Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue    
Successful Adoptions 2012 
These animals have been adopted out by LTWR and our networking partners. They have been placed in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts.



Adopted! - Oklahoma - Anouk is a grey and white Husky/mix with beautiful markings. Aleya is the pretty white girl, Husky/White GSD. These two were found staving, chained to a tree in the woods. They would certainly have perished if not found. Surprisingly, despite their hard times, they amaze their shelter staff with how sweet, loving and playful they are. They are bonded and we would like to keep them togehter. Both are young at about one year old, they have been spayed and neutered, are heartworm negative and up to
date on shots. This is a very special pair of pups! They walk well on leash and play together. They have not tried to jump their play yard fencing at the shelter, but they should have secure fencing at their new home. Aleya and Anouk are good with people including kids. Both were more interested in their ball than the cats when tested in the cat room. A home with Northern-breed experience would be a plus, with proper containment and time for hikes and training. The shelter staff love these cuddly kids so much that they will help pay for transport. These babies really deserve a second chance at a good home and some good food! For more information and an Adoption Application, contact Adrienne at 
Owner keeping! Sonoma, CA - Lily  2+ years old, this beautygirl is a spayed Malamute. Lily desperately needs a new home ASAP. She was rescued by a Senior who took her in and loves her dearly, but due to a fall and hip surgery, the woman can no longer walk Lily. The woman's family wants to take Lily away and bring her to a shelter and the woman is heartbroken. Lily is good with most dogs. She is good with cats indoors but not outside as they will run and play and she wants to chase. She knows Heel, Release, Sit, but does pull when she sees a squirrel, so she needs a stronger hand on leash. Lily is housetrained and very good indoors. She has a little separation anxiety and does not like to be left alone, may cry or try to escape from a strange place. She's had basic training and is a love - very affectionate and sweet. Lily would be best in a home with someone who works at home, self employed, can take her with, or is retired. She should have regular exercise as she is a young pup and loves to go on hikes twice a day. If you can help Lily with a Foster or Permanent home, please call Pamela Jo as soon as possible! (775) 833-2066.
Owner keeping! San Antonio, TX - Dakota.  Hello, my name is Lawrence and I have a beautiful female Malamute/mix named Dakota. I am being assigned to Peru and need to find a really good home for my girl. She has been spayed and will turn 4 years old on 21 Jan 2013. She is a real sweety and has been raised around other dogs and cats. We had a male Husky mix that was the alpha, but he passed about three months ago. He was 14. We would love to find a home for her as soon as possible, preferably with someone that has a male her size (Dakota is 90 lbs) and has experience with wolfdogs. We live in San Antonio, Texas. We can travel within Texas to help transport her. However, if someone wants her that lives out of the state of Texas, they will have to arrange transport. She has never been aggressive towards people or other animals. She is up to date on all of her shots and has a very good temperament, but is very shy around strangers. She is not completely house broken but spends a lot of time in the house lying on the couch. She should have a secure back yard with lots of daily exercise. Dakota will only be adopted into a wolfdog-friendly area where it is legal to own wolfdogs. If you are interested in giving my girl a good home, please contact Pamela Jo at or call her at (775) 833-2066. An Adoption Application is required, as well as a Home Check.
Adopted LaPine OR - Meisha is a 3-4 yr old, spayed Malamute/Husky mix who was found as a stray. She lived at the shelter until we found a very temporary Foster home. She absolutely loves people but does not get along well with other dogs so should be the only furkid. She also has a prey drive and would not be kind to kitties. Meisha loves being in the house with her person and is very good inside ... she will just lay beside her person and snooze but when she is outside, she is a typical northern-breed dog and has lots of energy so will need to be in a home with active people who will be able to give her plenty of daily exercise. Meisha does pretty well on harness but we don't think anyone ever spent much time training her ... she is a very smart girl though and learns fast and really wants to please and be loved. We feel with some training, Meisha will make a wonderful companion for someone Meisha will not be happy being left in a backyard all day by herself so it would be best for her to be with an active retired person or someone who works from home who will be around so she doesn't have separation anxiety. Someone who likes having her indoors and doing fun things with her would be great for this pretty girl. Meisha also is an awesome car rider, jumps right in when directed and enjoys going bye bye. She is quite a jumper and if left alone in a yard, the fencing must be a minimum of 6' in height or she will jump over and find things to do. Meisha has an extra special affinity for men so would make a great companion for an active man who can take her on lots of outdoor outings. Meisha is running out of time at her Foster home in Oregon because she is not getting along with the resident Malamute who lives there. Please contact Kim if you are interested in Meisha. An Adoption Application and a Home Visit are required. Meisha has a tax-deductible adoption fee. Contact Kim as soon as possible!


