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 Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

Successful Adoptions
From 2008 to First Half of 2010

These animals have been adopted out by LTWR and our networking partners, and have been placed in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks for everyone's continued help and efforts.  

Adopted! Rayah - Phoenix, AZ - this pretty Malamute/mix female was rescued with her sister, Kiska, from a puppymill. She is now 3 years old and is losing her home due to financial stress. Rayah is a spayed, is good with all dogs, loves to play, walks nicely on leash and loves to go for walks.  

Sheba -    Adopted! northeast TX - This beauty is Low- to Mid-content wolfgirl. Walks on leash, a love bug for sure, good with other dogs that are calm and friendly, likes puppies, and she is housetrained. This gentle and friendly young girl was owned by a young girl that abandoned her [her parents didn't want Sheba and they were going to shoot her].  
Adopted! Mojo is a beautiful, 3yr old neutered Male adodpted in Lake Tahoe, CA. He is German Shepherd mixed with Malamute, no wolf heritage. He is good with other large dogs, but has to be slowly introduced, and once he establishes himself, he is fine around them and will play. Best with a female companion if he is going to be left alone for any length of time. Mojo is very loving and loves attention, he's ok with older kids. Mojo is great on the leash with a training collar. He is house trained and crate trained, and walks right into the crate when asked. He likes to dig but has never escaped. He has no food aggression. He has never bitten anyone, and eventually surrenders his toy when you tell him to. His new owner loves him so much and spends every day playing and hiking with him.
Arizona - Saved! This sweet, shy Husky only had 72 hours before euthanasia! This beautiful female arrived at the already-full shelter and they thought she was a wolfdog - NOT. Luckily a Rescue Group moved her to safety! 
Owner retrieved! Fallon, NV shelter, this beautiful Akbash/mix boy was on Death Row. Akbash is a cousin to the Great Pyranese. Raja killed livestock and his owner brought him to the shelter. Raja would be best in a home with no small animals or children, escape-proof containmnt, and in an area where there is no livestock. Raja needed an experienced handler that can take him to some dog classes and work with training. He is a smart boy and he is fine with people
  Koda- Adopted! 
Sonoma County, CA - this beautiful male Malamute, Koda, just escaped Death Row at the shelter. He spent his life in a pen. He was adopted by the loving couple that adopted his mate, Tundra! Koda is a lovebug and likes being outside. He is not an escape artist, and is good with other dogs. He presently has heartworm and is being treated for it. He is now enjoying some love and attention in his forever home.
Beautiful Tundra - Adopted!  She is about 5 years old, spayed, and is good with other dogs. She was adopted by the same loving couple that adopted Koda [above] who was her mate. They were separated when abandoned at the shelter, but were reuinted! Tundra is calm and friendly though a bit shy until she warms up to you. She does chew when anxious, and being with wolfdog-experienced people is good for her when she is nervous. She also tested Heartworm positive and is being treated. She is so happy now that she has her mate, Koda, and a loving family!
 Found! Truckee, CA - This sweet 1-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever was about to be euthanized at the Reno shelter when the Truckee Humane Society rescued him and brought him to Truckee. He had been badly abused and extremely shy and was very fearful in the shelter, so escaped from his kennel, ran loose for about two weeks, and was found - still in Truckee but in a new home now! 
  Adopted! Sable & Maya - Husky/German Shepherd/Low-content wolf, Sable [neutered male, on left] and his companion Maya [spayed female] are beautiful, friendly 3 yr olds. Maya is shy, especially with men, and though Sable is shy too, he warms up quickly. They are affectionate and sweet. Both walk well on leash and need Escape-proof containment and lots of exercise. 
Adopted! Located in Denver Colorado, this beautiful boy Chance is a Malamute/German Shepherd/Husky mix [not a wolfdog]. He is only about 2 years old and since the shelter was full, he was almost be euthanized. Chance was adopted by his Foster mom! who fell in love with him. He is a well-behaved boy and doing great now.
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