Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue    
Successful Adoptions 2013 
These animals have been adopted out by LTWR and our networking partners. They have been placed in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts.
 Merlin  Adopted by Wolf Connection Sanctuary, CA! - Six-year-old Merlin's owner has had him since a pup but is losing his job/home and needs to find a wonderful and loving home for his boy. Merlin is a high-content Wolfdog [this means he has a lot of Wolf genetics] and will need a wolfdog-experienced person. Merlin has been socialized since a puppy and enjoys being around people. He likes riding in the cab of his truck and loves long hikes in the woods! He really enjoys playing with other dogs but will need a strong or large canine friend who can handle his exuberance and rough play. Merlin loves to dig and chew and cannot be left unsupervised in the house. While he likes people he will grab at wristbands, backpacks, you .. and will challenge you [not aggressively] occasionally to confirm leadership. He is very submissive with his present owner. Merlin will not be placed with cats, kids or small animals, but he is a social guy, has a good sense of humor and is very playful. Merlin needs a special forever home with someone who has the time, the knowledge and the proper Wolf-proof containment so he can share a wonderful life with them. For more information and an Adoption Application, contact Adrienne: 
URGENTLY NEEDING MEDICAL CARE! Lake Tahoe, NV - Sadie is a beautiful creamy-white 8-year-old, spayed female. She is not very big, about 55 lbs., the size of a Husky. Her owners moved and didn't want to take her so Sadie was sent to Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue. When Sadie arrived here she was extremely shy, her coat was dry and falling out, and her teeth were solid brown. She was very fearful and was afraid to get in a car or meet new people. Now her coat is luxurious and soft, she's gained some weight, her teeth are much better and she is curious and housetrained! At Pamela Jo's (foster) she runs around and plays with her male canine companion, Muraco, like a puppy! Sadie absolutely needs a home with a medium or large, neutered male companion that is active or she will get very lonely. Sadie is very shy with men but once she gets to know you she will allow you to pet her and put a harness on her. A person who is self employed, works at home, or retired would be great for this beautygirl but as long as she has a male companion to hang with, she is fine if left alone in the yard for a few hours with access to a doggy door to home. When outdoors, Sadie is shy with new people but will go up for a sniff and greet. Indoors she is curious and will sometimes come up to visitors and hang out close by and if you are lucky, she will allow newcomers to pet her. She walks nicely on a leash/harness and loves to go for hikes in the woods where she is most comfortable and relaxed. With a patient and calm handler she responds very well and is soon walking down the street nicely. It would take about 3 weeks for Sadie to settle in at a new home but with a regular routine she becomes more and more comfortable and is very well behaved. Good daily exercise is great for helping her relax and presently she is going out every day for hike in the woods. Sadie is ok with kids that are calm and allow her to approach them, and she is very curious with our 10-year-old grandson and lets him brush her, as well as leash and walk her... but we will adopt Sadie into a home without small children, small dogs or cats - i.e. a calm environment. She is much more comfortable with women, but fine with calm, gentle men. She can be good with other dogs when introduced properly on a walk and once in a while dominant when meeting a new dog on leash, but it's all for show, no real aggression. She would not be happy in an environment with a dominant female. She has spent most of her life in a back yard, sleeping in a garage with little human socializing, possibly some abuse. She is a totally different girl now and it would be nice for her to have a home where she can feel welcome. Sadie is now housetrained and does love to come in and be with you, especially in the evenings to watch TV. Sadie LOVES to watch wolves and dogs on TV! Presently she sleeps in our bedroom all night and is allowed to come and go through a slider. Sadie needs a secure fenced yard and the option to sleep in or outdoors with her "mate." A patient and gentle owner would make milestones with this sweetie. Sadie is submissive with humans and is not aggressive at all but very skitsy and runs away from you when anxious so she is an escape risk. She loves to play with her boyfriend and was very energetic for an 8 year old, but she has recently torn her ACL and her companion would be best if an older, calm dog. If you are interested in giving Sadie a good forever home, please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 Transportation help is available. If you are interested in meeting Sadie at Lake Tahoe, give Pamela Jo a call or email her at  
Adopted! SPARKS, NEVADA Humane Soc  - Kami is a very pretty White Husky female that needs a home right away. Owners had to give her up to the Humane Society, so we are helping to garner interest for this pretty girl. Kami is 8 or 9 years old.  She is a very mild tempered dog. She gets along well with most other dogs, but she did have some issues with a female pit bull mix who was not spayed. This was the ONLY dog that Kami has ever been dominant with. Kami lived with two cats and she got along well with them.  She does like to chase the cats ocassionally to play so we recommend supervision with any cats as we discourage dogs playing or chasing cats. Kami was kicked in the throat by previous owners and does not bark.  She does howl and loves to talk! She was raised by her most recent family for the last 5 years and likes kids, adults, old people, whoever pays her any attention. Kami is spayed. Pleaes contact the Humane Society in Reno.
Wisconsin - Still in Foster Care - At 4 years old, Stitch is a very large male, White German Shephard/Malamute wolfdog. The breeder was shut down and now Stitch is in a foster home, but still needs a forever home. He will need a wolfdog-experienced home with escape-proof containment. Stitch would be best with someone that can spend time training him, and he would love to have a female canine companion to keep him company for those times when his human is not around. Willow, his female companion, has been adopted elsewhere and Stitch is lonely now.
Stitch is pictured here in his shedding phase, but we will try to get new photos of him as he is a very handsome young boy. We do not think he is house-trained as he prefers being outside, but he loves being with his people. Stitch is very social and meets strangers quite well. Leash skills need a little work but he enjoys going for walks and of course, nice long hikes. Help with transport is available. Adoption requirements: No Exceptions -Secure fenced area, Completed Adoption Application, Home Visit required. 
Stitch : 4 year old neutered male UTD on vaccinations. His brother is also available and is currently in a Foster home. 
Please contact Jayne at  Please help this pretty boy find a real home! 