 Nevada County - Bear - this gorgeous  7-year-old male Malamute only has a month to find a new home as owner is moving! Bear is a big boy at 120 lbs. His owner cannot take their two dogs and we are afraid they may wind up at the shelter if we don't find a home for him very soon. He is neutered and up to date on shots. He plays rough with other dogs or small children so best in a home with a large female canine companion, and adults who like to hike that will give him some love and attention. He's a snow dog, so best in a cool climate if possible. We do not recommend a home with cats. Bear is housetrained and is not an escape artist. He is leash trained and crate trained. He's a bit resource protective with his food with some dogs, so best to always feed separate from other dogs. This big cuddly Bear is extremely affectionate, loves people but is afraid of loud noises and thunder. He presently lives with a female Senior dog, Dusty who may already have a new home.  If you can give Bear a good home, he would be such a lucky boy, forever smiling at you! Transportation help available up to 4 hours round trip. Please contact Lori at also see him on a PetFinder listing


Adopted! Tyler, TX - This gorgeous girl, Cheyenne, lost her home and needed a new one quick!  Cheyenne is a beautiful 4-year-old spayed GSD/Husky, possibly low-content wolfdog about 70lbs., and up-to-date on vaccinatons. She has a little weakness in her hip, and some good supplements and a little acupuncture would really help this girl. She is ok with dogs her size or larger, but not good with medium or little dogs. She would be fine in a home with a large, dominant male canine companion and a 6' fenced back yard. She is good with indoor cats, and is housetrained. She has some resource protection, so she should be fed separately from other dogs and cats. Cheyenne would really be best in a home with adults as an only dog, with someone that can spend some quality time with this girl. She would love to be your only companion and is very affectionate, sweet and well behaved when she is the queen of her castle. Cheyenne has had some professional training and would benefit with an adopter that will continue with some dog classes. 


Adopted! Lake Tahoe, NV - Muraco means White Moon in Native American, and this boy was actually pulled from the shelter during a full moon - just in the nick of time. He was shaking with fear in his kennel and curled in his bed, terrified the whole time he was in the shelter. He is absolutely goregous with red, brown, black and white in his coat, but he still needs to put on some weight. He has been getting lots of love and attention while being fostered at LTWR but he needs a home ASAP. Muraco is young at about 2 years old, tall, about 68 lbs, and is very energetic and playful. He is good with other dogs, and he loves the snow! He plays a little rough with the bigger dogs, and although he is gentle with little dogs, we would not recommend a little-dog companion. He has ignored the cat when visitiing a friend's, but we do not recommend a home with cats either. He is gentle and sweet and well behaved indoors and walks really good on leash, learning heel, wait, and sit - except of course if he wants to play! This boy just needs an experienced person that understands northern breeds and can give him at least two good hikes a day to wear him out. He is still very shy in strange places and with new people and he should have a wolfdog-experienced handler that understands this behavior. He eats a real-meat & veggies diet. Muraco needs escape-proof containment with 6' fencing, and someone who is around a lot as he does not like to be left alone. If he is anxious or bored he will chew things but he is not destructive or have any bad habits and is actually very mello given proper exercise daily. He loves to ride in the car and go everywhere with you, and is very quiet and well behaved. He does love to howl with the sirens! Dog training classes have been started and are recommended to be continued. 
Muraco has been 
neutered. We want to adopt him in the Lake Tahoe area where it is a cool 
climate as he is a real snow dog and like all northern breeds, does not like the heat. 
Muraco is absolutely gorgeous and very sweet! If you are interested in adopting Muraco, please fill out an Adoption Application  and fax it to us, or for more information on this gorgeous boy, call Pamela at (775) 833-2066. 
 Adopted! Missouri - Lumberjack Sam is a sweet 1 1/2-year-old male Malamute/mix that has spent his life on a chain. Kept outdoors in the hot sun, he's never known a loving home. Volunteers went out to visit Sam, and he was so happy just to have a visitor. He is now in boarding, has been neutered, groomed, up to date on vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm. He gets along fine with other dogs with proper introduction. He is great with meeting people and loves the children. He is so happy now that he is off the chain and finally getting the love that he deserves. This friendly Lumberjack Sam still needs a Foster or Permanent home as we can't keep him in boarding forever - it's just too expensive. Please contact Kim at   
His FaceBook page is:
Adopted! Monterey - Sam - This gorgeous female German Shepherd/Husky was dumped at an RV Resort and has been scrounging around trying to survive. She can be leashed now by the Ranger who has been working with her and she will take treats and food without shying away. She loves to be around people, but having been on her own for some time, she is still a little shy until she gets to know you. She will come and hang out with you all day, go for walks with you, and take food at a short distance, so we know that once she goes into a good home, she should rehabilitate quickly. This girl, Sam, needs an experienced handler that will hve lots of time and patience to bring her around. Her new home will also need to have escape-proof containment, and someone be around a lot to continue her training and to give her good exercise daily. Please contact Danya 
for an Adoption Application and more information on this beautiful girl.

Rescued! Misty - Chicago, IL - is a very pretty 7-year-old Husky/Malamute that was a much-loved family pet for 7 years, but her owner passed away and the family cannot keep her. Misty also lost her canine companion recently and she is very sad and lonely. She needs someone who can give her some love an attention and help her forget her losses. Misty is spayed and loves being outdoors. She is playful with other animals and people and has a fun and outgoing personality. She gives kisses and cuddles on the couch when you watch TV. Sometimes she can be a little shy but if you are giving another dog attention she will come up and want to get some loving too. We would like to adopt Misty into a home with a large male companion who she can play with, but we're not sure how she would be sharing a house with small dogs, so she will not be adopted into a home with little canines. She is housetrained but does love to chew up a feather pillow every now and then, but she is not destructive or have separation anxiety. Please contact Michalina at to know more about Misty at her new sanctuary. 


