Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

Successful Adoptions 2016

  These animals have been placed
by LTWR and our networking partners. They are now in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts!  
El Dorado Hills, CA - Adopted! Owners want this beautiful boy out NOW or the dog may fall into the wrong hands. Gorgeous purebred Malamute boy, Apollo, is about 5 years old, weighs 110 lbs, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is not good with other dogs and needs some training in this area to teach him it's ok to trust other dogs. Apollo is a really sweet boy and walks nicely on leash until he sees another dog, so an experienced handler is recommended until he learns how to behave. Apollo is housetrained and is very good indoors and the poor guy is presently living on a 5' x 10' condo balcony all day. He just needs some real exercise like going on hikes daily. He is crate trained and rides well in the car. Apollo has no history of abuse or neglect, just has not had an experienced home with the right training. Owners can no longer keep him and want him out right away. They are willing to help with transportation within 100 miles but if they cannot find a good home for him ASAP he may be surrendered to a shelter. He will not have such good luck in a shelter since he needs socialization with other dogs and these dogs are often euthanized. Please help this sweet boy Apollo. Contact Pamela Jo if you can help with a Foster home to get him to safety fast, or if you want to adopt him. Six-foot fencing/secure containment is required and someone that is around a lot to spend some quality time with him. An Adoption Application and Home Check will be required as with all our rescues. Call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  Please, time is of the essence!
Adopted!  Grass Valley, CA - Zella  recently tore her ACL just before she was transported to her new home. She needs hundreds of dollars of treatments as we are going to go the holistic route, no surgery. Zella weighs in at 115 lbs - grossly overweight for her size - and her new owner is committed to helping her heal. She is currently on a diet to lose weight gradually. We have bought her a Help 'em Up Harness, a ramp, and some supplements. We've paid for some of her vet care and she will need continued chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. We are trying to raise funds to help her continue with these remedies and have been successful in the past with a holistic approach. Zella is a beautiful 5-y/o spayed female Native American Indian Dog (NAID). Zella has been through 3 homes so far and this is her fourth. We are hoping it's her forever home! Zella is good with all other dogs big and small, and now has a sweet White Shepherd/mix boy and a small Shitzu to keep her company while she heals. Please help us with a donation for Zella. Just click here!  Donations  And Thank you so much! Pamela Jo
Lincoln, Nebraska - This pup, LovBear, is only 3 years old and has been in the shelter since September! He needs a home badly. He is mostly German Shepherd/Malamute but was surrendered by his owner as a wolfdog. Wolfdogs are illegal in this county and he cannot be adopted directly to the public, only through a Rescue. LovBear spooks easily in this shelter environment but accepts attention once he feels comfortable with you. He had a temperament test and did very well, non aggressive, a bit aloof. He gets silly and playful when reacting to someone wanting to play with him so we feel he will adjust once he finds his own family. This boy really needs a home with someone that is experienced with northen breeds, and can spend some time with him teaching him to trust again. A female canine companion may be good for him too if she is friendly and submissive. We would like to get this boy out of the shelter, so please contact Pamela Jo if you have the proper secure containment, lifestyle and time for this sweet boy. 
For Sanctuary only - Central WI - this beautiful boy, Yuri, was almost euthanized at a shelter, but luckily ws pulled by wolfdog Rescue. He will be neutered soon, and after some behavioral assessment they have established that he is not pet quality and is better suited for sanctuary environment. Yuri is 5 1/2 years old and had lived with his owner since 10 weeks old. She loves him dearly and it was hard to part with him but she did not socialize him properly - a situation which often occurs when inexperienced people buy wolfdogs. Yuri is stranger shy - likes women better than men. He is housetrained and lives either in the house or out on a cable run. Owner lost her home and moved where having him is an issue. He is a resource guarder and will need some training in this area. Yuri will probably be around the 120-lb. mark, and now has a pretty female fence companion to keep him company while he rehabilitates and gets ready for a new, loving home. He would make a great companion for someone with a large female, and probably with a female owner. Yuri is not a man's dog. Secure, escape-proof containment (7'-8' with dig guard) is required, and with someone that can give this boy some quality time to help him adjust to a new life. Available to Wolfdog-xperienced adopter or sanctuary only for now. Contact Jayne for more information on this beautiful and sweet boy at
Rescued! Maggie has gone to Wolf Connection Sanctuary in CA ...
Oceanside, CA - High-content female wolfdog, Maggi, is both beautiful and charming, but needs a special home. She will only be adopted to wolfdog-experienced home with wolf escape-proof enclosure - i.e. 8' fencing. Dig guard is also required. Maggie's family is in the military and they must relocate overseas. She is beautiful and quite social, very comfortable with humans, and would do best with another canine companion. Maggie is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and in good health. She is shy and nervous upon first meeting someone. She is good with some dogs and with others she is standoffish. If the dog does not respect her space she can snarl or nip to warn. Maggie is good around kids but we prefer to adopt her into a calm and disciplined environment. She is well behaved indoors and gentle when taking treats. She knows Sit, Down, and Gentle. Currently she is contained with 8' cattle pannel with dig guard around perimeter. If you are a qualified adopter, please contact Lexi at for an adoption application. A Home Check will be required.
Adopted! - Southern Oregon - Gorgeous 5-yr-old Milo is losing his home and must have a new one soon. He is much loved by his mom but she had to move from her rental home and can only have 2 of her 5 dogs in her new home. Milo is a 98 lb. purebred German Shepherd who is good with all people including kids, other dogs, even chickens and ducks!! He is a beautiful boy who is also house trained and would love to have a home where he has a fur friend to play with, and active people who will take him places. Please contact Kim at or call/text 541-480-1662  
Adopted - Winnemucc, NV - Apache is a gorgeous boy of about 2 years old. He is what we call a NoLow - i.e. either a low-content wolf dog or no wolf genetics at all. His family is no longer able to keep him and he has been surrendered to the shelter in Winnemucca, Nevada. He will be neutered and brought up to date on shots before adopted. Apache is a social boy who is very good with people. He  loves to talk and vocalize. He walks well on a leash and is easily handled. He gets along well with other dogs and previously lived with an intact male, Great Pyrenees and a female Bull Terrier. His previous home had invisible fencing and he was able to escape whenever the batteries were low so it's best that he a solid fence at least 6' tall. He has been around horses and is good with them and has lived primarily outside but he is housetrained. Most northern breeds are not good with small animals so he will not be adopted in to a home with cats or small dogs. He is approximately 75-80lbs. and is in very good health. This boy is a sweetheart and very adoptable to a home with northern-breed experience. Transport help may be available. The contact for Apache is Kerry at the Winnemucca City Shelter. 
Transferred to Howling Woods Rescue in NJ  LOKI and LUPIN - are still looking for a new home!
I'm Jana, and my small WD rescue "The Lupine Canine", is in Lake Tahoe, CA. There was a nearby backyard breeder, Sandra Cannon, that produced 3 large litters of low-content malamute mixes about 6-9 years ago. I rescued and kept one and had him until he passed last year. Sandra recently contacted me because she has buyers that want to return the 2 male littermates they purchased 6.5 years ago. The owners live in South Carolina on a military base. The husband is on deployment most of the time. They also now have a 2-year-old toddler that was allowed to crawl and pull on the dogs and was (you guessed it!) nipped by the shorter-haired male, Loki. He now nips at her whenever she approaches as he is fearful she will hurt him again. There has been no aggression from the brother, long-haired Lupin. They are both very beautiful and sweet. The house is very small and the owner is apparently not very adept at keeping the dogs and the little girl apart. Owner is also not athletic and so the dogs are not getting any exercise. A bad combination!The backyard and fence cannot be modified, and the boys are now escaping regularly. They will soon wind up at a shelter and most likely PTS. Owner requires they be placed together. I have a feeling she will euthanize them otherwise. Apparently, the brothers have never been apart and have severe separation anxiety from each other. I want to get them out of the home ASAP. Sandra [breeder] cannot take them back as she is battling lung cancer. They are house pets, and have been very well loved. The male I had from this same litter was a total mushball of love. Please contact Jana at  They are presently at Howling Woods Sanctuary and are up for adoption.
Adopted! - This sweet Belgian Malinois boy, Dune, has found a new home and we are trying to get him there. Dune is only 9 months old and may not be a purebred but he is very beautiful and eager to please. He weighs about 60 lbs. Dune is good with all other big dogs, but plays rough so will not be adopted into a home with small dogs or cats. He gets excited to go out and pulls on leash so needs lots of daily exercise to tire him out and some training there as well. He is housetrained but is terrified in a kennel and will try to get out so we recommend a nice secure fenced yard (6') for those times when he must be left home instead of crating him. Dune is quite an energetic pup and will jump on you for a hug and attention so he needs some training in this area too. Since Dune was treated harshly while eating he now is a bit resource protective (real meat and bones only), so needs some guidance and boundaries to teach him how to trust. Presently he needs to be told to "back away" before picking up his bones and then he's ok. He is submissive with adults and is ok with kids if they are respectful and calm, but we prefer not to adopt this pup into a home with small children. A calm and disciplined home with experienced owners would be best for Dune, especially if he gets lots of exercise daily and has a [large] canine playmate to keep him company. He's really a sweet boy and loves his doggie friends. Dune has a home waiting for him in Reno but we have to get him there. If you can help with transport from SLC to Winnemucca please contact Pamela at  or (775) 833-2066. Thank you! 
Adopted! Arvada, CO (suburb of Denver) - this beautiful, healthy, sweet 15-year-old boy Lenyo is living by himself and is so lonely! His owner is no longer able to live with him and goes over to feed and care, but Lenyo really needs a home of his own with people who will give him the love and attention he really needs. He doesn't like being there all by himself. Not many people want a 15-year-old and if he goes to a shelter he will be euthanized. Owner is willing to drive him to a new home within Colorado, or Rescue can help with transportation elsewhere. Lenyo is housetraied, in beautiful condition and totally adoptable. He may be a low-content wolfdog but acts like a sweet doggie. Please help us find Lenyo a wonderful home where he canlive his life out safe and happy. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  or Kris at 