Adoopted! - Grass Valley, CA - Flea is a beautiful White German Shepherd that is about 7 years old. He is neutered and a big boy at about 100 lbs. Flea is good with most all dogs, large and small. He may show a little dominance at first but he's a good boy. He is behaved indoors with supervision, but needs a secure yard for those times when you need to leave him home alone. He is very smart and can open doors and windows and climbs/jumps fences! He has a bit of separation anxiety and does not want to be left alone. This intelligent boy needs someone that is around a lot - i.e. works at home, can take to work, retired, etc. as he is a wonderful and loving companion and happy to be with you. Flea knows some commands and lets you know when he is hungry or has to go out. His hips are weak now and so no excessive or hard exercise, just nice walks would be best. He is also best with a knowedgeable handler as he can pull hard sometimes. He's ok with kids if they are gentle with him, but he does not like his tail or legs touched. Flea is a special boy and his owner loves him very much but is presently moving to a place where big dogs are not allowed. Transportation is available. Please help this boy find a new home. His time is up at the end of November and we do not want him to wind up at the pound. At this age no one will adopt him. Please contact Jessi at or Pamela Jo at 
Adoption pending! Sacramento, CA - Koda Bear - is a slightly overweight Alaskan Malamute that needs a home very soon. He is about 2 1/2 years old and weighs 120 lbs. Koda Bear is neutered and current on vaccinations. He is good with submissive dogs but will accept a challenge from a dominant dog. He is not good with cats, but walks nicely on leash and is housetrained. Koda likes to dig and play in the yard and although he is not an escape artist he should have a nice, secure back yard. He's had some basic training but could use more as his family has spoiled him quite a bit. Koda Bear is not sure who the leader is in his household, and tends to get protective of his owners when strangers approach, but this can be ameliorated with some good training. With a thick northern-breed coat poor Koda Bear is plagued by fleas and the heat and we would like to adopt him in a cooler climate, like the Sierra Nevada or foothills. He has flea allergies and is also allergic to liquid flea preventatives like Frontline, so an area where he does not have to deal with fleas would be great! Koda Bear is a big lap dog and is very sweet with his humans. He is very loving and is happiest when out on hikes to the woods and river. His family loves him very much but all the kids are grown and leaving home and there is nobody to give this boy attention. Koda Bear will need someone that is a strong handler and familiar with northern breeds but he will make a wonderful companion for the right person. He will also need to be put on a healthy diet so he can lose some weight and feel good about himself! We would like to adopt him into a home without children, cats or small dogs. Please contact Pamela Jo at 
Adopted! OR - Lakota is a sweet 1 1/2-year-old spayed and microchipped Husky/Malamute/GSD mix [she almost looks like she may have a little sighthound in her]. She has long slender legs like a wolf and that little curl at the end of her tail like a German Shepherd Dog. She is 30" at the withers and is 84 lbs. Lakota is up to date on vaccinations and heartworm tested. She is good with other dogs but may not be good with cats. Lakota is mostly leash trained but culd use more training or doggie classes. She is a big puppy, exploring everything. She will run alongside a bicycle once she trusts her human. Lakota is housetrained and will let you know when she needs to go out. She is also crate trained and loves to ride in the car. She is indeed an escape artist and figures things out quickly, so secure "wolf-escape-proof" containment a must. She can open latches, pulls pulley-style handles, and will chew through wood if she is intent on escaping. She needs indestructible toys and loves to play tug-rope, chase the ball, and eager to please. She is respectful and thrives in a pack environment, and could use a dominant, older canine leader. She will test boundaries but she is gentle with foster mom's 13 y/o blind alpha canine. Best with dogs her own size but we are told she lived with a small dog previously.  
When she is uncertain, she can and does run away, giving warning barks. She’s even been known to hide behind her foster mom when strangers show up on property. Letting her come to you with current caretaker present in the kennel, & squatting down to her level diminishes the “threat” of the new person. She has an enormous amount of love & loyalty to give with the right owner. She readily gives foster mom full hugs and leans into her for all the attention she can get. She’s also learned to “talk” when greeting foster mom or asking FM to play and of course at dinner time. She has blossomed immensely since coming into foster care at the beginning of April this year. Mutual respect and lots of love will need to a constant with her new/permanent owners. She is fast learning gentleness in play and when taking food/treats. Lakota will not do well with a noisy household, humans yelling or negative excitement. If you have wolfdog experience, that would be a plus. Please contact Kim Kahl at 
Adopted! - Kansas - Young & Beautiful Wolfie is around two years old and is currently in a shelter after being taken in as a stray.  He is a special boy who is up to date on shots and heartworm negative. He will be neutered upon adoption. Wolfie is a social boy who is ready to find that fantastic forever home! Wolfie is about 80 pounds and tests new folks a bit so he is looking for an owner who is ready to handle a fun loving boy and ideally has some experience with Northern breeds. This boy will need secure containment and preferably a female canine companion to hang with. He does show some  interest in the local rabbits on walks but walked right by some cats... he has kept his kennel clean too so he is probably housetrained. Wolfie is a pretty fun loving and happy guy who just needs someone who can give him a home with lots of training, exercise, and fun! For more information about Wolfie or an application please contact Adrienne at or Stacy at 
Mesa, Arizona - Two beautiful pups!  PLEASE HELP  I have been trying to help my neighbors take better care of these young boys. I took them toys and treats and a baby gate. They still left them outside in a small yard that was not secure and they kept squeezing under the fence. I returned them 3 times this week. Today, when I went to tell them that I had them again, the teenage daughter told me through tears, that her step dad didn't want them back. These beautiful young pups are about 5 months old, both German Shepherd mixes. They are about 25-30 lbs, very sweet and gentle mannered. They know Sit and walk very nice on leash. They need a place ASAP as I cannot bring them to my house. They will get all vaccinations, microchips and will be neutered before adoption. Transportation help available. A Home Check will be done before adoption. Please contact Thedra at 
    Adopted! - Cottonwood, AZ - This very sweet girl, Lacey, looks to be part Malamute, and has ben at the shelter way too long. Lacey is not a wolfdog and she is such a sweetheart we wanted to help find her a home. We are worried she may be euthanized if we don't find a home for her soon. Lacey loves people and is a total lady on the leash. She is such a petitie manageable size. If you can give this adorable girl a forever home, please contact Micah at 928-634-7387 or Lisa at 928-300-6299. Transportation help is available.
Adopted! Sedona, AZ - Beau is a beautiful 1-year-old White German Shepherd - maybe a little Husky too - and was adopted several months ago into a wonderful home. The problem: He was an only dog with a mom that is gone all day and Beau is not cut out to be an only dog at home all alone. Beau got very lonely and bored and staqrted jumping the fence, getting out to roam with neighbor dogs. A young pup, he has lots of puppy energy in him. He needs a securely fenced back yard (he can jump very high), at least one other dog to play with and some training. He's a beautiful, enthusiastic, good natured boy that gets along with other dogs and is warm and friendly to people. Cats unknown but he has a prey drive so would be best in a home without cats or farm animals. He cannot be with chickens at all. He pulls on the leash but loves to go on long hikes. A bit of training and he'll make a great hiking companion. He is cream colored with reddish gold spots on his back and golden eyes. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Beau would do well in an active home and is very loyal, loving and bonds deeply. He loves to go places, play with his friends and be with his people. He can be a little shy at first but once warmed up he's a happy, goofy, ready to be trained, good boy. Please help - even with temporary foster - while we find him forever home. Right now he is getting out and in danger on the streets. We would love to see him in a home familiar with Huskies as he has many of the needs and traits of the northern breeds. Please contact Nadia of Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab at  
Adopted - Redundo Beach, CA - Roski (shown on the right) is approximately 7 years old, and very sweet. He is affectionate and would make a loving companion. He looks to be pure Malamute and in good health although very thin. He loves to come indoors with you and is good with other dogs. He lived tied on a chain and neglected but was transported to SoCal to a caring foster who may adopt him! Please contact Carol at or
These two (Nina below) were owned by a hoarder who loved them but could not care for them appropriately She recently passed away but at least she knew they were going to be taken care of in Rescue. 