Adopted! San Rafael, CA - Petey is a gorgeous 4 1/2-year-old neutered male. He is Husky/Malamute and has a beautiful full coat with hints of tan mixed into the grey and black. He is good with large dogs and medium size dogs. He is good with our cat [pictured above] , but generally good only with cats that ignore him and don't tease him. He does extremely well on leash. Trained to go pee and poo on command, is housetrained, and well trained with other commands. His only downfall is that he will run if he can (i.e., door left open, there he goes). He always comes back, but he clearly longs for a pack, or a larger human family. Does not jump, climb, dig or "try" to get out. Petey has had obedience training as pup, so he has about a 10-command vocab. He's definitely not an alpha and does not challenge you, he does whatever you ask. He has never been trained to share (I never had more than one dog) so he's a little possessive of his food. Should be fed separately. I'm sure it's possible to train him to be better about food since he has learned everything else. Petey is submissive with dogs and adults. Not much experience with kids. Loves the energy of boys/men ... always wants to play. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful sweet boy, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or Melya Stylos (415) 747-5100  Click here for an Adoption Application 
Adopted! Poway [San Diego] CA - Gorgeous Odie was rescued from a shelter by a caring woman and now Odie needs a permanent home. Odie is a female Malamute/Husky mix with beautiful colors of red, black, grey, brown and cream. She is about 5 years old and weighs 60 lbs. Odie is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is good with large and small dogs as long as she is with an experienced handler that can keep an eye on them until they get to know each other. She is also good with cats but we don't advise cats that are playful or tease the dogs. Odie walks nicely on leash, is good indoors and is housetrained. She is presently in a yard with 4' fencing and has never tried to climb or jump over. Rescuer is working with Odi with basic commands and we would like the new adopter to continue with training, as Odie is very smart. She will steal food from others if given a chance, so best to feed separately. Odie tries to boss the other dogs around sometimes but responds well to correction and will stop when told. Odie is really very sweet and loves to be petted, brushed and walked. She is affectionate and playful and needs good daily exercise. Best in a home with someone around a lot and maybe even with a nice male companion for Odie to play with. Please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or Jennifer Van Ert, 559-707-8789. Transportation help available. Click here for Adoption Application 
    Adopted! Divide, Colorado - 3 1/2-year old Keba needs a home! He's a gorgeous Native American Indian Dog. Keba is neutered and weigs about 56 lbs. He walks on leash with halti or harness, knows basic commands and is very affectionate and playful. He is housetrained and well behaved indoors. Keba is good with most dogs, but is not accepted by one of the dominant dogs in his Foster Home so he needs a permanent home as soon as possible. Keba respects cats and has been around them all his life but he does like to play, so an older cat that is calm is best so his play instincts are not aroused. He stays in fenced yard and has basic obedience training. No food issues, and is mostly submissive with people and is corrected easily. Keba is very affectionate, social, wants to be with people, rarely barks, very mellow and likes to play, hike and swim. Please contact Kim at . Click here for an Adoption Application or call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066.
 Sunny at the shelter
Adopted! - Sunny is a sweet and shy Husky/German Shepherd 5-year-old female that just missed being euthanized at the shelter. She is now in a very temporary Foster Home. She was an owner surrender due to landlord policies. She was adopted as a puppy and has lived in an apartment with her owners for 5 years, but her landlord
just found out and ordered her out! Unfortunately her owner did not love her enough to move and take her with her, and so Sunny has been at the shelter for over a month waiting for a new home. There had been a potential adopter but they canceled at the last minute and so now Sunny is running out of time. Sunny is affectionate and loves to be brushed! She would make a great companion for a male dog around the same age, or she would be happy as an only dog if not left alone for long hours. She has suffered a lot of truama and she will enjoy the having companionship. She seems to be ok with the other dogs at the shelter and does not show any dominance towards them. PLEASE call Pamela Jo if you can help this girl. (775) 833-2066 or email Gail at who is Fostering Sunny. She may be able to tell you more abut Sunny.