Owner keeping!  :)  Ojai, CA

This beautiful German Shepherd/Malamute is named Moki and she is only 9 months old. She weighs about 55 lbs but is still intact. She will be spayed before adoption as it is perfect timing for that now. Moki is up to date on vaccinations. Moki loves to play with the dogs at the beach running free. She just needs a little more work on recall. She is also good with owner's Pomeranian but we usually don't adopt big dogs into homes with little dogs to prevent any injuries while playing. She has thus far ignored cats that ignore her. She pulls on leash and needs some doggie classes for this. Moki is housetrained and well behaved indoors and likes to play wherever she is. She likes to dig in the yard, and knows Sit, Come, Stay, Lay. She is friendly and has no food/resource protection with people or dogs but for some reason she stays away from tall, dark, long-haired men. She likes to herd people and kids so may be a good ranch dog with proper training. Moki is great with owner's 2 1/2 yr/old grandson, loves kids but respectful. Moki rides well in the car and does not have any separation anxiety. Moki needs a new home right away as owner moving. We would love to bring Moki up to the Sierra or someplace cool where she can play in the lakes and snow. Transportation help is available. This girl is very adoptable and so sweet and gorgeous, please contact Kim Kahl 


Adopted ... Boulder, CO - Belial - Owner no longer able to keep this sweet Malamute. Beial is just a pup! He is one year old and neutered. He is up to date on vaccinations. Please help him find a good home. Application and Home Check required. This boy was labeled as a wolfdog but he is simply a Malamute! Contact Honorio at or call 863-258-2260.



and doing great!! FL - This beautiful 5-1/2 y/o neutered, white Malamute/GSD may have some wolf content (low content) and needs a home right away. Owners are expecting a baby early October and they don't feel comfortable with Koda being around toddlers. They want Koda out before baby arrives. They have had Koda since 5 weeks of age and Koda is very bonded to them, so will need a period of adjustment in a new home. Koda weighs about 70 lbs. and is up to date on vaccinations as well as being microchipped. Koda is usually very friendly with dogs similar in size and breed, however he can be a bit of a bully sometimes with timid dogs. He is also incredibly energetic and can play for hours with no sign of wearing out, so best with young, large dogs of similar energy. Koda will not be adopted into a home with small dogs, cats or children. This beautiful and sweet boy is great on leash. When allowed to walk freely he walks briskly up ahead, stops and sniffs everything. Upon command “heel”  he walks perfectly alongside until allowed to walk freely again  (“free dog” command). He also loves exercise and will run with us while we ride a bicycle slowly or will pull us on a skateboard. Koda is well behaved indoors and owners have a bell on back door which he will ring whenever he needs to go outside. He is a counter surfer and will get any food left around without hesitation. Koda can jump incredibly high so 7' fencing is required. He has had many hours of training, knows Sit, Stay, Lay, Speak, "inside voice," Pray, Crawl, and Roll Over (with both voice and hand signals). Koda has no food aggression with owners (they can pet him while eating) but he is resource protective with strangers so patience, training and respect is needed in his new home (thus no children). Koda can be told to "leave it" and he will back away. If with other dogs best to be fed separately. He does not like to be stepped over while resting and will bite reactively, but can be asked to move. Koda loves to ride in cars but for short distances. He is kennel trained for those times when you have to leave him home alone as he has separation anxiety. He loves attention! Since Koda hikes 3 miles a day he will be best in a home that is already very active outdoors, works at home (or retired) and with escape-proof containment 7' Fencing). Koda has bitten before and it is very important that his new owners know this and understand his triggers/signals to insure his [and peoples'] safety so that he is not put in a position to fail. He is very loyal and has been an honor to have in their lives -  he needs a very special home. The ideal home would be with someone who could be the leader to Koda and give him the structure he needs, providing him with boundaries, consistency and love. If you feel you have the experience, lifestyle and containment for this wonderful beautyboy, please call Pamela at (775) 833-2066   An application and Home Visit are required. Transportation is available and we would like to adopt Koda within a day's drive to avoid any undue stress on this pup. His time is running out ... 




Adopted!  Her time is running out! Redding, CA - Beautiful Husky/mix Cheyenne is only 3 years old and needs a new home as time is running out. Their owners are moving into a Senior Community and sadly cannot take her along. Cheyenne is about 79 lbs, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
She is very good with large dogs, and small dogs too. It is unknown how she is with cats but we would not adopt into a home with kitties. She pulls when excited on leash but has pretty good recall off leash. Cheyenne is well behaved while she is at home with someone and is usually kept outside in yard while owners are away. She has not tried to escape but in a new home all rescues are anxious in the beginning, so we always recommend secure fencing (6' +). Cheyenne eats well with other dogs in the same area, no food aggression. She is a good watchdog and will bark at strangers approaching the home, but is submissive and friendly to friends and family. Cheyenne has had no experience with children so we prefer to adopt into an adult home with someone who is around a lot. We are looking for a home with people who are active outdoors and can give this girl daily exercise and attention. A nice canine companion would be wonderful to help her acclimate into a new environment. A cool climate would also be perfect for this sweet Husky mix. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Cheyenne, please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or or our Rescue Coordinator Robin at  An Adoption Application and a Home Visit are required for all our rescues. Transport help is available by owners as they want so badly for their girls to be in a good home.  Time is running out!





Adopted - Crescent City, CA - Koda is an awesome boy ... he is as sweet as he is beautiful. He was found as a stray with rope burns on his neck on a Reservation. Koda is a good sized boy of 75 lbs who gets along famously with all dogs ... big and small, male and female but NO cats or chickens. He was recently neutered and is up to date on vaccines. Koda is house trained and walks nicely on leash. He is a very playful youngster under 2 yrs of age and would really love to have a home with a large-breed companion who loves to play as much as he does. Koda is currently in short-term foster care and has shown no interest in getting out of the 5-1/2-foot- high fence. Please contact Kim at or call/text 541-480-1662 for more info and an adoption application for Koda. His paws are crossed in hopes that his forever home will come for him soon!!
He's a sweetheart!
ADOPTED!  JAX - WASCO ANIMAL SHELTER - SUPER URGENT! This boy only has until this Friday, Oct. 7th where he will be killed!  This is a small shelter that fills quickly and dogs are euthanized when they are full. Jax is super sweet and adoptable! He loves to wad in the ewater tub, run and play. Came in as a stray 9/21. Please help this boy have a second chance! We have been networking this pup all over and have had no results. Any help for this pretty pup is appreciated. JAX AC16-593. Contact Wasco Animal Shelter  661-699-9467 ask for Marco or Katie. He only has one day left!
Adopted! -Incline Village, Lake Tahoe NV - LambChop - gorgeous 1 y/o Malamute boy needs home ASAP! He was recently released to Pet Network as owner could not keep him, and he was returned twice. He is approx. 75 lbs., neutered and up to date on vaccines. He is great with other dogs, no issues with smaller dogs, not exposed to cats. He has been to dog training - 1 week board/train course at Folsom Dog Resort and Training) but with that puppy energy he is easily distracted and needs more work with recall, plus lots of daily exercise to help keep him calm and focused. He is well behaved indoors with peope but has separation anxiety and can be destructive when left home alone. He needs a nice, escape-proof yard and someone around a lot (works at home, retired, etc.). He is an escape artist (can jump or dig) so an experienced handler would be best for this sweet boy. LambChop has a long, soft coat so regular brushing is required. He does not like to be crated and will try to break out. He is friendly with children but we prefer a quiet, adult home for this beautyboy. Since he is so young, he gets enthusiastic when meeting someone and does jump up sometimes. Another large canine playmate would be ideal for LambChop. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or visit LambChop at Pet Network in Incline Village, NV. Experienced handlers only with lots of time will be a great match for LambChop!


Adopted!  TRANSPORT NEEDED to RENO - Santaquin, UT. This sweet boy Waya was rescued from an abusive environment where he was frequently hit and yelled at. He looks to have some Husky and White German Shepherd. Waya only weighs about 50 lbs. He is not neutered and since he is two years old it's time to get this boy altered. A caring family convinced the previous owner to give Waya to them. He was being kept in a dog run that was about 5x5 foot with little time out for a walk. Waya is very scared and skittish when any one raises their hand to pet him. He is very underweight and he needs some good nourishment, training and TLC. Waya can learn to be comfortable once again with a loving owner that will give him lots of time and attention, with daily exercise. The family who rescued him cannot keep another dog due to city ordinance (they already have 3 dogs). Waya is a wonderful boy once he is comfortable with you, he is loving, sweet and submissive and always wants to be next to someone. He even has good recall off leash once he knows you.  He has no food aggression, rides well in cars, likes kids and is crate trained for short periods of time. Waya is good with other big dogs, and we prefer a home without small dogs and cats. The family has to find a home right way or Waya may wind up in a shelter where he most likely will be euthanized for his shyess. Please help Waya with a foster or permanent home. The family is happy to drive him to his new home within 100 miles if needed. If you are an experienced handler, have the right containment and you are interested in this sweet boy, please contact Pamela at or (775) 833-2066. An Application and Home Visit is required for all our rescues.