Adopted! - Healsburg - Elkie is a gorgeousl, sweet young Shepherd/Husky mix that is great with people, kids, dogs and even cats! Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue had adopted her into a loving home in Healsburg. Unfortunately the landlord - having never even met Elke - wants her out immediately because she is "too big." Elke is not a wolfdog and is mostly German Shepherd with some Husky. She is very social and friendly with people, dogs, children and cats. She is a real family dog and got very attached to our volunteer's 6-year-old son Logan. While Elke was in our adoption program she went on hikes in the woods and meadows with other dogs and did well when meeting other dogs on the trail. We brought her into a room full of cats and a kitty snuggled up to her leg! She LOVES kids! Elke would do best with someone who has lots of time to spend with her i.e. works at home, retired or can take with. Someone who is active and can take her hiking and that has a nice fenced back yard. She is not an escape artist but a 5-6' fence is recommended. Elke rides beautifully in the car as well. She's easy to please and likes lots of companionship. She needs a home right away but we don't want her bounced around again as it is very stressful for this sweet girl. She is a laittle shy and so we are looking for a dedicated and committed adopter who will give sweet Elke time to adjust to her forever home. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  for an Adoption Application for this sweet girl. She loves her belly rubs!
Adopted! - Olympia, Washington - This preety 6 y/o girl needs a home right away. She was rescued as she was going to be euthanized at a shelter. She weighs bout 58 lbs and still needs to gain weight to about 60-70 lbs. She has beautiful brown eyes and blackk-phase coloring. Her rescuer has given her a safe haven but cannot keep her any longer. This girl is sweet but very shy with humans, and LOVES to play with other canines. She would do well in a home that is wolfdog experienced with a fellow male wolfboy to play with. She will need escape-proof containment and she will be happy as a clam. She would also do well in a sanctuary if we could find one who would give her a forever home. Transportation help is available. Please contacte Olivia at or Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. Time is running out for this girl. Please help her!
Adopted! Los Angeles - Demure and pretty Judy is about 2 years old and is White GSD/White Husky. She may be about 60 lbs. and is very shy with humans, but is very friendly with other dogs. Judy must be spayed before adoption. Judy is not leash trained but will come up to you for treats and affection. A person that has good experience, patience and is consistent with commands and routine can soon train this girl to be a wonderful companion as she is young and willing to please. Judy LOVES her ear scratches. She sleeps on the couch or bed with her Foster Mom and just wants to be with you .. indoors or out. Judy and her coompanins are all given raw bones and food at a distance to each other [in the same yard] and no food aggression has surfaced. Secure containment [6' fencing] is recommended. So far she has not tried to escape 6' fencing because she is happy and with other canine companions, but in a new home she may be traumatized at first so a watchful eye is helpful in the first few days. Contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or email her at or Nadine at  Transportation help is available.
Adopted - Los Angeles - Levi is abut 2 years old and is not shy at all - very friendly with people, housetrained [with doggy door] very sweet and affectionate. Levi seems to be  White German Shepherd in looks, but with a beautiful thick coat like a Husky. Presently at his foster home he is using a doggy door and comes and goes to the yard nicely and is well behaved with the other dogs. Please help this pup to find a good home. Contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066
Marin, CA - Ayita is a sweet, approx. 2-year-old female pup that was found tied to a gas pump out in the middle of nowhere. She has been at a shelter for over a month and now Rescue has arranged to have her spayed and transported to a boarding kennel in Marin where she will receive some one-on-one training and socializing. Ayita is uncertain of new dogs, a bit shy of adults, but LOVES children. We think she is housetrained as she does not relieve herself in the kennel and waits to go out to the play yard. Her feet are a bit worn from pacing in circles after being on concrete in the shelter so long, so she is not very active in the video. Now that she is out of the shelter and spayed, Ayita will need a secure fenced yard and would love an active family to go out hiking with. She is an escape risk so should be kept on leash until one is certain she is bonded. Given a proper diet she will blossom and have a beautiful coat in winter. Rescue groups worked so hard to save her from euthanization so please consider giving this sweetie a loving home. She only has 3 weeks at this kennel as it is too expensive to keep her there much longer.
Adopted! Truckee, California - Tika - beautiful purebred Siberian Husky female, spayed. She has never been crated. Tika is a loving, smart, responsive young girl with dominant female tendencies and fairly strong prey instincts. Tika came to me on January 7th from a completely inappropriate home for a Northern Dog: Southern California, two Newfies, all dogs lived on furniture, ate from the dinner table, slept with owners in King sized bed, no pack structure, no rules, no exercise. She should not be in a home with critters much smaller than she is. Bottom line, NO CATS OR SMALL DOGS. Tika gets along with my 5-year-old mixed-breed female ~ they are working out the alpha female thing. They sleep on the bed together, run together and engage in competitive play. There is no food aggression, I can put my hand and face into her bowl while she is eating, so can Luna, they always check out each other's bowls, but bottom line, she is kind of like the typical husky... not so interested in the food as she is in what someone else has that she may not. She likes to take over toys, but does not guard them. She does quietly dismantle plush toys. Tika has been amazingly good on recall for a Husky. She has done well in the home for up to 9 hours with Luna. She also dens up well in the car while I am running errands or working. I have been taking her off-leash for big activities since her first week with me. I walk her in the neighborhood on leash during the day. I have a Skijoring harness for her and have been working on commands ~ she thrives at this. She also proves to be a great mountain-biking dog. Her progress and my success has been that she has had no less than three walks and two hours of solid exercise per day -primarily skiing, a few days hiking on hard-pack and always with Luna, often with one to three other dogs. This is likely why she has been so good in the house, and so good at recall! A tired dog is a well behaved dog! Tika loves people, children, men especially. She has "disappeared" twice. Once in the neighborhood (figured out my paddle-door handle and second doggy door was open) until the neighbor who she was playing with called; and once while on a hike... again only 10 minutes but came back with a bloody snout so running loose is not acceptable. I have been working with a wonderful trainer - Jeanne Collins - here in Truckee on several things. We are doing clicker training, targeting, and using high-value specialized treats to reward Tika when she sees my cat in motion in the house. I do not, however, let her off lead when we are outside within the neighborhood. If you are interested in Tika, please fill out the Adoption Application  and contact Karyn at 
Adopted! Soda Springs, CA - Cochise is a very pretty 10-year-young White German Shepherd that needs a home as soon as possible. His female companion passed away in February and now Cochise is very lonely. His owner cannot get another female for Cochise and this boy does not do well alone and his owner has to leave for work. He needs either a human companion that would be around a lot [retired, works at home, self employed] or another female canine to play with. Cochise is about 80 lbs, neutered and is good with some dogs - not so good with males that challenge him but ok if other males are submissive. Best with small dogs and cats! He walks nice on leash and is very calm. He is housetrained and not much of an escape artist, unless he is left alone as he now has some separation anxiety without a girlfriend. He is a little food protective so should be fed separately keeping other dogs, cats and childen away while he is eating. Otherwise he is a sweetie and would make a great companion for someone who is active and likes to hike. Cochise is great with chidren and his owner trusts him competely with the little ones. He was submissive even when a toddler poked him in the eye - he just whined and tried to get away. He needs some house manners when it comes to food on the counters, but again, these are easy fixes if you are a good handler and around to correct him when the issue arises. He may have had some abuse from a man as he is slower to get comfotable around new men friends. When an aggressive female snarled at him Cochise just ignored her and was very well behaved! If you think you can give this beautiful White Shepherd a loving home, please call Pamela Jo at (7750 833-2066 or email her at 
Adpted! - INDIANA - Sweet and beautiful ABE was obtained as a baby by his loving owners, but they are losing their home and need to give up their boy. Abe will be euthanized if they don't find a home soon. Abe is 11 1/2 years young, is neutered, loves kids and cats even sleep with him in his doghouse! He is friendly with other dogs as well. He does have predatorial instincts and can jump a 5' fence, so secure containment is needed for this sweetie. He is a social butterfly and used to interaction with people, but must be supervised when indoors. Abe walks with you on and off leash, but a settle-in time is recommended before allowing him loose. He likes being outdoors, romps in the woods, etc. He is a bit of an escape artist so secure containment is needed as well. Please consider saving this boy... Abe is a wonderful, beautiful, healthy animal capable of bonding with humans and other animals. If you can give Abe a home, pelase contact Adrienne at or Tamera at  Transportation help is available - time is of the essence!