Truckee, CA -  Boarded at kennels in hot Yerrington for six months now, Foxie and Gray have been moved to Truckee to a foster home! FOXIE AND GRAY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! These two beautiful 7-year-old Huskies were in the San Mateo shelter in danger of being euthanized but were pulled just in the nick of time. Foxie is the beautiful reddish girl, and Gray is ... well, the handsome grey male! Foxie and Gray are very people friendly, like to be with you, and they love to go for rides in the car. They must have been someone's loved and close companions because they follow you all over, and adore affection and attention. They like to carry their toys outside to the yard, and are getting along great with the other dogs at the kennels. They are leash trained, both spayed and neutered. Foxie and Gray will make good companions for someone that is around a lot to give them the attention and love they deserve. They would be fabulous with someone retired or works at home as they love just hanging with you and going for walks in the woods. Both dogs are very well mannered indoors and of course are housetrained. They are not high maintenance as most Huskies but they will need good exercise every day as they are in good health and very playful. They don't even challenge the 5' fence at the boarding kennel they are in now. We would like to adopt them into a cool climate as these northern breeds love the snow! Time is of the essence for sweet Gray as he is in a very temporary Foster Home. If you can give these Gray a forever home, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. For an Adoption Application, click here Adoption Application 
Adopted! Orland, CA - Tucker is a beautiful Malamute/Husky mix. About 3 years old, Tucker was rescued from the Oakland Shelter and was emaciated. This skinny boy needs some TLC and a good home with some real food! He is only about 50 lbs, but we hope we can find someone fast that will fatten him up and love him a lot. He's a real sweetie. Tucker attaches himself to his Foster Home and follows her around. He's probably worried he will get dumped at the shelter again. Tucker is neutered, and very loving and friendly. He's housetrained and well mannered in the house, good with children, and good with other dogs. He loves his Foster Mom and is a little possessive of her around other dogs, so we are thinking he may be best as only dog or with a large female companion. Tucker is high energy, as he is a young and happy boy and loves to play, but he can also be mellow and lie down at your feet if he's given good exercise daily. Tucker would love to find a home with someone that is around a lot, can give him two walks a day, and has a large yard to play in. Six-foot fencing is recommended. For more information about Tucker, please email Kim Kahl at  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! WE DON'T WANT HIM GOING BACK TO THE SHELTER AND FOSTER MOM CAN'T KEEP MUCH LONGER!
Finally Adopted! Killeen, TX Shelter - This is Shadow Girl, friend and companion to Thunder who was recently adopted. [See her with her new owner below]. She is approx 7 years old Husky and weighs about 76 lbs. She is spayed and in good health. She is best with older children that are calm, good with male dogs, not recommended for small dogs or cats. She is very stressed and depressed at the shelter and developing skin allergies and becoming reclusive - she's been there over a year! Shadow Girl needs her own loving home and would probably love to live in a cooler climate. Shadow Girl would be best as an only dog with someone that can give her the special love and attention she never had. A fenced yard, daily exercise and companionship would make this girl very happy. She has been tested for heartworm with results being negative, current on all vaccinations, and will be microchipped before leaving the facility. Shadow Girl has been in this no-kill shelter for almost a year now, and is being housed in a tiny, indoor cement-floor kennel, about 15' x 5'. Shelter did not want to separate her from her mate, but Thunder was eventually adopted and now they will let Shadow Girl go to her own forever home.  Shadow Girl walks pretty well on a leash, no excessive pulling, is very sweet, a little shy. Doggy classes would really help this girl as well as a nice bath! The kennels are located about 1 mile outside of the Fort Hood Military Base.