 Adopted!  Sweet Grizzly needs home by early Sept. !!!! Las Vegas, NV - this sweet Malamute/mix is only 4 years old, sweet and social. His owners are moving and he has to find a home fast. Grizzly weighs about 50 lbs, is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is good with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive toward him. He's even good with their cat. Grizzly walks nicely on leash unless he is excited to meet someone or chase a squirrel (just like most of them!). He is well behaved indoors and housetrained, but does not like to be left alone for too many hours. We would like to find a home where people are around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.) and he gets daily exercise. Grizzly is submissive to everyone and likes to ride in the car, has no separation anxiety, is not fearful or shy, and is crate trained for short periods of time [or overnight]. He's such a sweetheart! Owners are moving into a small apartment and Grizzly cannot come along. He neds a home right away or he will be taken to the shelter. Poor Grizzly! Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or as soon as possible as we don't know how long they will hold on to him. Unfortunately owners just recently contacted us.


 Foster keeping VENICE, CALIFORNIA 
Meet most beautiful Bella - up for adoption!
Ms Bella is about 3 1/2 years old, UTD on vaccinations and spayed. She was a stray intake in shelter. She is a VERY sweet, quiet girl. Bella is a little shy with strangers but once she warms up she wants you to hold her paw or will rest her paws on your lap. She is happy to go to her crate for security or lie quietly by your side. She has a beautiful coat, gorgeous eyes, and is about 65lbs. She does well with other large dogs (including females) but prefers not to engage in play or antics, content to watch from the sidelines. Bella is not good with small dogs or cats so she will not be adopted into a home with small animals. Bella will do best in a calm, quiet adult home. An active, busy household with small children is not a good fit for her. She is content with nice, slow leisurely walks and doesn’t need a particularly active (running, hiking) lifestyle. Bella can be a bit skittish and jumpy and is an escape risk, so will need to always be on secure collar/harness. Secure, esacpe-proof fencing, home check and application apply. Bella will only be adopted out to a home on the West Coast, preferably California or Nevada (Sierra). Oregon and Washington will be considered for the right family. Please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or or our Rescue Coordinator Robin at An Adoption Application and a Home Visit are required for all our rescues.
Sacramento, CA - Max and  Missy  will need a home very soon. Their owner who loves them very much has a terminal illness and cannot take care of them much longer. She wants so much to know that her beloved friends will find a good home. Presently she is undergoing chemo treatment. Their owner saved both animals from a shelter - they are altered and micro-chipped and she has kept all their shots current, even having their teeth cleaned in 10/12.  Max is a Border Collie/German Shepherd and possibly Golden Retriever and Husky mix! He is 3 years old and owner has had him since 3/10. He loves other dogs and people. Max is a pleaser, he likes to obey when you tell him what to do.
He has a look that is a perpetual grin on his face, always smiling, a happy boy. Max is a real charmer. Missy is a Border Collie. She will be 4 years old December 2012, adopted from the shelter in 12/10. Missy is very smart and a charmer as well. She will come when called and plays well with other dogs. When we work with her she responds quickly, so she just needs regular training
to keep her good habits. She may even be a good agility dog for someone who likes that. We would like to adopt these companions together if possible, but if you think you can give one or both of these sweet pups a forever home, please fill out the Adoption Application  [you can ignore the questions about wolfdogs] and then contact Michelle for more information at    [please be so kind as to print out the Adoption Application and give it to Michelle].  Thank you for helping Max and Missy! Their owner will find peace in knowing they are safe and happy. 


Prineville Oregon - This adorable pup Ody is an 8 mo old Husky/Malamute/Swiss White Shepherd (DNA test was done) who has gotten in trouble for killing a chicken who got into his yard. His owner is living on her mothers property and the mother now wants him gone. She had actually wanted him euthanized for killing the chicken!!! Prey drive is very common with northern breeds and due diligence should be taken to avoide situations like this. Ody loves to chase critters so will not be placed where there are small animals or livestock, and will need escape-proof containment (7' fencing prefered or 6' with lean ins). Ody loves to sing and will howl and talk to everyone he is familiar with. Ody has had some training and is still being worked with house training, sitting, staying and drop it ... he is great on leash but is a little apprehensive when meeting new people and their dogs. He just needs some socializing training to help him be more confident and secure. Ody lives in a rural area with not a lot of socialization opportunities. Please call/text 541-480-1662 or send an email to for an Adoption Application to adopt beautiful sweet Ody! Time is of the essence.


Adopted! Mammoth Lakes, CA -  His name is Blaidd and he's gorgeous! Blaidd is 7 years young & neutered. He is about 100 lbs., current on vaccinations. He is not microchipped. Blaidd is great with all humans and ok with other dogs that are his same size provided he is off leash and not on his own territory (home or yard).  Blaidd is very protective and territorial and NOT OK with any other animal coming to our property big or small. He is not good with small dogs and tends to chase them if they are near his fenced property. He has been boarded at dog kennels and also had people come over and watch him when on vacation. He is fine at the dog sitter's with other large dogs. On a walk he gets dominant and postures with anything smaller or inferior to him (old/sick/submissive). He does have a strong prey drive and will chase chickens and possibly cats. Blaidd heels very well on leash, does not pull and would be an excellent companion for someone who walks and hikes regularly in a more suburban neighborhood [i.e. no chickens or livestock]. He may not be getting enough exercise so daily hikes will help dispel much of his energy and keep him calm, happy and more social. Blaidd comes immediately when called and will Sit in order to have his leash put on. He spends most of his time outdoors including nighttime when he is kenneled. When he is allowed indoors, he is very well behaved. He does not beg, play rough or cause any damage to our home. He has been known to find his way to a comfy couch from time to time and is housetrained. He lives on a fenced 1-acre piece of property and has never escaped or dug his way out. He is pretty content to find a shady spot and sleep. He has had a basic level of training and knows how to Sit, Stay, Lie Down and Roll Over. Blaidd is a little resource protective if he is disturbed while eating and will bare his teeth to warn you away -he has never bitten anyone. Blaidd is also the same way when it comes to dogs. He is very submissive towards people he has just met. He will roll over on his back and get his tummy scratched by anyone who is willing. He is also very submissive towards children as well. Owner has a 2-year old boy that Blaidd plays with and willingly takes directions from. However, we do not usually adopt our rescues into homes with small children mainly due to noise and excitement that children can often display when friends come over. A calm, disciplined, adult household is best for these dogs. Blaid loves riding in the car and does not have separation anxiety if he has another canine companion that he likes to play with. With a 2-year-old boy and another baby on the way, the family does not have time to give Blaidd the time or training he needs. Blaidd would do best in an adult home with proper containment (6' fencing minimum) and someone around a lot to help him acclimate into his new home. An active owner would be great for Blaidd as he will miss his family whom he has known his whole life (since puppy). If you are a good handler, have the right containment and you are interested in this sweet boy, please contact Pamela at or (775) 833-2066. Transportation help is available in California or Nevada. An Application and Home Visit is required for all our rescues.






Huntington Beach, CA - - Gorgeous Husky mix Zamira is only 1 year and 10 months old. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She only weighs 42 lbs and is microchipped. We would like to adopt her into a flea-free zone where it is cool and she can enjoy the snow and romping every day. Zamira is housetrained and loves to ride in the car. She walks nicely but will pull occasionally if other dogs or squirrels are around. She is friendly with children, people and other dogs. She is high energy and would do nicely with someone who is already active outdoors and likes to hike. Someone that is around a lot would be perfect for this girl as she does not do well when left home unattended. She is still a pup and will be an awesome companion with consistent training and a patient handler. A person who works at home or is retired is what this girl needs. Zamira has a beautiful howl and usually only barks when playing. She is protective of her food and should be fed separately from other dogs, but has no resource protection with humans. Owner is moving and keeps her crated most of the time now, so time is of the essence to get this beautiful pup into a good home. Adoption Application and Home Visit is required. For an application and more information contact or Robin at 