Adopted - Glendale, AZ - Charlie is a one-year old gorgeous Malamute/mix who is extremely smart and active. He is neutered and weighs about 110 lbs... he's a pretty big boy. He is making progress on his leash manners and polite behavior. Charlie is learning to be calm and to accept gentle affection as he is presently in a Foster Home where he is getting training every day. His ideal home is with an active owner who enjoys hiking and being outdoors. Charlie will thrive in an environment where at least one human is home all day, and where everyone is "on board" and will consistently continue to actively work with him on his training program. Charlie is current on his vaccinations, is good with other large dogs, walks nicely on leash but would not do well being left home alone in the house. He is currently being crate trained for short periods of time. He has no food aggression with other dogs. Due to Charlie's youth and size, he has incredible physical and mental energy and a person who is familiar and has experience with northern breeds would be perfect for this boy ... Charlie must also have at least one other sizable dog to play with as he loves to play with other dogs and it will help when he has to be left alone for short periods (No small children, cats or small dogs.). Please contact  Debra or Jacquie at  Transportation help for about 200 miles.
Adopted! NE Washington - Sweet 2 y/o boy is SO adoptable! Rex is a totally awesome dog! He is presently in foster care ... was saved from an Idaho shelter and was almost euthanized. Rex is is so well trained and really wants to just stay with his person and hang out in the house, but he also loves to run and play and go for hikes. He is so well behaved that he would make an incredible Service Dog....he loves going in the car too and if he thinks the car is going to leave soon, he will stay in it waiting....he is only about 2 and has no issues...Rex is housetrained and he is fine with other dogs but as many Shepherds he loves to be with people....we really want to find him the awesome home he deserves....he is one very special dog.... please contact Kim Kahl at for an Adoption Application.
Adopted! Sacramento, CA - Woody is a 1 12/2-year-old neutered male GSD/Husky currently in a foster home. He has a playful, happy personality. Woody is very affectionate and loves to be petted, but is initially hand-shy. Once he gets past that initial back-away from the hand, he's fine, but remains a little nervous if you do something different, like pulling out some debris from his fur. However, Woody has never snarled or nipped, nor do I think he will with any person. Woody loves to play with other dogs, and is especially good w/ smaller dogs (about 30-40 lbs). He likes to be chased and is submissive to other dogs, but will defend himself if another dog gets too rough with him. Woody is extremely comfortable in a pack environment, such as that at GSRSV. I doubt that Woody would be good with cats, and so will only consider a home without cats for him. Woody is long and thin; he weighs about 65 lbs. and needs some fattening up. Woody is completely housetrained and has never had an accident in the house (with access to a doggie door) and he has settled down and has not chewed on anything in the house for over a week. Woody is quite athletic and has that amazing lope and long-stride run. However he is not a fence jumper and doesn't even try to scale the 5-ft fence surrounding the backyard. He also has great recall - he comes right back into the yard after our romps around the surrounding property. This positive behavior is clearly from the GSD in him, not the Husky! Woody does not bark much, though, which is more typical of a Husky. Woody is also very good on a leash. He does not care for water yet. We would like to see Woody go to a loving home with another young, active canine companion to play with, and someone that is around a lot to continue his training and socializing. A person that is active outdoors and hikes would be wonderful for this sweet boy. A person who has wolfdog experience would also be a plus for this shy boy. If you feel you can give Woody a forever home, please contact Brian at German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley at His adoption fee is $225.
  Adpted! Bend, Oregon - Bumi is a spayed, gorgeous one-and-a-half-year old German Shepherd/Husky mix girl. She is a real sweetheart but will need someone very experienced with high energy northern breed dogs. Bumi has lots of training and will amaze you with the things she will do, and she's just a pup! A person that has an active lifestyle and can spend a lot of time with this girl can do wonders with her. She is housetrained and crate trained. Bumi also need a gentle but firm person to work with her to continue her training as she is young and can get distracted easily if she sees a squirrel or another dog to play with. If you are interested in this sweet girl, we can send you a list of the training commands she can do - very impressive! Please email Kim at Adoption Application needed and references will be checked. Time is of the essence! 
Adopted! South Lake Tahoe, CA - Koda is a pretty 5 year old that needs a home by mid September as his owner is relocating out of the country. Koda weighs about 80 lbs, is neutered, has vaccinations and is good with other dogs. He walks nicely on leash, and good with adults as well as children. He is well behaved indoors, housetrained and has no food aggression. He even has some training. Koda does dig a little in the back yard so he should have a secure fenced yard, 6' fencing. Koda is a very sweet boy. Wolfdog or northern-breed experience would be very helpful to help Koda to settle in at a new place after losing his home and best friend of five years. If you think you can give this sweetie a good, forever home, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or email 
Adopted! Pinal County Shelter, Casa Grande, AZ - Pet I.D. A145215 - Karmel is a very special girl. She appears to be mixed with German Shepherd/Malamute [Malamute only because of her curled tail!]. She is around 5 years of age and is fairly large in size. She has good energy and loves to hike daily. She is a heppy girl, friendly and gentle. She showed only mild interest in the other dogs at the shelter and only mildly interested in the cats too. She is up to date with routine shots and is in good health. PLease consider giving this sweet girl a loving home. Not many people want to adopt the older ones and at five she is playful, energetic and has lots of love to give! Please contact Christine at or the shelter at (520) 509-3555 Time is of the essence as we do not know how long they will keep her. Transpotation help is avaialble.