Rescued - Phoenix, Arizona - Mystic transported to sanctuary. This boy was picked up as a stray and wound up at a shelter, but because he "looks like a wolfdog" he was almost euthanized. Mystic is up to date on his vaccinations, de-wormed, and neutered. He is a great dog, wonderful with kids, likes other dogs, and seems to be good with cats too! He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. The sanctuary will be keeping him forever, but if the perfect home shows up, he may be able to be adopted through AZ Pound Pups Rescue. For more information on Mystic, please contact Sabrina at


Adopted - Truckee, CA -  Such handsome markings! Blue-eyed BamBam is from the beautiful Siberian female, Babygirl [below] who was pregnant when found. Her puppies were born December 18, 2011. BamBam is currently in foster waiting for his forever home. His Foster Dad spends a lot of time with BamBam and the pup is housetrained and very well behaved.  

He loves people and other dogs and has fun at the lake with his Mom. BamBam would love a home with another canine companion to play with. All the puppies are in good health, have had their first vaccinations, and are due for their boosters. A Neuter Depost of $100 will be retained until they are neutered at 8 months of age. They are all very smart and easy to train.
You must be over 30 years of age, own your home and have secure fencing. They will need daily exercise because a tired dog is a well behaved dog! We are looking for adopters that are around a lot [work at home, retired, can take to work with them, etc.] so they can continue their training. We request that adopters attend Puppy Classes with their new companions. If you are interested in adopting Bam Bam, please fill out an Adoption Application   fax it to us, or call Pamela at (775) 833-2066.    
          BamBam and Mom
Adopted Carmel, California - Stormy is a very pretty 1 1/2-year-old female Husky/Shepherd mix, spayed. Her mom can't keep her any longer as she does not have the time or containment that this girl needs. Stormy is good with all dogs and craves canine companionship, so we would like to adopt her into a home with another dog. She is good with house cats [always keep supervision], but will chase if outside. She is housetrained and sleeps indoors next to your bed. Stormy knows some commands as she has worked with a trainer for over 6 months - knows Sit, Down, Stay, and Come. She has no food aggression or special needs, and is very submissive with both humans and other dogs. Since she is still a young pup, Stormy needs lots of exercise to keep her calm and relaxed - i.e. two good hikes a day for at least one hour each. She is great with kids and has been a wonderful companion with her 10-year-old human who likes to dress her up - being very gentle and patient. Stormy is quite the escape artist and needs very secure, escape-proof containment as she can jump a 6' fence. She will need 7' fencing, with overhang or hot wire, and with dig guard. She's just too smart! She can open kennel doors, even in handcuffs! [only kidding about the cuffs]. Since her owner does not have secure containment, Stormy has almost gotten hit by a car a number of times, so although her owners love her dearly, they undersand they do not have the time or proper environment for their darling girl. Owners have offered a few free training sessions for this girl so she can continue with her trainer. If you feel you can give Stormy a good home, please contact Marcy at you can also fill out an Adoption Application or call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 for more information.
Adopted! Orinda, California - Milo is a gorgeous, white Malamute boy that needs a home right away! His owners are moving and cannot keep him any longer. They rescued him as a puppy and love him dearly, and are hoping to find a good home rather than send him to the shelter. Milo is a big boy at 2 years old, neutered, and weighs 85 lbs. He enjoys playing with large female dogs, but is not good with males or small dogs in his yard, although he will "leave it" and behave when passing in the street, walking well on a no-pull harness with a good handler. If allowed to approach other males, he is aggressive. This boy just needs an experienced handler that will take him to Dog Classes, which will help him to be more socialized with other dogs. He is food protective with other dogs so should be fed separately. This behavior can be worked with as well as Resource Protection is very fixable. Sweet and affectionate, Milo knows many commands and will do anything for treats. He is crate trained and is good with people but a little mouthy and likes to jump up and play, which is typical for a large, two-year-old pup. He loves to ride in the car and go places with you. He sleeps next to the bed and is well behaved indoors. If loose, Milo will play "catch me" and loves to be chased, so will need more training with Recall. A person experienced with this breed that will continue his training is just what Milo needs. He is calm and very well behaved if given good exercise twice a day. Dog training classes are recommended for this energetic boy. Milo is very smart and can open doors and pick locks - an escape artist he is! He does not like to be left alone, so someone who is around alot [works at home, can take with, retired, etc.] and has a large female canine companion would be great for this boy. Secure fencing 6-7' is recommended. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! We do not want Milo to go to the shelter!  Please contact Janice as soon as possible at or Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. Click here to fill out an Adoption Application 
Both Adopted! Leland, Mississippi - Deadline end of July! These two sweet Husky mixes - Sergeant and Alaska - are in a high-kill, dilapidated shelter with horrible conditions. We are trying to get them out as soon as possible, either to Foster or permanent homes. Sergeant is a neutered male, approximately 1 year old. His soft coat is caramel and grey, with creamy white. He is up to date on vaccinations. Sergeant is about 50 lbs and a very friendly boy. He has no food aggression, does not dig or climb or try to escape, is very gentle and easy to get along with. Sergeant likes other dogs and seems to be happy just to make friends with them. We thought that with all the care he had with his previous owner, and how well behaved he was, we expected the owner to reclaim him, but they left him at the shelter. Alaska is a spayed female, about 10-11 months old, and is gorgeous with her pretty blue eyes. She weighs about 55-60 lbs and is also current on all vaccinations. She has a sweet and gentle disposition and is great with other dogs especially her same size. She likes submissive females and gets along well with her female companion. Alaska likes children and loves their attention. She seems to be fine with little dogs as long as she can be the boss. She walks well on leash, no excessive pulling or choking, just a beautiful response. Alaska does not climb or dig or try to escape. She does seem to be food possessive with her kennel mate and so she should be fed separately. Both Alaska and Sergeant are being treated for heartworm. They are suffering in the 100-degree heat with poor ventilation. Either of them could be euthanized simply to make room for new dogs. Please contact Kathy who is an Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship Volunteer [AARF], trying to save these sweet babies, at  Time is of the essence!

Adopted! Grass Valley Shelter, CA - Clyde is scheduled to be killed at the shelter along with his pretty Shepherd companion, Bonnie. Clyde is a beautiful black and white 4-year-old neutered Malamute. He wound up at this kill shelter because his owner did not provide escape-proof containment so Clyde escaped, chased and killed cats. His owner had warnings but nothing was done to prevent Clyde from escaping. He is a big boy at about 100 lbs. and current on vaccinations. Clyde is good with some of the dogs at the shelter, not all, and will need an experienced handler and some training. He walks well on leash, is housetrained but should not be left home alone unsupervised. He is curious and gets into things. Clyde is an escape artist and will jump or climb, so escape-proof enclosure is required for this boy. Clyde is mild mannered, friendly, affectionate, shy, well tempered, ok around kids, likes women more than men, rides well in cars. He will make a wonderful companion for someone with the time to give this boy what he needs. A person that works at home, retired, or can take with them would be great for Clyde. Daily exercise is recommended to keep Clyde tired and happy as he is in good health and looking for a forever home. Time is of the essence as this is a kill shelter and they won't keep him long. NOTE: His beautiful companion Bonnie, a pure German Shepherd, is also at the shelter and available for adoption. They will not be adopted together because they pack and chase cats together.