 Yerington, NV - Need homes for 3 beautiful female Malamutes! [following pics & Bio] Owner has 6 Malamutes and the county ordinance is 3 dogs maximum so we need homes for these three pups. All these dogs have lived outdoors mostly in kennels in the hot desert temperatures, but they would love some one-on-one time with daily exercise, training and a loving home where they can be part of the family. They can be adopted separately or together. All will need secure 6'-fenced containment, and someone around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.). They are all underweight and will need some TLC and good quality nutrition, but all are in good health. Here are the three pups that the owner is willing to part with:
Pretty and skinny, Black and White Jazz was 1 year old on July 13. She is current on all vaccinations, spayed, and lives with the 5 other Malamutes. We don't know how Jazz would be with small dogs so we are looking for a home that may already have a nice large male companion for her. She currently has some training but pulls a bit on leash. She is well behaved indoors and needs more houstraining, but she does like to ride in the car with you. Jazz is very submissive and shy and needs a person that has lots of time to spend with her teaching her how to be more confident and secure - and enjoy life. She could do with more socializing and maybe a friendly male canine companion, and has great possibilities to be a wonderful companion for the right owner.
We would love to see Jazz in a calm household where she will get lots of love and attention. Best with no small children or small dogs.
Stormy -  beautiful grey and white 1-year-old sister of Jazz. She too is underweight. She is spayed, current on vaccinations, and although curious about small dogs none of these pups will be adopted into homes with small dogs. Stormy is still learning to walk nicely on leash but does not get out much for socializing. She is well behaved indoors but she too still needs more housetraining. She likes to jump up a bit, but knows Sit, Down, Wait, and currently learning to Heel. She is submissive with humans but will jump up on children to play. Stormy likes to ride in the car as well.
Best in a calm household, daily exercise, lots of TLC - with no small children or small dogs.
Mom Kima - is a beautiful and purebred Red Alaskan Malamute from Kingfishers Malamutes in Gakona, Alaska [both parents]. She is 4 years old, about 80lbs, and spayed. She too is current on vaccinations and lives with the other 5 Malamutes (her mate and four 1-y/o pups). She lived with cats at one time but we hesitate to put her in a home with new cats. Kima walks nicely on leash but has no recall off leash yet. She is housetrained and well behaved indoors, likes to dig in the yard when she is bored. Kima knows Sit, Down, Heel, and Wait at a distance. She has no food aggression with people but protects her food from the other dogs. She has no special needs other than a good handler that understands the breed as she wil get away with things if you are not disciplined and a good leader. Kima is crate trained for short periods of time, rides well in cars and likes to go with you places. She is friendly and affectionate and would love a home where she would get some real personal attention and continued training. A home with a person that is active daily would be great for Kima. Best with no small children or small dogs. Kima is very high energy and very toy motivated, so easy to give her exercise on rainy days! She likes to be in charge and is a little dominant so may be best in home as only princess (one-dog family). 
These three spayed females are in the hot desert of Yerington, Nevada where it gets to 100 degrees in the summer, and we would love to adopt them into homes in a cooler climate - up in the Sierra or Mammoth would be great! If youi are interested in adopting one or more of these three beautiful pups, please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or  


Adopted - Arizona  - This beautiful 1-y/o mid-content wolfdog named John Wicks needs a new home right away. He is an energetic young boy and playfully (in his eyes) bit someone. Although owner has been cooperative and offered to pay bills, she is fearful if legal action is pursued they may put him down. He has no idea he did anything wrong. He wasn't angry, just has always been mouthy and nippy since pupphood which the owner has inadvertantly allowed. John Wicks needs a wolfdog-experienced person that has escape-proof containment (min. 7', overhang, dig guard), lots of time to spend playing, training and exercising this pretty boy. He is sweet and has such good potential in the right home. He has been good with the other dogs at the dog park, but now that he is maturing he will posture a little before playins. Someone that can be a leader and guide him in what is acceptable and what is not. Owner will transport John Wicks to his new home. He needs a safe haven as soon as possible. An Adoption Application and Home Visit is required. If you think you have the right environment, lots of time and experience for this sweet boy, please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or or our Rescue Coordinator Robin at   As soon as possible! An Adoption Application and a Home Visit are required for all our rescues.  Time is of the essence!
Urgent - Three Forks, Montana - These two dogs - Tundra and Mayatuk - were fortunate to be rescued some time ago by a caring Rescue couple, but now their sanctuary has fallen on hard times and all the animals need new homes as the sanctuary is closing. Time is of the essence! Please help them if you can...
Tundra is a 5-year-old Malamute/German Shepherd Dog [GSD]. At the time of his rescue he was extremely underweight and appeared to have been beaten or maybe hit by a car. He was quite food aggressive  and you could see every notch of his spine. He is so much better now will sit and wait for his food to be put in his dish. He has some hip issues and his back end is a bit unstable when he walks. He does act a little sluggish when cold weather is around and may have some arthritis. He would do well with some Adequan shots and some joint care formulas, as well as a high-quality diet. He does not care to be touched on sides or past his shoulders as those areas are sensitive and seem to bother him. He is currently in with Ziva (german shepard/ husky). They do play and sometimes get a little rough with each other, but now it's probably time he does not have rough play so as not to reinjure. Tundra does seem to get a little agitated toward some people and is very selective. Tundra is a great boy and just very poorly treated by past owners and other people. He would be good in a home that is calm, disciplined and experienced with these behaviors, or a sanctuary where he does not have to deal with a lot of people. Escape-proof containment is required as is an Adoption Application and Home Visit. Please contact Dottie at
Myatuk (mya took)- malamute/mix male 8-10 years old is the estimated age. We took him in as a owner surrender from Grand Junction. Were told that myatuk and the other male kept fighting so they couldn't keep them both together. When first introduced it took roughly 3 hours to get close to him. He was very protective of his mom (owner). We have 2 females that he accepted right away - a purebred samoyed and a pit/border collie. We have tried a few others but had some issues. He is very talkative and loves the water! We have tried 5 gallon buckets for drinking water he destroys them. He has a 45 gallon stock tank he loves - he is always playing in it then playing in the dirt (hard to keep him and the trough clean). He is very loving will crawl in your lap if you let him. A true lovebug. Mayatuk would be best in an only-dog home or one with a nice large female canine companion.  Escape-proof containment is required as is an Adoption Application and Home Visit.  


Salt Lake City, UT - NOW THAT CHANCE IS FEELING BETTER HE IS MUCH MORE AMICABLE... OWNER KEEPING!!!  Chance is about 14 months old - just a pup! - and is neutered. Owners acquired him at 6 weeks. He has always been active and very, very loving. He was raised in a house full of cats, small dogs, pet squirrels, skunks, and mink. He is housetrained, but does occasionally have an accident. He howls so beautifully. Chance jumped the fence in April. There was an intense search for him and he was captured just a couple weeks ago in June! He had been living in a local park for 3 months! The neighbors and policemen had been trying to catch him. Chance is very shy so he hid during the days, and came out at night to scavenge for food. Some of the people living near the park reported hearing a wolf howl! Evidently he had been hit by a car when he first escaped. His leg was broken in 3 places, and once the vet x rayed it, she decided that it would have to be amputated. Since his return, he has been misbehaving. He has snapped at us and growls if we approach him too quickly. He goes after the unusual pets like the squirrels, etc. (He is living with a wildlife rehabilitator.) He continues to get along with the small dogs and cats. Most of the time he is still so sweet and loving, but once in awhile he is uncomfortable and protective. We feel like he might be better in a quieter home, but we want him someplace where he will get lots of training and rehabilitation, as well as love and attention because he loves it. He loves to be brushed, and cuddled! He is huge and beautiful! If you do give him a home, we would love to be able to visit. His two moms, Debbie and Barbara work with the non-profit group called Utah Wants Wolves. They are working to try to get a more positive image of wolves out there, and to try to stop the wolf hunts. They both have a special spot in their hearts for wolves, and when they saw that he was in need of a home reached out to adopt him. They have had two other wolfdogs in the past, and they made good companions as long as you understood their needs and gave them proper training. Debbie and Barbara live in the heart of the city. Both have small yards and other pets. They would love to see Chance in a home that is better suited to an active, fun-loving dog like Chance. He is doing well with his amputation and now needs to start a new life. If you are interested in helping this boy find a new home, and you have the experience and proper containment, please call/text 541-480-1662 or send an email to for an Adoption Application to adopt beautiful sweet Chance! Time is of the essence. 



Foster may keep - NE Washington near Spokane. Jack is a beautiful big boy of approximately 8-9 yrs of age. He was part of a large group of Malamute mixes who lost their home this past spring. Jack is one of three dogs who has not yet found his forever home. Over 15 dogs lived wild and free on a large, wooded, fenced property and were never socialized to anyone but the immediate family who lived there. None of the dogs had the benefit of being able to come in the house or walked on leash. From a dog's point of view, it must have been pretty ideal being able to run and play in the woods, swim in the pond and hunt critter's and not have to do anything they did not want to do....however, from an adopter's point of few, it has presented a myriad of issues. The saving grace is that Jack and his two companions are sweet, non aggressive dogs ... they just don't know about things like being petted and loved on or having a cushy dog bed to rest on in the house. 
Jack has been at the foster home since May and enjoys getting his hot dog treats and does allow the foster mom to pet him and seems to enjoy it ... he has even started to play. Jack will need a new home with someone very patient, loving and kind who can continue to give him the time he needs to feel secure and trust. He has always been at the bottom of the totem pole in his former dog family and has a very subdued and submissive personality. His former owner had to bring him in the house for a brief moment just to give him his meat treats because Jack always let the other dogs take them away. Jack will need a fenced yard where he will be kept safe from harm and a nice dog hous to have shelter from the weather. He may in time decide he would like to come in the house so an open door policy would be awesome. We think it would be wonderful if someone had a heart big enough to adopt both Jack and Peanut together but we also realize that most people already have a dog and if that is the case, Jack will needs a dog companion who is gentle and not a dominant, aggressive personality but one who will be kind to him and become his best friend. 
Because Jack is not leash trained and is so socially withdrawn, he will need to be transported all the way to his new home in a crate and not taken out until he is in the fenced area of his new yard. Therefore, there won't be able to be any real long distance adoptions...only where he can be driven to in one day's time. 
For more information and an adoption application for Jack please contact Wolf Angel Rescue at: 