Adopted! Logandale, NV (60 miles north of Las Vegas) - Two beauties need homes! Amarook is a beautiful, white neutered male, approx. 7 years old. He looks to be White German Shepherd/Husky, and maybe some wolf. He is in good health and a friendly boy who likes everyone - and he loves his treats! Amarook was obtained as a puppy and much loved by his male owner, Sam. He shares his home with Feylon, who is the 12-year-old grey boy below. Feylon was rescued from a person who kept him tied to a tree, so he is more shy of men, better with women. Both enjoy their 5'-fenced 2-acre property, and haven't been leash walked much in years. Sam, the owner, had a heart attack and is no longer able to take care of his beloved old boys, and we are afraid that because of their age, nobody will want them. Both Amarook and Feylon are in good health, and very well behaved. They are used to sleeping outdoors in their insulated kennel, but may love to learn to sleep indoors with you and be a household companion. Please contact Sam   at (702) 336-3104 to learn more about Amarook and Feylon. For an Adoption Application, please email Kim at References will be checked. Time is of the essence!
Adopted! Yavapai shelter, AZ - Sparky doesn't have much time! This sweet Malamute is about 8 years old. He is still a little shy of other dogs and is selective of who he makes friends with and is fine with some dogs. Sparky just needs some time and training and in the right hands, he will be a wonderful companion. The shelter staff love this boy and do not want to see him killed. Sparky is a proud, sweet and somewhat aloof soul who needs a lovinghome with someone that understands the Malamute nature. If you feel you can give Sparky a good home, please call Nadia at Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab at 928-567-8994 or email her at Time is of the essence!
Adopted! Owner moving... Las Vegas, NV - This is Shock - she is a 1 1/2 year old Malamute/Husky girl. This is what her owner says about her: I love her with all my heart, I consider her my 5th daughter.  Unfortunately I have to relocate for work to California while my family stays in Las Vegas. I know my husband will not give her the attention she truly needs and gets from myself and my daughters. I refuse to put her in a shelter for abandoned
animals because I do not consider her a dog - she is my life and I need better for her. I already have to leave my daughters in order to provide for them so I need to know Shock will be truly loved
and be taken care of, and not put to sleep in a shelter. She loves kids, snow, and being outdoors. Shock sleeps next to her girls every night accept in winter where she likes to sleep outdoors in the cool evenings. We've had her since she was 3 weeks old and she's been with our two cats and 4 girls ever since. She does hunt and dig and plays with the girls. If I had any other choice I would have her with me until her time ends naturally.    If you can give this sweet girl a good forever home, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or  or email Kim Kahl at  Transportation available!
Owner keeping! Ojai, California - Shadow is a beautiful, neutered 5 y/o Husky that needs a home very soon. His Foster Home cannot keep him any longer. When he was rescued from the shelter we found out he had a tumor on his leg. His Foster home has paid for the surgery and it was removed successfully. He has nipped three people including his transporter and his groomer. It's possible that the groomer got too close to his tumor or Shadow was just fearful. Shadow really needs a home where they are experienced with northern breeds and are savvy with training a dominant male Husky. We think he is just frightened and has not been given proper training. Please contact us if you can help this sweet boy as he may wind up back at the shelter and will definitely be euthanized. He is currently in a Foster home but they can't keep him very long, maybe another week. They have paid for his surgery to remove the tumor so any donations will help tremendously. Please click here Donations and be sure to indicate that the donation is for Shadow. Shadow is about 51 lbs. and up to date on Rabies vaccination. He walks fine on leash, and we think he has been a backyard dog because he is just now getting used to being indoors at his Foster home. He is getting some training from his Foster Dad and he is responding really well but will be dominant around submissive or fearful people. He definitely needs someone with training experience. He has a little food protection and is a bit dominant with other dogs.. Unfortunately, this is what happens to so many poor dogs that are left in a backyard while their owners go to work and are gone for 9 hours and get no training, socialization or leadership. Time is running out for this beautiful boy!
Adoption pending! Oakland - Tawney - White Samoyed/Husky male, 7 years old, will be neutered upon adoption. Tawney has one blue eye and one brown eye and is very beautiful. This sweet boy is friendly but a little shy around new people, good with some other dogs, most small dogs if they are calm, and cats. If a dominant dog challenges him, he will react. He was attacked by a Pit Bull three times, so he is not very fond of Pit Bulls either. He walks nicely on leash and is happy wherever you put him. He knows Sit, Lie Down, Back Up, will go where you point, and loves to play with the ball. He has pretty good recall at the beach when not around other dogs. He's very smart. You can take his food bowl and has no food aggression. He is mostly submissive and not a big barker. He has been groomed and is housetrained. Tawney can go into a home with other dogs and cats and would love an active lifestyle of hiking and spending time with his new owner. A fenced yard with doggy door would be really great for this boy. Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or email ASAP!! Transportation help is available. Here's Tawny brushed and cleaned. [photo right]
  Mom and Dad still available! - Big Bear, CA - Mom, Dad! Owner lost their home and this little family needs a home right away or they will go to shelter. Dad is a sweet Black Lab, and Mom is a Husky mix - maybe some Border Collie or slender breed. They could have a little wolf in them, but very little. The puppies are all dark brown or black and fluffy. Some have masks. Please contact Heather or Lisa if you can foster or adopt any of these babies, or Mom or Dad. Parents will need to be neutered right away but there should be some help from the Rescues. Heather 619-794-5774 or email her at  or contact Lisa at 
    Florence, Oregon or Sacramento, CA - This pretty, fluffy girl, Porsche, is 9 1/2 years old, spayed and weighs only 45 lbs. She is a purebred Siberian Husky. Porsche was dumped at the vet's office to be euthanized! Luckily someone at the vet called the Rescue and she has been saved. She is currently in foster with the Florence Area Humane Soc. in OR. She is good with other dogs and has even run around with chickens and did not bother them. She has not been exposed to cats but might be trained to ignore them as she does not seem too prey oriented. She has no food aggression with the small dogs she is living with now. She is not comfortable with lots of noise or activity so we are looking for a calm household with no children for this sweet girl. Porsche is a bit timid but warms up to you quickly if you are gentle and patient and have some time for her. She would love a home with someone retired or works at home. Her owners were moving to Sacramento and could not take her. We had been working with them and hoped they would call us in case there were no other options, but they never told us they would have her put to sleep. It came as a shock when we heard Porsche was at the vet's office. Please call the Florence Area Humane Society, 2840 Rhododendron Drive, Florence, OR 97439.  541-997-4277.  Webpage:
Colorado - Sky is a very pretty 3-yr-old German Shepherd mix. Her weight is around 45-50 lbs. She tends to stay on the lean side, but she is not under weight. She will be spayed before adoption. Sky is very healthy and is up to date on her vaccinations. She is very sweet, playful and loving once she has accepted you. When meeting new people, or anyone new enters the house, she will run and hide under the kitchen table. It took months for her to get over her fear of my husband. The only 3 people she is not fearful of is myself, my daughter and now my husband. When meeting new dogs Sky is not aggressive. She has not been around small dogs while with me, but we do have a cat and she is fine with it. I don't know how she is around small children but would be best in a home without kids in a calm environment - best with adults who work at home or retired with lots of time to help her past her shyness. Sky really needs some training and socialization. Sky does like to dig, and she has torn up some carpeting when anxious and only when left alone uncrated. She is now crate trained, but best in a home with daily exercise to help keep her relaxed. You can take food, toys etc... from her. She does not act negatively at all. Our backyard is fenced with a 6 foot privacy fence. She WILL climb over the gate to escape, she LOVES to RUN loose, it's a game to her - Come Catch Me. Since she is chained when outside, this may be contributing t her desire to run and be free. Sky just needs to go on hikes and play twice a day if possible. She has never attempted to dig out of the yard. Sky would be best with someone that is wolfdog experienced, works at home or self employed. She would get a longer coat if in a northern climate. If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a new home with daily exercise and attention, please contact Adrienne at Let's get this girl off her chain!