Adopted! Oakland CA Shelter - Maya is a sweet and beautiful Husky mix that needs a home right away before she is euthanized. She was picked up as a stray, and we all know that Huskies are escape artists so we believe her owner must not have had proper containment. She is friendly and in good health, and would love to come home with you. Proper containment [6' fenced yard] is needed, and a person who is around alot would be great for Maya, rather than leaving her home alone for 6-9 hours every day. Huskies are wonderfully athletic and Maya would love someone that has an active lifestyle, hikes every day, and lives in a cool climate. Maya is about 3-4 years old and is energetic and playful. Even in the kennel she looks to escape, so exercise and good containment are a must to keep her healthy and happy. Please contact Martha [Animal Care Coordinator] at 510-282-3161 and let her know you saw Maya here. Martha's email is [there's an underscore after Martha]. For an Adoption Application to give to Martha, click here  Adoption Application


Adopted - SAN BRUNO, CA - Shanti is a beautiful, purebred White Husky [AKC] that needs a home ASAP. Her owner has moved into a small apartment and can not give Shanti the time she deserves. Shanti grew up playing with a German Sheperd, and is generally good with other dogs, but is a typical dominant female. She pulls a little on leash so will need some doggy classes, but loves to go running with you. Shanti is very well behaved indoors, but if the door is open, she will take off. She is quite smart at this, so a responsible owner with an escape-proof yard is required for those times when you are gone. She has seen a vet for regular checkups and is in good health, up-to-date on vaccinations, and spayed. Shanti is a resource guarder and a bit protective of her food, and this is a behavior that will need to be addressed by an experienced handler. She has a bite record for biting a man that insisted on petting her while she was eating. It is fixable, but for this reason she will not be adopted into a home with children, other dogs or cats. Shanti loves to hang out out and be in the midst of things and will follow you throughout the house. She also seems to get depresssed every so often and cries if owner leaves, so she would be best with someone that works at home or can go with. She loves to run so a big yard is ideal for her. She's mostly an indoor dog, but a large yard is her playground. Shanit is a real sweetheart, but does need an experienced handler that will work with her behaviors. She has the potential to be a well-balanced, well-behaved sweetheart if given the chance. Please contact owner Cindy at for more information on Shanti, or Pamela Jo at for an interview and Adoption Application.


 Rescued, in Foster Home! SoCal Tulare Shelter - this gorgeous Malamute Mom had 3-week-old puppies when she went into the shelter. She is in the Tulare shelter and now in Rescue.  

Rescued! SACRAMENTO SHELTER/ASPCA - Nanook is a very handsome black and white young Siberian Husky who is in a kill shelter and needs help ASAP! He is only 1 year old, neutered, and typically an energetic puppy. He did not receive the proper guidance or discipline from his owners and does need training. He was dumped at the shelter because he anad a fellow male canine were not getting along, and he was chasing the cat, but he does get along with some dogs. He would do well to take some puppy classes to learn to get along with other dogs. Nanook jumps, is very mouthy and overly excitable - typical puppy behavior, especially if he is not getting sufficient daily exercise or any training. He would do best in a home with someone with Northern-breed experience, lots of daily exercise, and regular training. Nanook likes to chase cats and will not be adopted with small dogs or cats. He may be best as an only dog so he can get the attention and training he needs. He is bouncy and playful and human friendly, and has potential to be a great companion for someone with an active lifestyle, proper containment, and some time to spend with him. He will soon have a euthanasia date if no interest is shown. For Fostering or Adoption, please contact Sharon at Wags and Whiskers Rescue ... \ 

Adopted! - Truckee, NV/CA - Babygirl is a real sweetheart and originally was extremely shy when found. Now she is warming up to strangers, and in her Foster home she is doing really well! She hikes in the snow twice a day and is very energetic, yet when she comes home she is a calm and affectionate companion who loves to cuddle and sleep next to your bed. Small, about 55 lbs., houstrained and up-to-date on shots, Babygirl will need to be walked on leash as she is still very fearful and panicks if she sees a man or if something new scares her, and we don't want her running loose again. She walks on an 18' leash, loves to hike with other dogs and is very comfortable with friends and people she knows. She eats a real-meat diet and is in good health and is spayed. Babygirl is best with a handler that is experienced with the shy ones, and who can be around a lot to continue her training. She is doing great and learning to trust men again. She loves to play in her 6'-fenced yard with other dogs. Babygirl is now in her forever home with a man who loves her very much. Babygirl gets to run at the lake, hike in the woods and enjoy sleeping next to his bed. She has gained weight and is more secure now.  
Adopted! Washington - Tiberius - This high-content wolfboy is so gorgeous and sweet, but was abused by the boyfriend of the woman who had him. The boyfriend shot him with bb's because he thought it was funny to see him jump [this man shot the horse all the time too], so Tiberius is very frightened of people understandably. This poor boy is only 3 yrs old and needs a person that is very experienced with wolfdogs. The adopter must have Wolf-escape-proof containment, and it would be best if Tiberius had a female companion as well. If someone can spend a lot of time with this fearful boy, he surely will come around and learn to trust again. Tiberius needs a chance to have a healthy and happy life as he has many more years ahead of him. Please contact Kim Kal at   