STILL IN THE SHELTER! - Looks like the shelter is not giving him up ... Everette, WA - Max is a gorgeous Husky/Malamute mix who will be 2 years old in February and is currently in jail where his new owners just dumped him because he killed a kitty. This is why we do not adopt northern breeds into homes with cats, small dogs or other small animals. They can be amazing companions for the right person who is active outdoors and around a lot to give them the care and training they all need. He was originally surrendered into Rescue because he is a bit of an escape artist and his owners were not able to keep him contained on their property. During one of his escapades he got injured and is now almost blind in one eye. This does not seem to bother him at all, and he is still very handsome. Only when you look close can you see a bit of cloudiness in his eye. 
Max is a little shy at first, but becomes a very sweet playful boy with a lot of Husky-energy once he gets to know you. He needs a house with a big yard and secure 6-7 foot fencing. Max is very good with other dogs and would do best with a buddy. He has been living with cats in his foster home and has shown no interest in them until this recent incident, so now will not be adopted into a home with cats. He had made fast friends with his doggie-housemates but now in a shelter is in danger of being killed. Max would do best with a woman, since he is frightened of men. He is very smart and sensitive, so he could probably learn to get along with a man who is calm and very patient, but it will take time. Due to his fear of men, he would not be good in dog parks. Max is looking for a home where he can feel safe and loved. As long as he gets enough exercise and feels no need to escape, he will be a wonderful and fun family member.  
Max has not been exposed to small children during his time in foster. 
Max is neutered and all his shots are up-to-date. Please contact Kim for an Adoption Application at KimKahl@dukewarner.comm    Transportation help is available  

No longer available: PORTLAND OREGON - Bella is a stunning pure white Samoyed/husky mix and she is 3 yrs old and spayed. Bella was raised in a home with an active male owner, rides well in cars, enjoys long walks, and has been a lovely road trip companion in the past. But Bella takes some time to warm up to new people, and is partially-blind in one eye. Because of this, she has become fearful of certain stimuli, and has snapped or growled at unfamiliar people who enter her personal space. She was also initially trained with some harsh dominance-based methods, and has had a hard time trusting folks that she has not bonded to as a result. She will do best with someone kind and patient but also that has experience with helping a dog to learn to trust. It will take time and gentle training to make Bella feel at home. We feel that it would be best to place her in an adult-only family with no small animals, as she has showed prey drive toward squirrels on her walks. Other large-breed dogs are okay and maybe a nice friendly male companion would work well. Bella currently shares her life with a female Husky although Bella would be happy being the only dog as long as she gets lots of exercise and attention. Once you gain Bella's trust, she is all cuddles and happiness. She will give you her paw to say "Please pay attention to me!" and likes to play ball. A calm and low-traffic household would suit her best, so perhaps a farm or similar rural living environment would do with proper fencing. She is a great guard dog and will alert as soon as she feels that something is awry, but quiets down quickly after letting her people know what's up!
If you are interested in adopting Bella, or wish further information please contact: Kim at 

Lindon, Utah - 3 y/o male, Snow is a beautiful white Malamute/White German Shepherd, weighs about 75 lbs., is current on vaccinations and is neutered. Snow is great with other large dogs and even likes small dogs. He is good with cats but likes to chase them if they run. Best with indoor cats and disciplined household. Snow walks nicely on leash and currently owner is working on recall off leash. Snow is a little shy and is housetrained as long as he gets out for daily walks, but will chew things up if not supervised. He's just a young boy with lots of energy and intelligence, so gets bored and wants something to do. He can be a little resource protective but basically is submissive with both adults and children. Snow does not like riding in car as he gets car sick but he has no separation anxiety. The reason the owners are surrendering Snow is because they cannot keep him contained. Snow is a good jumper and will also dig to get out. He has a strong prey drive and has killed the neighbor's chickens and turkeys. Snow has to find a new home - with no neighboring livestock - ASAP or will be taken to the shelter where he may not be adopted out. He has only one week to find a foster or permanent home. He's a sweet boy and just needs daily exercise, training and someone to spend the time with him that he deserves. Please help Snow! Contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 As soon as possible!!! Transportation help is available for this beautiful boy.
Adoption pending! Midlothian, TX - In Foster home 
Night Ranger is a beautiful 5 1/2 y/o Malamute mix who is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. His owner rescued him after he lived - severely neglected and skin and bones - on a chain for 4 years. He was attacked by other dogs and taunted by kids. She has been fostering him for about 1 1/2 years. Foster Mom spent a lot of time rehabbing this pretty boy as he was terribly fearful and scared of everything. He is still very shy but warms up once he knows and trusts you. He is a big boy but will run and hide under the bed from kids or anything scary and has to be carried right now to the car until he gets used to the new foster family's car. He absolutely will only be adopted into a home that has no kids, cats or small prey-like animals, and the home must be quite and calm. He pulls a lot on leash as he is so fearful of everything and wants to bolt, but with a patient and experienced handler he should soon be having more confidence and trust. This poor boy suffered from all those years of isolation on the chain, and who knows what people did to him. Night needs an escape-proof fenced yard. He presently has 8' and does not even try to escape. He likes to dig dens in the yard but not for escaping. He will come when called [in the yard] especially if you have some treats! He is submissive with people and depends completely on his current canine companions for security. He will have separation anxiety if his buddies are taken away but he is fine when left alone with his doggie friends. Night loves to ride in the car as that's how he can view the outside world without being challenged. Once or twice he got loose but jumped right into the car when found (may not be as easy with a new owner, so prevention is the best bet!). Night is adjusting to his new foster home and slowly but surely becomng more self confident, but it will be some time for him to be completely rehabilitated, especially if he goes to a new home for the third time. If you fit the requirements and are interested in meeting Night Ranger, please contact Pamela Jo at   
Adopted! Roseville, CA - Timber is crrently in foster home where he will get the necessary vet attention and good food to fatten him up. This boy is a Husky/GSD mix, was abandoned in a back yard and the caring person cannot keep him ... moving in two days! She does not want to bring Timber to the shelter. Timber is extremely underweight and needs some good nutrition and a caring home. This boy is approx. 3 years old and weighs about 60 lbs. He is not neutered but he will be neutered before adoption. He likes other large dogs and plays with the woman's two Huskies as well as a 3-month-old puppy. He wants to play with and chase cats so we will not place Timber in a home with cats. He walks nicely on leash and is well behaved on a walk. Indoors he is a counter surfer and has no manners, so needs training and boundaries with this. He has respected a 6' fence but we would like to place him with someone that is around a lot [works at home or retired] and has other friendly canine companions for company. Timber is submissive with adults and kids but a calm environment is best for him as he is very shy until he gets to know you. Timber prefers to approach people on his own time or will run away from a person if they approach him directly or corner him. He is a sweet boy and craves attention, wants to be a lap dog and lie on the couch with you. The first three days at this new place he avoided everyone for 3 days, shut down and curled up in one spot in the house. Now he does better at meeting new people if they introduce themselves slowly. We would like to find a forever home for this sweet Timber with someone who will continue to show him that all humans are not mean or hurtful. Please contact John at as soon as possible if you think you can help this boy with a permanent home.


Adopted! Incline Village, NV - at Pet Network - Ranger came to us from Lyon County as a found stray. He is a Shepherd/mix and is about 5 years old from what we can tell. He is a really sweet boy that is pretty well mannered but definitely needs some work on walking on a leash. If he is not with someone he can be an escape artist, but is really just trying to get back with a person. For example, when we first began letting him out in our yard, he dug underneath the chain-link fence and immediately ran back inside and just sat waiting for the animal care attendant to come out of the room she was in. Someone that is familiar with Separation Anxiety would be great for this boy, and is around a lot to do some training. Ranger is a bit prey oriented and got into a porcupine before coming to us, so he does look a little beat up in the face. He has been cleared of all quills and is on meds to prevent infection. Ranger is ok with other large dogs. He takes well to training mostly because he wants to be with and around people at every opportunity and very much wants to please. Ranger would be good with owners that are active and can take him for hikes and hang out with him. Six-foot fencing would be great for this boy unless he stays indoors and goes out for hikes. Contact Heidi at the Pet Network at> or (775) 832-4404.



Adopted by Wolf Connection in SoCal  Monmouth, Oregon - Sarge's owners are moving mid June and this beautiful boy needs a home right away (will consider fosters). Work has to be done on the house and it is very disturbing to Sarge having strangers running in and out. Approx. 8-year-old he is neutered, weighs about 160lbs (on a diet and losing weight) and up-to-date on all shots. He is shy until he feels comfortable around people. He is excited to meet new dogs, lives with a medium-size female and loves her, so it would be nice if Sarge could have another female companion. He is not comfortable around small dogs or cats. He has not had a lot of exposure to children either so best not to have a home with small kids, little dogs or cats. He digs outside for fun but not excessively. He has an electric wire at the bottom of the 6' fence to prevent digging and jumping. Without hotwire he should have higher fencing. He guards his bones from other dogs but does not resource guard with humans. Sarge has been living outside since he has a tendency to mark in the house although he has been able to be brought in and just has to be watched. He had a ligament injury, is healing well and on meds. Losing weight and getting some TLC would be advantageous for his health both physically and emotionally,  especially since he is losing his loved ones. Sarge is presently under mandatory rest and quiet requirement per vet instructions to allow healing of the ligament which is from an accident and not from any age-related ailment. Sarge is located in Oregon and will not be placed long distance from where he is located. We prefer cooler climates where there is snow in the winter and summers are more mild ... WA, OR, No. CA or further if someone is willing to come get him or at least meet part way. There is transport help up to 4 hours from his current home in Monmouth, Oregon. An Adoption Application and Home Check is required. If you are interested helping this sweetie, please contact Kim at  Time is of the essence!