Adopted! Central Oregon - Born January 10, 2013, this Pretty White German Shepherd male pup, Kato is in foster care looking for a forever home. Kato is house trained, walks on leash very well for a pup his age and is crate trained. Kato has the most awesome and outgoing personality and is good with all dogs. He also is very good with kids. He is a very intelligent boy and a quick learner....he knows Sit, Down & Wait. Kato is barely 4 months old and is growing fast. He would make an awesome companion and would love to have another dog as his playmate.  For more information on this beautyboy, please contact Kim at She would love to talk to you and give you an Adoption Application.  Kato is ready for his forever home!!! 
Urgent! Los Angeles - Beautiful Dena is White German Shepherd/White Husky, is only 17 months old, shy but friendly, and must be spayed before adoption. Dena has no formal training but loves her Foster Mom, enjoys being petted and very huggable once she gets to know you. Wolfdog experience or someone very patient and gentle would be needed for this sweet and submissive girl. Dena and her companions are all given raw bones and food at a distance to each other [in the same yard] and no food aggression has surfaced. Secure containment [6' fencing] is recommended. So far she has not tried to escape 6' fencing because she is happy and with other canine companions, but in a new home she may be traumatized at first so a watchful eye is helpful in the first few days. Contact Nadine at  Transportation help is available.
 Adopted Yerrington Shelter, NV - Ghost is a beautiful white male Husky/Malamute possibly Akita! He loves his scratches and needs help in finding a new home before he is euthanized. Please contact: Kristine at
or contact the shelter directly.
Adopted! Foreclosure! Santa Barbara, CA - Lakota ... This beautiful Malamute girl is only 4 years old and she is losing her home to foreclosure. She is spayed and walks nicely on leash. She only pulls when other animals get too close or if she has not been walked in a while (right now she has not been walked much and is overweight, but very calm). She is much better as she meets the local dogs and gets exercise regularly. Someone with an active lifestyle that can get this girl out twice a day would be wonderful for Lakota. She is housetrained will let you know when she wants to go out, and loves being with people. She likes to dig, so a secure back yard with dig guard would be a good idea. She has lived with a submissive male Labrador companion her whole life, but will also be good as an only dog if you can give her the love and attention she needs. Lakota sits for treats and has no toy or food aggression. She has ben around babys, small children and male and female adults and loves everyone. She will be dominant with other dogs so will need a strong handler to assure her place in the pack. A No-pull harness would help a lot. Lakota would do best with a person that understands the northern breeds and can continue her training to help keep up the good work her present owners have done. They love their girl but can't take Lakota with them. If you think you can give Lakota a loving and forever home, please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. Click here for an Adoption Application 
Adoption pending Salinas, CA - Tyson is a big, beautiful Husky/GSD that needed a home ASAP. He was being fostered temporarily in Salinas but the foster mom told everyone he belonged to her and he was sent to someone she met on Facebook. She falsified her Foster Agreement and transported this boy to Texas. The new adopter was not screened by a legitimate Rescue and we don't know how he is doing. He is only about a year old, still clumsy and puppylike! He was not neutered. Tyson is great with other dogs, timid with new people, very good with women but is terrifed of men. We believe he has been abused by a man, so a male owner would have to win his trust and go slowly with him. Tyson is great with kids too, and is housetrained. He is uncomfortable being left alone so a female companion or someone that is around alot [works at home, retired or can take with] would be great for this boy. We hope he is doing well.
Adopted -Phoenix, AZ - Symeon is a very sweet 11-year-old Husky/mix boy that was abandoned by his owners to be euthanized at the shelter just because they said he was an old wolfdog...  NOT! Luckily, John from Tundra Shepherd Rescue got to Symeon just before the dog received a lethal injection. Symeon was matted terribly and full of ticks, and very unhappy. John has had him to his groomer and Symeon was shaved and given an anti-tick dip. Symeon will be getting bloodwork and vaccinations as soon as he has recovered from the stress of undergoing the shelter and groomer. This sweet boy is very friendly, loves people, and gets along fine with the small dogs at the groomer's. He's just so happy to be out of that shelter!  Now Symeon needs a permanent home. He would be a great companion for a senior who can give Symeon some lovin' and attention, or just someone that would like to have him by their side. John also needs help with some donations to cover the costs of Symeon's vet and groomer bills, and transportation to Symeon's new home when it arises. Please click here Donations  Be sure to indicate that the funds are for Symeon! Thank you so much! Every penny helps! HERE IS SYMEON AFTER BEING SHAVED - VERY HAPPY BOY!
Owners decided to keep her - Phoenix, AZ - Pretty Husky female, Mia, needs a home ASAP! Her owners moved and just left her. A caring neighbor is taking care of Mia but the woman has her own female dog and they don't get along. Mia may be taken to the shelter because they can't keep her any longer, so time is of the essence! Mia is about 1 year old, and is a tall and lanky girl. She's really beautiful and has a great Husky coat with beautiful markings. We don't know if she has been spayed, but a vet check would be needed upon adoption. She is up to date on her vaccinations. Mia walks fine on leash but does needs some training and socializing with other dogs. She has not been properly socialized - she spent her young life on a chain, so she is not good with other dogs right now. Poor Mia needs a home with someone experienced with northern breeds and can spend some time training her and helping her to become more socialized. Someone that works at home or can spend a lot of time with her would be great. She has been outdoors all her life but would adjust with the proper training. Mia will not be adopted with other female dogs, nor small dogs, cats or small children - albeit she did live with three children in her original home. Mia needs a nice secure yard so she won't have to be chained anymore! Please contact Adrienne at or call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 Adoption Application will be needed.