Thanks to all the Rescue volunteers that helped catch this sweet boy! Lake Tahoe, NV - Timba Tuwa means Earth Music. He is a very sweet, 2+ y/o neutered male German Shepherd/Husky and was very, very thin. He was starving to death when initially rescued. After one week in a foster home he managed to find a way out opening the garage door by himself, becoming loose once again, another 3 weeks of starving. Timba is shy but when indoors, is well behaved, housetrained, and warms up to you quickly. He will wake you up at night to go potty if needed. Timba takes food gently, and would be best in a calm and peaceful home without children. He loves other dogs and a female canine companion would make him very happy. Outdoors he is still fearful of cars and unusual sounds, but is doing much better every day on leash walks. Timba is presently in Foster and rehabilitating beautifully. He loves playing in the snow with his female companion Quincy. Timba will be available for adoption soon. Timba is on a raw meat diet and has a good appetite, so is gaining weight and becoming beautiful with all the vitamins he is getting. He walks gently on leash, but will bolt if something scares him. He is an escape risk and must be kept on leash. He will go to dog classes when the time is right. If you are interested in this boy, please contact Pamela at
Adopted! Schulenburg, Texas - Olowan is a sad but sweet and beautiful 7-year-old low-content wolfgirl that needs a home ASAP. Her canine companions are gone and now she is alone in her large enclosure and is very lonely. Her owner does not have the necessary time to spend with her, so she is by herself all day. She has been recently spayed and would be best with another large male canine companion in an escape-proof yard. She has lived outside in her pen her whole life and is not housetrained. She is prey oriented so no small pets or toddlers. Olowan is very shy, and will not walk on leash. She lies down submissively and owner has to carry her! If someone with wolfdog experience can spend a lot of time with this girl, Olowan would learn to trust and have some fun. She does play with her owner and is very submissive. With daily exercise, and plenty of room to play, an experienced and patient handler could really bring the best out in this girl.
Adopted! Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV - Precious - this pretty 6-yr-old Husky/Malamute mix is the best dog ever! Owner moved to Budapest and Precious is in a temporary Foster Home, and she needs a home to call her own! She loves people and is extremely well behaved. She walks nicely on leash, and hikes with you off leash staying close by. She stays around and is not the typical Husky escape artist. Precious is spayed, tested negative for heartworm, is house-trained. She is friendly with other dogs when on walks, but can be a little pushy with other female dogs in close spaces or indoors. She is not aggressive, and doesn't like to fight, just a dominant female who likes being the queen of her "space." Precious is very smart and will do almost anything you tell her and she responds well to gentle corrections. She is not a barker but will talk to you when she is happy or has something to say! She sleeps next to the bed and is calm and obedient indoors. Precious is resource protective and should be fed separately from other dogs and children. This sweet girl would be best in a home with a male canine companion. She also does well as an only dog, but would be best with someone who is around a lot (retired or works at home, or who can take her to work with them) as she does have separation anxiety and will howl. She is fine if she has a companion. She is very affectionate and just loves to be with you. She is only 55 lbs. and has a beautiful coat. Although She will take food gently from adults and children alike, we do not recommend a home with small children who may hug her, run around noisily, or get in her face. Precious likes a calm and quite environment. She is a real sweetie.  
Precious loves being around women and is very gentle and affectionate – she loves her belly rubs and to be brushed! 
We hope to adopt her into the cool Lake Tahoe area as she loves the mountain climate and does not do well in the hot weather. Since she has separation anxiety and will howl if left alone, she will need a few visits to help her acclimate to a new home.
Precious is ready for adoption now, so please contact 
Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 
Adopted! - Reno, NV - Puppy Timber ready for adoption! Timber is one of Babygirl's puppies and has been in a wonderful  Foster Home where he is learning to be potty trained and how to be a well-behaved boy. Timber was born December 18, 2011 and is an absolute sweetheart and such a beautyboy! Timber needs a home with someone that is around a lot who can continue his trainig and care. Puppies need to eat 4 times a day until they are 4 months old, then 3 times until they are 8 months old. Timber would do well in a home with other dogs, and with someone who has an acitve lifestyle. If you are interested in giving Timber a forever home [a 13-year commitment!) please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or
Adopted! Lake Tahoe, NV - Effy is a gorgeous 10-month-old Malamute/mix girl [D.O.B. 3/11] that needs a home ASAP. Effy enjoyed acreage growing up, but her owner had to move into a small apartment and couldn't keep Effy any longer. Effy had soome bad habits, but due to some health issues, her owner was not able to do much training, and so Effy wound up at two homes and then a shelter. Effy is now a big girl at 65 lbs. and is such a sweetie. She just needs an experienced handler that is familiar with this breed. Effy walks well on leash, is a great trail dog in the woods, and good with all other dogs - big and small. She will sit for treats and take them gently from your hand, and is very submissive with adults and children. Her bad habit is that she gets possessive about things she steals - which is intimidating and so most people give her what she steals... so she has learned some bad habits. Effy loves to play and needs lots of exercise, discipline training and to learn boundaries. She loves to be rubbed and stroked and is very affectionate - she will lie down and snuggle with you. Effy sleeps next to your bed and is housetrained. She will need escape-proof containment as she does have separation anxiety and hates to be left alone. She can be unrelenting in trying to get in the house if she is left alone in a garage or backyard but that can be worked on with patience and time. She does not like to be left alone, but calms down immediately with contact and companionship. Effy rides beautifully in the car, but again, does not like to be left in the car alone for long periods of time. She is learning now that we are going to return to the car, so this is something she is progressing at and we can actually go shopping now! She does much better if she has a large, calm and well-behaved canine companion to be with to make her feel secure. Effy needs to go to a home with someone that has lots of time to train her which will make her feel secure and get over these silly behaviors. She would be great with someone that jogs or hikes two times daily. Effy also does very well as an only dog if you have a lot of time on your hands to be with her. Effy is presently in a foster home (as an only dog) with a canine behaviorist and being trained 24/7. She is getting hiked two times a day which leaves her tired and calm. She is learning to become a well-behaved young lady, and if her new owner keeps up with her training she can only get better. She is attending Dog Classes and it's recommended to keep these up. If Effy is adopted in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, her adoption fee will go to free dog classes for the rest of her life. Effy is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations and she is in good health. No cats or kids please as a calm household is best for this sweet girl, even though she loves children and is very gentle with them. Due to her beautiful thick coat, Effy needs to be brushed regularly, and would be best in a cool climate.   