Adopted! SoCal - Cheyenne is a poor, sweet girl that has been bred too many times for her short life. She is only about 1-1/2 years old and was in extremely poor condition. She spent the first week after rescue in the vet, as she was pretty much on the brink of death but look at her now! [photo left]. She was extremely malnourished and underweight, weighing only 45lbs. when she should weigh about 82 lbs. She had an infected abscess on her neck and was generally in absolute terrible condition - worse than some of the shelter strays we’ve pulled. She is leashable, able to be handled (she does fear poop and pee) and does not bite. She’s just a very scared and skittish girl. So, I’m hoping someone has a home to open up to her here in California (preferably within 4 hours from Southern California), to help her heal, learn to trust, have time to decompress, get healthy and put weight on. Then we can start looking for a forever home for this sweetie. Cheyenne is approximately 1-1/2 yearsold. She is a very sweet girl but she is very very unsure of new people and new situations. She needs a very calm presence around her to help socialize her and show her that people can be trusted. Once Cheyenne understands that she is safe with someone, she’s happy to be petted and curl up on a couch to nap. She has not demonstrated any food or resource aggression with people. She’s currently fostered with cats and shows only mild curiosity. She’s also gone nose to nose with small dogs and doesn’t show any prey drive with them either. She was introduced to a senior female GSD and was fine as well, but as can be the case, she is just too sick and too weak to care about anything at the moment. She is too weak to spayed so she cannot be fostered with an intact male, or dog that is too energetic or too playful that would stress her out or hurt her. Cheyenne is most certainly an escape risk and would bolt if she has the chance - like any of these poor babies - so escape-proof containment is absolutely necessary.  



Adopted! Shonkafang from New Mexico to new home in Washington - 10 y/o neutered Shonkafang was part of a hoarding situation in Alamagordo, NM. Twenty five dogs or more needed new homes due to an eviction. Shonka has been transported to his new home in Washington state where he will get the attention, fun and love he deserves. Thank you for your help and support with your generous donations to get this boy where he needed to go! Here is a photo of Shonka sitting in the grass at his new home .. .happy as a clam. He's getting lots of lovin'!!  Again, thank you all!
Las Vegas, NV - two beautiful wolfdogs need homes ASAP. Owner has moved and the dogs are still at the old residence.... the two are a bonded pair and we are trying to find a home for them together. Wolfdog experience and containment necessary! We would love to get them into a cool climate.
Cochise - is a 9-year-old Malamute/mix male at about 120 lbs. He will be neutered before adoption. The photos are not not that great and do not show his full conformation, and he is blowing his coat for the summer. Cochise is up to date on vaccinations and is good with other friendly large northern-breed dogs if introduced slowly and properly. He is not good with cats and will not be adopted into a home with small dogs or prey-type animals. He is not very good on the leash (pulls - probably can't wait to get out of the yard for some exercise) and will need some work in that department. These two have lived outdoors as a breeding couple and are not house trained. Cochise is not a climber or a digger, but secure escape-proof containment is needed to prevent any attempts. He has no food aggression with people or dogs, but will protect his bones. We always recommend feeding dogs separately. Cochise is submissie with humans and is a big sweet baby. He is not great in the car unless you let him drive. He has no separation anxiety if left with his female and he is not fearful or shy. Transportation costs will be paid to get him and Chiricahua to an experienced home.
Chiricahua - is a high wolfdog that is 8 years old. She is not spayed and has had 3 litters, one recently. She is still  
intact. Normally we do not like to spay them at this age but she seems quite capable of throwing litters so she will be spayed before adoption. She is ok with other large northern breeds if introduced slowly and properly, but we recommend that these two beauties are adopted and kept in separate containment from other dogs. Neither are house trained or walk well on leash. Chiricahua is a climber and likes to dig, so wolf escape-proof enclosure is required (see Adoption/fencing Requirements ). She does protect her food so feeding her separately from other dogs is advised. She has no resource guarding with people. Chiri gets anxious if separated from her boy, Cochise, and is a bit shy with humans until she gets to know you. She's an all-around gentle, good girl and would love to have someone that will take good care of her and give her and Cochise a forever home. Transportation costs will be paid to get him and Chiricahua to an experienced home. Adoption Application and Home Check required for all adoptions.
If you are interested in these two, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or 
ADOPTED!- SKINNY BOY is a very sweet Malamute/mix that needs a home as soon as possible. He was rescued from a homeless man 5 weeks ago and was in critically, undernourished condition - just skin and bones. He's still drastically underweight - has only gained 15 lbs. - and needs a person that knows how to rehabilitate conditions like this. The photo on the right is how he looks now, bones still showing. How sad. His Foster can not keep this sweet boy, and wants to find him a good home before the homeless man comes to take him back. North is about 8 1/2 years old, neutered, and has had his vaccinations. He is fine with the old Golden Retriever he is living with, and is tolerant of little Yorkie and cat housemates. He had kids around him when he lived on the streets. We would not adopt this Skinny Boy into a home with small dogs or cats, but it would be nice for him to have a large, female canine companion. Skinny Boy is very well behaved in the house, and has good off-leash recall, although he should spend some time bonding and training with a new owner before attempting to walk him off leash. He is housetrained but has an occasional accident due to living a nomad's life with previous owner. He sleeps inside, likes to be outdoors and has not tried to escape, but can float over a toddler like a gazelle. For this reason he should be adopted into a home with secure containment (7' fencing, or 6' with overhang) because as he gains weight and strength, he may be more adventurous. Skinny Boy loves people, loves to ride in the car, and adores women. He knows some commands and has no food aggression with people or other dogs. He is protective and will block the handyman from coming in until his Foster Mom comes and introduces them. His blood work and tests are normal but he trembles occasionally, so some fish oils are added to his diet. Skinny Boy needs some real TLC, and someone who is around a lot to give him the attention and love he deserves. Please help this boy. If you are interested in being a Foster or adopting this sweet boy, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  right away!!!
Latest update on the two Manteca wolfdogs, 
Nazareth and Angel: 
 As most of you know, Nazareth and Angel were surrendered and released to Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue and were transported to our foster home in Petaluma, CA on Feb. 3. It was a long trip for me but I wanted to make sure that the wolfdogs arrived safely and I got to meet a wonderful gal, Doris Duncan who runs Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. She was kind enough to take them in temporarily until I could find permanent placement. I looked very hard and every day since Jan. 29 to find the right place for these two. Nazareth is a high content 12 year old, and Angel is mid content the same age. Both are quite unsocialized and needed someone very experienced, proper containment, and able to take care of all their needs. It's not easy catching them so regular medical attention is a very important concern at this age. After many disappointments as most sanctuaries are full, Leyton of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary agreed to take them and spent the last couple of weeks getting his enclosure ready for them. The day's capture and transport went very well! We had a video crew there and soon we will be able to view the results on Leyton's Facebook page. You can see what he posted last week when they stared preparing the 5000 sq. ft. enclosure for Naz and Angel. They are doing well and are safe and happy now. Thank you all for your help and support! Pamela Jo   
Adopted! Colusa County, CA shelter - Rex's time is running out and this is NOT a no-kill shelter. Beautiful 5 1/2-year-old Husky Rex is friendly with people and would love to have a real home. Poor Rex was kept in a back yard with little socialization, strictly for breeding. The backyard breeder's dogs would often escape but this time when Rex got loose they did not claim him. Rex's deadline for adoption is already up and he could be PTS at any time. Time is of the essence! This beautiful boy would do best with someone that has Husky or Malamute experience and is a knowledgeable handler. Rex is not neutered and having that done should help quite a bit. He will be neutered before adoption through a Rescue. Someone that is around a lot (works at home, retired) to give this boy training time and lots of exercise. A tired dog is a well behaved dog! Rex should also have secure containment, 6' fencing [with an overhang would even be better]. Please contact Margie at if you can foster or adopt this beautiful boy.



Adopted! - Gorgeous and sweet, Elsa is a 2 y/o spayed female Husky/mix. She look so have some White German Shepherd in her with that slender long body of hers and beautiful white coat. She was rescued from a shelter and needs a home of her own within one month (March). She weighs about 60 lbs, is good with other large, friendly dogs, and does well on leash for the most part. As we all know, Huskies like to pull, but with some training she responds very well. She hasn't really been around small dogs, and so we are looking for a home with a large, friendly male companion and no cats.

Elsa eats well near other dogs but with ample space between for a comfort zone. She is submissive with humans, has not been around children that we know of. She likes to ride in the car but if left alone (in the car or house) she will chew. She needs some training in this ares to help her with some separation anxiety. Elsa likes to cuddle, loves to be with you, and enjoys being indoors as well as having outdoor activities. She is quiet and does not bark often, but will howl to greet you! Not a good guard dog as she loves everybody, and is a loyal companion. Elsa's foster mom is moving, has two cats and since Elsa has a high prey drive they are not comfortable in keeping her, so this beautiful girl needs a home to call her own. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or email her at



Adopted! Eros  D.O.B. 9-2-2010 - this beautiful purebred Sable GSD is only 6 years old. Eros' bloodline comes from the sire Wagner Vom Welzbachtal and Dam Evita V. Tiekrhook. His temperament is amazing he loves kids and other dogs. He will also take a ball in his mouth and loves to play fetch. He is very well trained and knows commands in English as well as German. He knows sit, speak, heal, lay down, go lay down in your bed and stay. He likes to go for car rides and though he likes to be vocal he listens very well. His attention to command is quick. He is house trained as well as kennel trained for short periods of time. He has gone through doggie boot camp so he is very well mannered and passed his training with flying colors. He is extremely loving and likes to lie close to you or in the same room. Health wise he is allergic to all poultry and I recommend feeding him salmon or lamb. He does have allergies and will scratch, but a real-meat diet and proper supplements should help that. Eros Love Loves loves to swim, loves to hike and loves to take walks. He will be the perfect addition to your family. An application and Home Check will be required.