Adopted! Medford, OR - Corey This pretty Malamute/German Shepherd arrived at the shelter as a stray. He is about 1 year old and is intact - will be neutered before adoption. He kenneled with a female for a while and did fine, but he did try to escape over a 6' fence because he was very scared at the shelter. Now that he is in temporary Foster, he has proved himself to be very sweet, gentle, and a perfect boy! No issues! His pictures don't do him justice - he is quite beautiful! He has the soft black and reddish coloring and tall ears of the German Shepherd, yet a thick luxurious blending of colors in his coat, like the Malamute. Corey needs a home with someone that is around a lot so he won't be left alone much - i.e. retired, works at home, etc. Someone who can give him a lot of exercise to keep him calm and happy would be best for this sweet boy. For more information on Corey, please contact Kim at 
Adopted  CA - This sweet German Shepherd was named "Highway" because he was found running down the highway around mid January, 2013. A coompassionate gal rescued him and brought him to her home to rehab. Highway was terrified, very skinny and had lost a lot of hair due to malnutrition. This young boy is under a year old and will be neutered before adoption. He is about 70 lbs. now, has most of his coat back, current on all his shots and is Heartworm negative. He loves to play and is good with medium and large dogs. He is not good with little dogs right now as he has no training and likes to chase them, but with a good handler and some direction, he should get better with this. We don't know how he is with cats so he won't be adopted into a home with cats. He is crate and kennel trained, and would be fine in a yard with 5' fencing. He does not try to escape because he loves his canine companions and is having too much fun. He has poor manners when it comes to taking food out of your hands when you are not prepared but has never snapped or been aggressive in this foster home. He is quite submissive. His foster mom can't keep him very long as he is a bit rambunctions around her 70-year-young Mom and she has her own dogs, so time is of the essence! We don't want this boy to wind up in a shelter now that his Foster Mom spent so much time and money bringing him to good health and happiness. He was very frightened when she found him, but now he is a secure and happy boy! Please call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or email her at ASAP
Adopted! Phoenix area, Arizona - AJ is a very sweet 10-year-old Malamute/Sable Shepherd that is in a temporary Foster Home!  Her owner had a stroke and is in the hospital and won't be able to return home because she is moving to a group home. She has had AJ since a puppy and the poor dog had been left all alone at her home. A friend has been feeding and watering AJ but now that it's known her owner isn't returning, the woman's brother wants to put AJ down. AJ deserves to live! She is in good health, loves other dogs, is used to being indoors and is very gentle with children. I hear nothing but wonderful things about this Angel! Her brother wouldn't even let his sister come by to say goodbye to AJ on her way to the group home. It would be wonderful to get AJ into a loving home so that her owner can rest peacefully and not worry about AJ getting killed. We would like to some day take some photos of AJ to let her know AJ is in a happy home. This foster home bought us some time to find a permanent home but Aj needs a permanent and loving home as soon as possible. We do know AJ is an amazing dog that will sure make someone very happy. She is a little shy and skittish in her foster home, and misses her owner terribly, but we feel with a patient and loving owner she will soon bond and feel right at home. Someone who is retired, works at home or can take her to work with them would be great for this sweet girl. AJ would also love a nice yard and someone who can give her lots of hugs or just hang out with her. Poor girl has lost everyone and everything she knew for 10 years and has to start over, but she is playful and trusting and loves people. You can see this is a dog beautiful inside and out - TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - Please contact Jo Lynn at or email John at Transportation help is available. Permanent Home Needed ASAP
Adopted! Phoenix AZ - Gray is a very sweet 7 y/o female Shepherd/Husky mix who was dumped at the shelter. Her owner told the shelter that she was a wolfdog and so Gray was slated for euthanization right away as shelters will not adopt wolfdogs to the public. She is very quiet and gets along well with other dogs, kids, men and women. She loves attention and is a hit at the dog park! Everyone wants to meet Gray and pet her. She loves the children! Her coat is charcoal and velvety soft. Gray weighs about 66 lbs and is in good health. She is friendly and submissive but not good with cats. Gray is leash trained and will be a wonderful companion for a retired person, a family, or someone that is around a lot to give her all the love and affection she deserves. She will probably be easy to train to walk with you off leash as she likes to be by your side. She is presently in a foster home and being kennel trained, so Gray can be left home for a couple of hours without much ado! Please contact her Rescue person, Jill at and give this sweetie a good home! Transportation help is available, so emamil Jill now! 
Adopted! McAlester, Oklahoma - Dakota - This sweet and gorgeous boy was found running loose and wound up in a shelter in IA to be euthanized because the shelter staff said "he looks like a wolfdog" ... NOT! Dakota is a neutered male German Shepherd with beautiful Red Husky markings and coloring. He is approximately 2-years-old, and heartworm negative. He likes to meet other dogs, and he's friendly as long as the other dog isn't aggressive. He will fight back, though, if they push him. He likes kids, but a little too energetic for little ones. He needs a strong person to be the leader, so he doesn't try to take the job himself. He is a gorgeous boy and was very happy to leave the shelter with his new Foster Mom, sitting nicely in the back seat of her car!  