Adopted! Bastrop Shelter, TX - Canis-This gorgeous white German Shepherd/low-content wolfdog is named Canis [aka Winter]. He is 3 years old, neutered, and is up to date on vaccines. He is a big, lanky boy, and weighs in at 97 lbs. He is leash trained, but needs some housetraining. He has some resource guarding with his food, so an experienced handler would be best for this boy.
A woman bought him on Craigs List without understanding the breed, and then did not have the time for him. She worked 10 hours a day, so poor Canis lived in a crate in her home or car for 10 hours every day. He was transferred to Rescue and is in foster, but still needs a permanent home. He had become depressed and walked around with his tail tucked, but now Canis is doing much better now that he is in experienced hands and loving surroundings. He is not good with other male dogs. An experienced handler would be best for this boy to help him rehabilitate and become a well-balanced boy. A secure, escape-proof fenced yard is a requirement, as well as wolfdog experience. Please help Canis to find a good home! He is the result of ignorant treatment but is a very sweet boy. 

Adopted!- Western Oregon - Cole is a stunning 10-month-old male Black Lab/mix that will need to be neutered upon adoption [D.O.B. March 1, '11]. He only has a short time to find a home. A man adopted him as a companion for his 3-yr-old shepherd who has just been diagnosed with a debilitating problem in his leg - he is not allowed to jump, run or play hard. Since he and Cole love to play, the owner thought Cole be placed in a new home in the best interests of his poor Shepherd. Cole is good with people, but is not a cuddly lap dog. He is quite independent and smart. He is cautious with strangers and is very particular with who he becomes friendly with. Cole is not aggressive but will avoid strangers outside the home and anyone who frightens him or otherwise treats him poorly. Current owner has always treated him gently. He is at his best at the dog park. On leash he is typical pupy but learns quickly what you want... off leash he is a free spirit and at his happiest. He is fine with children of any age. He might snag food if they let him. He would not like teasing or a chaotic household. Cole is friendly with all dogs, all sizes and is submissive. He may even be good with cats if introduced properly. He is not resource protective at all, you can take his food away without comment on his part. He knows basic commands and will respond to treats, but does not do as well without treats. Cole needs plenty of exercise daily, is learning to heel and should continue with his training. He loves to ride in the car and go to new places. He would be a great candidate for an agility program. If you leave him alone in the car he may chew on things. He is starting to be better at this, leaving things alone, but will steal a sock or shoe and tease his owner. He loves to dig. If he is in a confined space he will try to escape. If he does escape, he will eventually come home if he is familiar with the neighborhood, but is best in a secure yard. Cole is about 80 lbs. now and in good health. He does love to chew up soft toys, pillow, blankies, etc. If you would like to give this boy a loving home, please contact Kim Kahl at


Adopted - Idaho - Sophie is still waiting for her forever home. She is almost 2 yrs old, is spayed, house trained, walks on leash and is an absolute love bug of a girl. She would love to have a home with active outdoor people because she has lots of energy and loves to play. Although Sophie was raised with other female dogs, we feel she would be happier with a male companion with a comparable energy level. Sophie would not be safe with chickens, and probably not cats either. She has been around a young child and has no aggressive tendencies but is quite rambunctious.
Adopted - No. Lake Tahoe, NV - beautygirl Tala is only about 1 year old and was dumped at a shelter because she killeded a goat. Her owner did not keep her properly contained and the nearby livestock was too tempting. She is White German Shepherd/Husky and possibly a little wolf. Tala is very sweet, friendly, and walks on leash. We don't know if she is housetrained. She was friendly with the other dogs at the shelter. Tala will need escape-proof containment and lots of daily exercise as she is a strong and athletic dog. She will not be adopted into an area with livestock. Tala would be a great snow dog if you happen to live in the Sierra. Let's give this sweet young girl another chance at a happy life. If you are interested in giving Tala a good home, please contact Pamela Jo