plus. The shelter is full so time is always of the essence at shelters. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested. (775) 833-2066 or 
Owner keeping! Beaverton, Oregon - Atlas is an awesome big Malamute/Shepherd mix who will be 3 yrs old Oct. 8. He has beautiful coloring, is neutered, chipped and up to date on his vaccines. Atlas does well with other large-breed dogs but prefers females. He knows many basic commands as well as the hand signals that go along with those commands and has good recall unless there is something better to do (typical of the breed), so still needs work on that. Atlas is awesome on leash and walks on a loose leash with no pulling ... he also stops and sits at corners before crossing streets. Atlas will not be placed where there are children (he is afraid of them and shys away from noisy environments) nor where there are cats. He is a good natured and sweet dog who is very sensitive and intelligent with no aggressive tendencies. We are looking for someone very active for Atlas's new mom or dad. He has grown up in the climbing community going on lots of rock-climbing adventures. He is very much loved by his mom but she works and travels too much to give him the life she feels he wants and needs. If you are looking for a wonderful big dog to enjoy many outdoor adventures with, please contact Kim at and she'll send you an adoption application. You can also call or text her at 541-480-1662. Let's find this pretty boy a great home!
Family keeping - Vista, CA - Mika is a beautiful young girl that will turn 1 year old nex month. She was spayed on 4/8/16 and such a sweetheart! She is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and weighs about 50 lbs. - she will fill out and weigh more as she matures. Mika is submissive with people and dogs, and always wants to play - typical pup. She's a friendly and playful girl and needs someone that can give her daily exercise as well as have an escape-proof yard. Mika should have at least a 6' fence with overhang [lean ins], or 7' fencing. Her new enclosure should have dig guard as Mika likes to dig out and roam the neighborhood. She is good with other dogs, but we don't usually adopt our rescues to homes with small children, small dogs or cats. Mika needs some leash training as she pulls a bit, and does not have good recall off leash yet. But she's young, smart and has lots of potential. She does have separation anxiety and wants to be arund you, so needs an owner that is around a lot (works at home, retired, or can take with). Mika is housetrained and well behaved indoors but cannot be left home alone indoors as she can be destructive. She loves to be outdoors. An owner that is active and normally takes hikes and long walks would be great for this pretty girl. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Mika sleeps in her crate at night and does well with car rides. She's a real darling - a young pup - and has lots of energy and love to give. A kind woman has donated some food for Mika, so her owner is trying to keep her until we find Mika a great and forever home. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066    See more at
  Monroe, WA - Young 8-month-old Lobo can no longer be cared for by his present family. They bough him as a cute little puppy but when he grew up to be a big 75 lbs he was too much for the Mom or children to walk. So they are giving him up. Sadly this is a story we hear very often. People don't understand that the large northern-breed dogs need experienced and knowledgeable handlers and often one-on-one +R training. Lobo is a beautiful Malamute but was bought as a low-content wolfdog; he is up to date on vaccinations and intact. He will be neutered before adoption. He is very good with children having grown up with them, but having no leash training he lives most of his days on a chain attached to the family’s deck. He is an exuberant, energetic young pup, likes to jump up and play, very loving and needs a home where he can be active and interact with other large canines. People friendly, dog friendly (no cats please), housetrained, Lobo was born in April, 2016. He has never been destructive. Lobo should have a secure fenced yard, 6' minimum. A home with someone around a lot (retired, works at home, etc) and active outdoors would be great for this beautiful boy. An Adoption Application and Home Visit are required for all our rescues. Transportation help is available for the west-coast states. please contact Kim at and she'll send you an adoption application. You can also call or text her at 541-480-1662. Let's find this pretty boy a great home!