If you are interested in giving Eros a forever home please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or 




Adopted! - Southern California - Loki is a beautiful male,  just over 2 years old.  He is neutered, chipped, and up to date on vaccinations and weighs approximately 80lbs. Loki  has gotten along with his malamute brother, but is cautious and fearful with strange dogs and will need slow and calm introductions, he is not a “dog park” kind of guy but can be in the right hands eventually.  He is not good with small dogs or cats. Loki does great on leash, can be walked loose leashed and prefers to sniff than pulling.  He is housetrained,  and his signals to be let out are to pace back and forth while looking at you.  As Loki is stil a young pup he likes to chew, so ample chew bones and lots of daily exercise to keep him relaxed and happy would be best for this boy.  He has had basic obedience training, and knows Sit, Wait and is crate trained for short periods of time. He has no food aggression with people but can be a little possessive over his bones. He is not a known escape artist (does not jump/climb or try to dig out), but standard 6' fencing requirements for the breed will apply.  He is shy and submissive with strangers, but playful and affectionate with his family. Loki has a couple of special considerations. He has some separation anxiety and does not want to be left alone. He loves being with his family or friends so he will be placed in a home that has someone who works from home or is retired [around a lot or can take with]. We would like to find someone who can be patient and work with him to help make him feel secure. Loki had a bit of Pancreatitis and must remain on a strict grain-free diet with no extra protein or fat.  NO indigestible table scraps. We can help you with some diet suggestions if you are interested in adopting this sweetheart, so please contact Jennifer at or call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. As with all our rescues an Adoption Application and Home Check will apply. 



Adopted Monterey, CA - Mikiya is a stunning 1-1/2 year-old female Sable Shepherd/Husky mix. This gorgeous girl weighs approximately 50lbs, is spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on her vaccinations. She is a young, active dog who enjoys accompanying her people out and about on adventures. She does very well playing at the dog park/doggie beach, hiking off-leash, or just out and about the town with her people. She is a "take anywhere" dog who will do best with a very active, outdoorsy owner who understands the energy requirements of an active Northern breed. She is trustworthy in the house, fully house-trained, and does not display separation anxiety. However, she has the normal Husky prey drive and will not be placed with cats or very timid small dogs. Additionally, she displays some issues with resource guarding her food (and some toys) so should not go to a home with children or where young children visit - her owners should be willing to work with this behavior. She should be fed separately from other dogs (at least initially), but she would love to have a male or female playmate at home. She does not seem to mind other female dogs in her home and territory so would likely be fine with another active and friendly dog of either gender. Her ideal home would have a large fenced yard, another dog, and active adults who will enjoy the great outdoors with her. If you feel your home and family is a good match for Mikiya and you have Northern breed experience (no cats or kids) please email Robin at  or Pamela Jo at for an application. A home visit will also be required for adoption.



Adopted!  Portland, OR - Ritter is almost a year old now, a beautiful female Alaskan Noble Companion Dog needs a home desperately! Her owner cannot take care of her any longer and since this was her second home, we want to make sure that the next one is FOREVER. Ritter has been around cats and has a very low prey drive. She bonds quickly as she’s very food motivated, and has been off leash reliable for her current owner. She is great with other dogs of all sizes, and loves to play – sharing her toys and treats politely. Please be prepared for an intelligent dog that needs exercise, engagement, obedience training and regular brushing. Ritter would do very well in short-distance trail running, backpacking, hiking and possibly even skijoring. Ritter will need a low-traffic household with no children, as she is very nervous around new people and responds by growling at them. She does not have a bite history and shows no inclination to bite, but consistency and a quiet household will be necessary to acclimate her as well as set her up for success. Ritter suffers from separation anxiety when left alone in the house, and will need training in this area, and either an escape-proof enclosure or a heavy duty crate. She can bend out of the standard wire or plastic crates and really doesn't like being crated, so we don't recommend it, but instead we suggest the new owner works with a trainer to help Ritter learn to trust and be comfortable in her new environment. While she is not destructive when left unattended, she does vocalize (howl) and has accidents, so apartment/rental living isn’t ideal for her. Ritter has received a specialty spay procedure so her hormone production will not be impacted and she can develop into a healthy, large breed dog without having to worry about heat cycles or puppies! She is up to date on shots, heartworm tested and free, and will come with flea prevention for 3 months. Her adoption fee is $250 + any cost of transportation that will need to be arranged. Approved adopters will need to comply with an in-person Home Check as well as an Adoption Contract to ensure Ritter is never rehomed without our knowledge. Only approved adopters will be allowed to meet with Ritter becuse new people and situations cause her undue stress. If you are interested in giving Ritter a forever home, please contact Charlotte 
Here's a little video of Ritter:



 Adopted! Florida - 2 dogs need homes ASAP! Their owner is very ill, requiring major surgery, and will not be able to continue taking care of these animals. The conditions that these animals live in are not good. Their enclosures are filthy and not being kept clean and they aren't being fed properly. We need to try and help find homes as soon as possible. Most are low or no wolf content - females are spayed, males will be neutered before placement. All animals are up to date with vaccines. They are timid because they have had limited socialization, but all very sweet. We feel with patience and special handling these animals could adapt to living indoors as pets. Any assistance would be appreciated with fostering, permanent homes or sanctuary.

CONTACT: Debbie 
Nikko - 3-year-old intact male with birth defect front legs are bent but he hops and gets around fine. He's a sweet boy and would love a home of his own.
Sissy - 2-year-old female, spayed
and shy. A patient handler is just what ths girl needs to help her adjust to a new home.



RENO - Athena going back to breeder. D.O.B. 1-12-12 is a young four years old, purebred GSD female. She is training on a leash, how to sit and lie down. She is extremely loving and all she wants to do is lick your face, cuddle and be with you. She is very good around kids and other dogs. Athena has a mellow temperament and has no known health issues.  She does not have any fixations with balls or toys but loves to chew on treats and will chew on toys in she has them. Athena loves to hike, swim and be taken on walks. She does not pull on a leash and listens very well when you tell her to heal. We do not know how she would be around cats. She loves her companion Eros and we are hoping to place them together.



Adopted - San Francisco area - Rambo is a healthy 55lb, 12 month old male Malamute/Husky mix. His general disposition is friendly, energetic, and true to the Nordic breed spirit. He gets along with everyone, including house guests and strangers. He also greets other dogs with an invitation to play.  

Rambo is housetrained, crate trained and loves car rides.  However, he needs some training on the leash. His issue? Rambo tends to guard his food from other dogs and people. Therefore, he will not be placed in a home with children under age 14, and care should be taken with treats and feeding if other dogs live in the home. His owners should be prepared to actively manage food guarding issues and implement an evidence-based training program to help him make better choices. An ideal home for Rambo would be with active person or couple that can provide him with daily vigorous exercise. Another playful female dog and a large escape-proof yard would be a nice fit for him. He needs to be neutered prior to adoption. Overall, Rambo is a well-socialized, intelligent, and energetic dog who will make a nice companion to a very experienced Nordic breed family. If interested in adopting Rambo, contact Robin at 



Adopted - So. California - Whitman. Whitman is a beautiful boy, and sweet as can be! He is estimated to be under 2 years old. He is UTD on vaccinations and neutered. He is very underweight right now, weighing only 45 lbs. [should weigh about 82-86 lbs.] Since Whitman was just recently pulled from a Los Angeles shelter, we’re still getting to know him, but we will update as we get to know him better. He is shy of new people and situations, but once he warms up he’s a kissy face boy, happy for petting and affection and treats and will stick to you like glue. He is slightly afraid of men, and likely needs a slow introduction to men. He is housetrained and does well in the car and on a leash (but can be skittish, so secure martingale collar/harness is a must). He does not appear to have any food aggression. While at the shelter, he was tested with a large German Shepherd who jumped all over him, and he had no reaction. He also did not spark to any of the dogs he was walked past, including smaller dogs that were running in an enclosure. Whitman does seem to have a VERY strong prey drive, as he was more than a little interested in the bunnies at the shelter when walked up to them. So no cats or small critters (including tiny dogs) please. We suspect he would be happy in a home with a female canine companion, and possibly even a gentle male. Application and home check will apply. We are looking for an experienced committed long-term foster or forever home. Whitman can only be fostered in Calfornia and placed in the following states: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona or Nevada – with preference to California adopters. For an application or more information please contact Jennifer Reitman at as soon as possible. Thank you!