Adopted - Sacramento, CA - "Willie" is a stunning 1½-y/o neutered male GSD/Husky who is affectionate, playful and well-mannered. Willie is super-friendly with strangers and gentle with young children. (He was formerly in a home with a 5-yo boy, and did great with him.) He loves playing with other dogs and is even good with small dogs. I have not had Willie around cats, but my hunch is that he may well with them, as he simply wanted to play with one of my neighbor's baby goats rather than eat it as most big dogs would have done. Willie stands taller than a standard-size male GSD, but is somewhat thinner and lanky. He weighs approx 65 lbs, but his ideal weight is 5-10 lbs heavier. Willie is completely housetrained and non-destructive in the house. I have not had to leave Willie inside (w/out access to outside) for any length of time, but hopefully he would do OK. Best without a doggy door unless it's an escape-proof yard. This is important, because Willie's only downside is that he likes to roam, and can both jump over, climb or dig under a fence to get out of a yard. He will not roam when I am out on the larger part of my property with him, and in fact comes running when I call him, even when he is far away. Willie's ideal home would be with a very active person who lives in the mountains, can spend a lot of time with him outdoors, and is willing to leave Willie inside when they can't bring him with them. Alternatively, an overhead runner would be an option to keep Willie safe but only when supervised. Willie will not run off in the woods -when I went hiking with him he stayed within earshot of me and always came running when I called. Willie is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met, and I really love him. However, I am surrounded by people with small livestock who will shoot him if he gets into their livestock pens. Therefore, I am very worried about having him here on my property, as he easily goes over my 5-ft yard fence, and has now got off my larger property three times. Willie does fine in a crate overnight, but will put up a fuss if left in the crate once I'm up. He also HATES to be left in a kennel, and barks incessantly when I do so. If you don't want to adopt Willie but are willing and able to foster him until an appropriate permanent home comes along, I would be very grateful to you. He MUST either have an escape-proof yard, only be left indoors for short periods of time, or else with you all the time. GSRSV rescued Willie from the Sacramento SPCA on 10-19-12. Willie's adoption fee is $225. Please contact Brian at 
Adopted! ... Yuba City, CA SHELTER - Tamaskan/mix Canela is a beautiful 2-3 year-old female that has been looking for a home since early January. We don't know how long the shelter will hold her so please consider this sweetie for adoption. Wolfdog or Husky experience would be helpful as she can climb a 6' fence with ease. She will need escape-proof containment [approx 7' with dig guard, or 6' fencing with overhang]. She is fairly large and pulls on the leash when she first gets out, but calms down after a minute or two. She was an outdoor dog at previous home but housetraining should not be a problem if you know what you are doing. She's a little aggressive towards some dogs if they challenge her, but seems to do well with some of the shelter dogs. She should do well as an only dog, or with a large male companion. No cats or little dogs please! Canela is up to date on her Rabies vaccines, and would do best with someone that is around a lot to do some training, and has a doggy door to a nice, secure yard. As with most northern breeds, she prefers a diet made with real meat and does not like dog food kibble [smart dog!]. If you think you can help this pretty girl, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. Click here for  Adoption Application 
Sacramento County Animal Shelter, CA - Timber is a handsome, neutered male Alaskan Malamute, approx. 2 years old. This young guy was pulled from the shelter by Siberians Needing Owners. He is a very confident guy, he has not shown any dog aggression, but does have a tendancy to be a little cautious - which may be because he's a little fearful until he knows them. He will approach, freeze and make eye contact with large dogs and will stiffen significantly around small dogs. He may just need socialization around other dogs because it sounds like he does not know how to act around other dogs and is uncertain. He does not like cats. Timber loves people and enjoys playing and romping. He gets so excited when someone comes for a visit and he thinks he is going home. He failed the food aggression portion of his evaluation for leaving the bowl to bite the assessment hand. His goofy personality and friendliness with people would make him a great pet for someone who really understands the breed, can give him lots of exercise, and is an experienced handler. The shelter will not adopt Handsome to the general public because they feel that Rescue is his best chance at attaining this. His new owner should be open to taking him to dog classes and workiing with his behaviors. Timber is young and in the right hands, should come about nicely but we don't advise a home with small children or small dogs. He will be on hold at the shelter through 2/28 and adopted only to Rescue Groups. He may be euthanized if not adopted by 2/28 so if you have an experienced Foster or Permanent home, or know of a Rescue Group that could help, please contact Janet at
Siberians Needing Owners 
  [underscore after sno]
San Rafael - Northern CA - Still waiting for a home over a year! Please help this handsome boy... Wolfen has been adopted!  Tun Tun has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and will remain with the Milo Foundation Rescue.  - This beautiful CAT FRIENDLY boy needs help right away. Owner was foreclosed and these two sweet boys wound up at a shelter. Luckily a Rescue (Milo Foundation) stepped in and saved them, but they have been at the sanctuary for a long time. These sweet boys needed homes badly and luckily Wolfen was just adopted! Tun Tun is left and is very lonely now. He is always happy to see you with a big smile on his face and a waggy tail, and very pleasant to be around, walks well on leash, does not display any aggression toward other dogs, housetrained, neutered and UTD on vaccinations. Tun Tun is even good with cats under controlled circumstances (indoors). We had been trying to keep these friends together but since no one has offered to adopt them both, we had to separate and adopted Wolfen to a lovely new home recently. Everyone wants a young dog or puppy so please consider allowing this sweet senior boy to live out the rest of his life in a real home, sleeping next to your bed and getting lots of pets. He is healthy and still playful and would be great with someone that can give him the love and attention he deserves. Tun Tun has a little arthritis and would appreciate a nice Joint Formula with a nutritious diet to keep him healthy. Someone who works at home, can take to work or is retired would be wonderful for Tun Tun since he loves human companionship. He is SO very beautiful and in good health. If you can give Tun Tun a loving home, please contact Melissa. Transportation help available. Melissa's email is or  Please let them know you saw them on LTWR!
Adopted! Galt, California - White 10-week-old puppy - This little sweetie will go fast, but we are looking for someone who has northern-breed experience so this pup can get lots of training as it is growing up. Remember, a pup this age needs to be fed 4 times a day, and get potty training even more, so someone who is around all the time to give this pup the love and attention it needs would be perfect! Secure containment and regular daily exercise when it grows up will also be needed. References will be checked as this pup will need to be altered when the time comes. No more homeless dogs! See photo of the Mom and Dad shown here and below. White Husky/White GSD. If you feel you can give this pup a forever home, and for more information and an Adoption Application please email Kim at or you can call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 
Adopted - Morley does not have long! This pretty 9-year-old Malamute/mix is missing his companion and escaping his yard trying to find her. HE wound up at the shelter and may not have long. Nobody wants a 9-year-old boy and that is sad. He's such a sweetie. If you can give this boy a good home, or Foster him until we can find a permanent home for him, please email Danya at  or Joe at the shelter at or call 928-753-2727. time is of the essence!
Adopted! Klamath Humane Society - Klamath Falls, CA - Booth 
This gorgeous, purebred Malamute is "Booth," a 2-year-old, intact male - he's a pretty big boy! He is presently at the shelter and we don't know how long they will hold him. He will not be adopted into a home with small children, small dogs or cats, but none of the staff have had any problems with him. He will need some training, and will be neutered before adoption. This beautiful young boy should go to a home that is experienced with Malamutes and that will give him lots of exercise, a fenced yard, and some basic training. Booth has not been kenneled with any other dogs while at the shelter, but has seen them through the fence and hasn't really shown any reaction to them. For more information on Booth, please contact Crystal at KAS (541) 884-PETS (7387). or email her at 
Sacramento, California - Koda Bear  is a handsome 2-year-old male Alaskan Malamute that needs a home very soon. His owners are moving soon, and we would love to find a home for Koda in a cooler climate, as Sacramento is too hot for his thick coat in the summer months. Koda is neutered and current on his vaccinations. He is good with submissive dogs, but will react to dogs that try to dominate him. He has some basic training, but Koda just needs a person that is familiar with this large northern breed. He would be fine in a one-dog family with no cats or small children. He is very protective of his family and loves to go for walks, to the river, mountain trips, play with other dogs at the dog park, etc. Check out this little video of Koda shaking hands ...    
If you are an active person and a good handler that is familiar with northern breeds, and can give Koda a Foster Home or permanent home, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or emai   Transportation help is available.