Adopted! - Los Gatos, CA - Lily and Kali are two gorgeous young German Shepherd/Huskies that need new homes. We will separate them if needed as we feel they will blossom beautifully if each are placed in homes with a male canine companion. They are sisters, aged 3 1/2 and weiging 65 and 75 lbs. They are current on vaccinations and will be spayed by the end of January. They are both great with male dogs, ok with female dogs as long as the female is submissive. They really haven't been around children or cats so we will not adopt them into homes with cats, kids or little dogs. They are both a bit predatorial and love to run the property and hunt. They are currently enjoying invisible fencing on 2 acres, but owner has two Akita's and the four do not get along. Owner is afraid that the female Akita will kill these girls. Lily and Kali love to have their bellies rubbed, are very affectionate, and can be mischievous if not supervised ... they like chewing up toys and anything with stuffing (which can be dangerous). A home that can offer them good daily exercise, lots of companionship and some training. Transportation to their new homes will be available. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in adopting either Lily or Kali
Adopted! - Nevada City, CA - Beautiful Maddie is a 3 1/2-year-old white, spayed female Husky. Look at her smiling now that she found a great home. She needed home as soon as possible. Owners can no longer keep this sweet girl. It's a typical example of a young person getting a cute little puppy then realizing after it grows up they cannot give it proper containment, exercise, training and attention. This dog was kept in a small apartment all day while owners worked and they feel very bad that they can't give her what she needs. They love this girl very much and hope to find a great home for her. Maddie is presently in a foster home but needs a home where someone is around a lot (retired, works at home, etc.) and can give her the love and attention she deserves. Maddie is about 50 lbs. and is very playful with other dogs. She is curious with small dogs and has not shown any dominance toward them, albeit we try to adopt these dogs into homes without small dogs as they can sometimes play rough. She has never been around cats so we don't know how she would be with them. She is comfortable on leash and only pulls initially as she is happy to get out on a much needed walk. She may be great with skijoring! She has a little off-leash recall but needs more training in this area. Maddie is good with kids and is submissive with them, and loves the dog park where it is fenced and she can run loose. She rides well in the car, has never been crate trained. She has a lot of energy and would do well with an active owner who loves the outdoors. Maddie is housetrained, knows Sit, Shake, High Five and is friendly with people. She is not an escape artist but we do require at least 6' fencing as many rescues are a bit intimidated and stressed when first going to a new home. Maddie LOVES to be around people and we are so happy that we found a wonderful home for this sweetheart
ADOPTED! Anderson Valley, CA - This sweet and loving Shep has been waiting a long time for his perfect home! He adores other dogs and humans of all ages. Shep has a beautiful and unusual coat and markings. This is a dog that loves to be around his family and companions, both dogs and people. He would do best having the companionship of at least one other friendly and playful dog, while also getting to enjoy plenty of love and attention from his humans. An ideal situation would be one in which someone is home the majority of the time, and there is the stability of calm, relaxed leadership.
  Shep responds well to positive reinforcement training, as he is both sensitive and eager to please! Although he is not accustomed to being in the house unsupervised, he is reliably house trained and will happily sleep through the night on a dog bed in your bedroom. Shep gets along extremely well with other dogs and is very playful; he shows no interest in being dominant or domineering, but also is not submissive. A large enclosure/yard with secure 6’ fencing will be best for him.
  While Shep loves to go on adventures (hiking, etc), he also does not seem to have a high need for extreme physical exercise, at least while living in a fairly large space of an acre or more. Shep has no issues with food aggression or resource guarding. His progress with obedience training in his foster home is a testament to his trusting nature, adaptability, and desire for positive reinforcement. Shep will be an amazing companion for someone who can provide him with the right environment, has large-breed experience, and is familiar with positive reinforcement training. Shep needs a home without cats or other small animals as he has displayed a strong prey drive at his foster home. An Adoption Application, including references and a home check, will be required for adoption. For more information about Shep, please email Robin at, or contact Kay by phone at (559) 906-1829 / email at


A bit about these dogs  - Deadline was January 2016 - hoarder/breeder has too many dogs and county will confiscate and PTS if no homes were found by end of January. Space has opened up in our Adoption Program so LTWR pulled two of his dogs. They will go into our Foster homes where they will be taken to vet for exams, spay/neutering, and vaccinations. They will be groomed and soon ready for adoption. All appear to be in good health but some are very underweight. They have all been living outdoors in fenced yard with a bunch of other dogs their entire lives - all look similar and most are mixes of Husky/Malamute/White GSD [German Shepherd Dog]. They have not had much attention so are a bit shy. Some will need housetraining and leash walking but the ones in foster are already getting that training, living indoors and loving it. We have rescued six other dogs from the same breeder and they have adapted well and are so happy in their new homes. [See Aphrodite in Adopted 2015 ] These dogs will have a very difficult time finding homes so please open your heart and help them out. They will not be adopted into homes with small dogs or cats. None seem to be escape artists in the home they have known for so long, but secure containment is required as some like to dig ... These dogs are ready to come into your heart as they are craving some real attention and love. If you are interested in saving one of these beautiful pups, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or our volunteer Robin at  We urgently need help with vet costs so please donate if you can. Click on Donations  As with all our rescues, an Adoption Application and Home Visit will apply. Here are Cast and Aries ...
Lake Tahoe -Adopted! Aries - 12-year-old senior White Malamute. He weighs about 65 lbs becuse he is very emaciated but is getting some real food and lots of supplements now. He is best with other large dogs, especially likes his new female companion. He has no food aggression but likes be fed separately. He's a good dog, likes to snuggle and wants to be loved and petted a lot. He's good with kids but we don't think any of these dogs would be good in a home with cats. We did radiographs and Aries has some arthritis and sondylosis in his hind quarters so can't romp and play with other dogs, but love a nice leash walk around the block and is building muscle tone in his large and wooded backyard. He's getting joint supplements which will benefit him, and as with all our seniors is getting routine acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. All these dogs have been living in a large pen with many other dogs not getting any attention from the humans. They crave interaction and attention and will be shy at first with meeting new people but most warm up once they get to know you and are quite friendly. Aries is so happy in his new home! l Pamela Jo 
Adopted! - Cast - 3-year-old white Husky/GSD. He weighs about 60 lbs and should weigh much more! He is emaciated but is getting 3 meals a day in his new home now. Cast is now with a pack of females and one very friendly male and is having the time of his life. Being a very submissive pup and an Omega in his pack, he no longer has to fight for his food (or be beaten up for it). He loves his new companons and is very playful. He has no food aggression but likes to be fed separately so he can eat calmly and comfortably. All these dogs are sweet and friendly but a bit shy when they first meet strangers. Call Pamela Jo  
Sweet Home, Oregon - needs placement very soon. Currently in foster and doing very well but foster can't keep her much longer... Peanut is a 45 lb, spayed little girl of 10 yrs. Peanut appears to be a husky mix. She is part of a larger group of dogs whose owner lost their property recently. We are hoping that someone with a kind heart for older dogs will come forward as most people want young pups, and the sweet older ones have difficulty finding homes even though they are very adoptable! Peanut is a gregarious little girl and with someone who will be patient and kind, she will open up to them. Peanut would do best having a nice male companion ... her best friend was adopted and she was heartbroken so we really want her to have a sweet boyfriend. Peanut is in great condition and has no medical issues. She will not be placed where there are small children, cats or small doggies. Please contact Kim at or call 541-382-0065 for more info and an adoption application.
Bend Oregon - Jax is an awesome boy who will be 5 years old this spring ... he is also a very big boy of 120 lbs. His dad is an AKC registered Black Labrador and his mom was a mixed breed. Jax is extremely intelligent and sensitive and has the sweetest, most loving personality ... he is, however on the shy side with meeting new people. I would very much like to find a home where Jax would have a lot of companionship with his people ... not a home where he would be left alone in a yard all day. Someone who works at home or is retired would be wonderful for this boy. He would benefit greatly from having a large-breed female dog with a sweet and trusting temperament as his companion. Jax will need a securely fenced yard of minimum 6' in height. He has lived with a husky, a pug and a couple of kitties and a small child but He likes a quiet household so I prefer children to be 10 or above if there are kids in a family. The perfect family for Jax is one who enjoys & participates in active, outdoor adventures. Please contact Kim Kahl at or call me at 541-382-0065 for more information and an adoption application for Jax.
Lake Tahoe, NV - Uki is a sweet Chow Chow girl. She was abandoned when her owners moved 9 or 10 years ago and she has been living on the streets for all these years! Neighbors love her and have been feeding her, but will not cooperate to help catch poor Uki. Uki will be groomed and to a vet immediately before adopting into a wonderful home. She will NOT be euthanized! The neighbors are very ignorant in this case and don't seem to understand that the collar that has been on all these years could cause severe medical problems (fungal infection, grow into her skin, etc.) and they will not allow anyone to have access to their yards where Uki hangs out. The neighbors who have been feeding her will not claim ownership - therefore she is not getting veterinary care or grooming or personal TLC. They can't even pet her. She is extremely matted and in trying to blow her summer coat she is so thick that she can't regulate her body temperature. She looks even worse than this photo that was taken last year (Oct. 2015). A volunter was making such good progress with Uki - she was taking treats gently and was following her new friend around but now she runs when she sees a leash. We think she is about 11+ years old but hopefully will know more once she sees a vet. We do not know if she is spayed but no litters have been reported over all these years. The fact that she follows people and their dogs around we feel that she wants human and canine companionship, and feel it would not take long for her to acclimate into a loving home. She's been living in the harsh winter rain and snow, and the heat of the summer without any physical attention other than a spot uner a deck to sleep in. The mats make it very difficult for her to regulate her body temperature so when it's wet, she's cold and her coat can become moldy; when it's warm outside, she's very hot and has to work harder to stay cool. Uki suffers from entropian and her eyes are at half constantly tearing. She could have an infection, cataracts or glaucoma and the neighbors would never know it. The neighbors take good care of their own dogs yet they do not care about Uki's condition or emotional welfare. There are coyotes around and now that she is older she is even more vulnerable to injury or death. Uki needs someone who has some experience with shy and neglected dogs ... someone with love and patience would be an angel for Uki. We require a secure fenced yard and someone who is around a lot [retired/works at home] to keep her comfortable and happy. We have a wonderful and experienced Foster Home waiting for Uki once we catch her, and we will pay for vet exam, vaccinations and any medical needs she should need. An Adoption Application and Home Visit is required for fostering or adoption.
If you are interested in giving a permanent home to Uki, please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or email her at 

Here's a little video of Uki on Utube ...